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Recent IDP Articles

2018 IDP Projections: New York Giants
Tom Kislingbury – August 18, 2018

Can the Giants defense return to its 2016 playoff ways? We break them down.

2018 IDP Projections: New Orleans Saints
Tom Kislingbury – August 16, 2018

The Saints defense turned over a new leaf in 2017. Can they continue it moving forward?

2018 IDP Projections: New England Patriots
Tom Kislingbury – August 14, 2018

Will the New England Patriots provide some strong IDPs this season? We break it down.

2018 IDP Projections: Minnesota Vikings
Tom Kislingbury – August 12, 2018

The Vikings defense was dominant in 2017. Can they repeat it and have strong IDP performances?

How Do NFL Teams Use Their Defensive Linemen?
Joe Redemann – August 11, 2018

How do teams use their defensive linemen and what does that mean for IDP fantasy football?

2018 IDP Projections: Miami Dolphins
Tom Kislingbury – August 10, 2018

We break down the IDP projections for every player on the Dolphins’ defense.

2018 IDP Defensive End Breakouts
Brandon Salamat – August 5, 2018

We pick out five young defensive ends who could break out in IDP leagues this season.

2018 IDP Projections: Los Angeles Rams
Tom Kislingbury – August 4, 2018

Can the Rams repeat their 2017 success with an improved defense? We break down their IDPs.

2018 IDP Projections: Los Angeles Chargers
Tom Kislingbury – August 2, 2018

Will the Chargers’ IDPs live up to the hype?

2018 IDP Projections: Kansas City Chiefs
Tom Kislingbury – July 31, 2018

We break down the Chiefs’ IDPs by position and pick out a stud, disappointment, and dark horse.

2018 IDP Projections: Indianapolis Colts
Tom Kislingbury – July 29, 2018

It’s a new era in Indianapolis, so what is in store for the team’s IDPs?

2018 IDP Projections: Houston Texans
Tom Kislingbury – July 27, 2018

Can the Texans’ defense return to its glory days? We break down the IDPs.

2018 IDP Projections: Green Bay Packers
Tom Kislingbury – July 25, 2018

What can the Packers IDPs produce under new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine?

IDP Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Update: Rashaan Evans, LB TEN
Travis May – July 24, 2018

Have the Tennessee Titans found an IDP star in Rashaan Evans?

2018 IDP Projections: Detroit Lions
Tom Kislingbury – July 23, 2018

As per last year, I’ll be sharing projections for every team in the NFL. I use past production…

IDP Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Update: Oren Burks, LB GB
Travis May – July 22, 2018

Have the Green Bay Packers found an IDP dynasty star?

2018 IDP Projections: Denver Broncos
Tom Kislingbury – July 21, 2018

Can the Denver defense return to dominance in 2018?

2018 IDP Projections: Dallas Cowboys
Tom Kislingbury – July 19, 2018

How bad will the Cowboys be in 2018? Or how good? We break it down.

2018 IDP Projections: Cleveland Browns
Tom Kislingbury – July 17, 2018

Are the Browns really set to improve this season? Or will it be the same old Cleveland?

2018 IDP Projections: Chicago Bears
Tom Kislingbury – July 15, 2018

Can the Chicago Bears return to the days of a ferocious defense? We look at their IDP talent.

2018 IDP Projections: Cincinnati Bengals
Tom Kislingbury – July 13, 2018

Are the Bengals better than advertised? We break down their defensive stars.

2018 IDP Projections: Carolina Panthers
Tom Kislingbury – July 11, 2018

Can the Panthers provide some top IDP options in 2018? We break down the projections.

2018 IDP Projections: Buffalo Bills
Tom Kislingbury – July 9, 2018

Who are the players to target on the Buffalo Bills in 2018? Will they have any IDP stars?

IDP Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Update: Fred Warner, LB SF
Doug Green – July 8, 2018

How will Fred Warner fit in at San Francisco? Does he have IDP potential?

2018 IDP Projections: Baltimore Ravens
Tom Kislingbury – July 7, 2018

Can the Baltimore Ravens return to contention in the AFC with an improved defense?

2018 IDP Linebacker Breakouts
Brandon Salamat – July 6, 2018

Who are some linebackers who could break out in a big way in IDP leagues?

2018 IDP Projections: Atlanta Falcons
Tom Kislingbury – July 5, 2018

How will the Atlanta Falcons defenders perform in 2018? We project their IDP output.

2018 IDP Projections: Arizona Cardinals
Tom Kislingbury – July 3, 2018

How will the Arizona defensive stars perform in 2018? We project the IDP output from the talented defense.

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the NFC West
Brandon Salamat – June 29, 2018

We spin around the NFC West and cover winners and losers from the division.

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the AFC West
Brandon Salamat – June 27, 2018

What is the IDP fallout from the NFL Draft for defensive players in the AFC West?

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