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Recent IDP Articles

Devy 100: Interior Defensive Line Prospects
Rob Willette – August 22, 2017

We shine a light on some of the top names in college along the defensive line.

IDP Rookie SWOT: Duke Riley
Bob Brannon – August 17, 2017

Where does Duke Riley fit into the linebacker group on the Atlanta Falcons?

Fantrax Followup
Doug Green – August 15, 2017

Doug Green takes you through an IDP startup along with and IDP devy component.

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the AFC East
Tom Kislingbury – August 14, 2017

We round up some veteran players who have moved up or down since the NFL draft.

Devy 100: Edge Prospects
Rob Willette – August 12, 2017

We examine some of the top edge rushers in college football.

IDP Rookie SWOT: Derek Rivers
Brandon Salamat – August 12, 2017

Did the Patriots not only get a steal in the draft, but a blend of Jamie Collins and…

The Hunter Games: This Viking’s Rise to the Top
Brandon Salamat – August 10, 2017

Just how good can Danielle Hunter be? We examine his dynasty potential.

2017 IDP Projections: Outside Linebackers
Tom Kislingbury – August 6, 2017

We look at the top 12 outside linebackers for 2017 based on Tom Kislingbury’s projection model.

Effortlessly Finding the Best Defensive Tackles in Fantasy for 2017
Tom Kislingbury – August 4, 2017

We cover the top defensive tackles in Tom Kislingbury’s projection model.

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the AFC North
Doug Green – August 3, 2017

We examine the IDP winners and losers in the AFC North.

Do Bad NFL Teams Make Good IDPs?
Tom Kislingbury – August 2, 2017

Should you gather IDPs from bad defenses or good ones? Does it matter?

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the NFC West
Eric Olinger – August 1, 2017

How have the additions of this year’s rookies affected the vets in the NFC West?

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the NFC North
Brandon Salamat – July 31, 2017

We examine the IDP winners and losers from the NFC North.

IDP Rookie SWOT: Reuben Foster
Bob Brannon – July 31, 2017

Will the NFL regret Foster’s draft day slide? Who is the newest San Francisco linebackers?

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the AFC South
Adam Tzikas – July 30, 2017

We look at the veterans affected by changes around them this off-season.

IDP Rookie SWOT: Derek Barnett
Travis May – July 29, 2017

Have the Eagles struck gold with their first round draft pick?

IDP Rookie SWOT: Alex Anzalone
Tom Kislingbury – July 29, 2017

We consider Alex Anzalone’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Back to Basics: Preseason IDP Roster Construction
Bob Brannon – July 28, 2017

We look at how to construct your dynasty teams during the preseason.

2017 IDP Projections: Washington Redskins
Tom Kislingbury – July 27, 2017

Washington has some great defensive talent, but will it translate to IDP success?

IDP Rookie SWOT: Raekwon McMillan
Adam Tzikas – July 26, 2017

Does Miami’s newest addition have what it takes to make an impact for your IDP teams?

2017 IDP Projections: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Kislingbury – July 25, 2017

We examine the breakout potential of the IDPs in Tampa Bay.

IDP Rookie SWOT: Jabrill Peppers
Travis May – July 24, 2017

We examine the future of Cleveland’s hybrid rookie.

2017 IDP Projections: Tennessee Titans
Tom Kislingbury – July 23, 2017

Do the Titans have some talent on the defensive side of the ball?

IDP Rookie SWOT: Budda Baker
Doug Green – July 22, 2017

We examine a rookie on the IDP side, Arizona defensive back Budda Baker

2017 IDP Projections: Seattle Seahawks
Tom Kislingbury – July 21, 2017

The Seahawks are going to provide a ton of IDP stars in 2017.

2017 IDP Projections: San Francisco 49ers
Tom Kislingbury – July 19, 2017

How are Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh going to turn around the fortunes of the 49ers’ defense?

IDP Rookie SWOT: Jamal Adams
Mo Brewington – July 18, 2017

We profile the number six overall pick in the NFL Draft. What are the Jets getting in Jamal…

2017 IDP Projections: Pittsburgh Steelers
Tom Kislingbury – July 17, 2017

Are the Steelers as good as we think they are?

2017 IDP Projections: Los Angeles Rams
Tom Kislingbury – July 15, 2017

The Rams have finally had an overhaul. What’s in store for the defense?

2017 IDP Projections: Philadelphia Eagles
Tom Kislingbury – July 13, 2017

What can we expect from Jim Schwartz’s defense in 2017?

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