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Recent IDP Articles

IDP Snap Counts: Week Six
Tom Kislingbury – October 19, 2017

We provide another blockbuster edition of our defensive snap count breakdown.

All About the Solo: Week Six
Eric Olinger – October 18, 2017

We cover the tackle and sack leaders from week six.

IDP Waiver Watch: Week Seven
Brandon Salamat – October 17, 2017

We attempt to make sense of another week of injuries and information. Which IDPs should you be adding?

IDP Snap Counts: Week Five
Tom Kislingbury – October 12, 2017

Looking for an in-depth recap of the important IDP snap count data from last week? We’ve got you…

All About the Solo: Week Five
Eric Olinger – October 12, 2017

We round up the solo tackles from last week. Which players are consistent performers?

IDP Waiver Watch: Week Six
Brandon Salamat – October 10, 2017

We’ve got this week’s top waiver wire options for IDP leagues.

IDP Report Card: Week 4
Mo Brewington – October 8, 2017

We take a closer look at a pair of IDPs who could have rising values in dynasty leagues.

IDP Rookie Tracker: Week 5
Doug Green – October 6, 2017

We check in 15 IDP rookies.

IDP Snap Counts: Week Four
Tom Kislingbury – October 5, 2017

We go through the snap data on every team and break down what it means for your dynasty…

All About the Solo: Week Four
Eric Olinger – October 5, 2017

We round up the tackle leaders for week four and it means for dynasty leagues.

IDP Waiver Watch: Week Five
Brandon Salamat – October 3, 2017

Which players should you be claiming in your IDP leagues?

IDP Rookie Tracker: Week 4
Doug Green – September 29, 2017

We track 15 IDP rookies over the course of the season.

All About the Solo: Week Three
Eric Olinger – September 27, 2017

We round up the top tacklers from week three and what it means moving forward.

IDP Waiver Watch: Week Four
Brandon Salamat – September 26, 2017

We round up the best dynasty IDP options on the waiver wire for week four.

Every Down Linebackers
Bob Brannon – September 24, 2017

We offer some hidden IDP gems at linebacker.

IDP Report Card: Week Two
Mo Brewington – September 24, 2017

We cover two notable IDP performers from week two.

Picking Great Cornerbacks: Week Two
Tom Kislingbury – September 23, 2017

We offer some tips and tricks for finding top IDP corners.

IDP Snap Counts: Week Two
Tom Kislingbury – September 23, 2017

We round out the most useful information from week two’s IDP snap counts.

IDP Rookie Tracker: Week 3
Doug Green – September 22, 2017

We continue tracking some key IDP rookies.

All About the Solo: Week Two
Eric Olinger – September 21, 2017

We break down the IDP tackle information from week two.

IDP Waiver Watch: Week Three
Brandon Salamat – September 19, 2017

We round up the best IDP waiver wire options ahead of week three.

IDP Report Card: Week One
Mo Brewington – September 15, 2017

We analyze the performances of two IDPs you should be paying close attention to.

IDP Rookie Tracker: Week 1
Doug Green – September 15, 2017

We check in on our 15 IDP rookies.

All About the Solo: Week One
Eric Olinger – September 15, 2017

We break down the solo tackle data from week one.

IDP Snap Counts: The Ultimate Week One Guide
Tom Kislingbury – September 13, 2017

We bring a bumper first edition of our weekly IDP snap count series.

IDP Waiver Watch: Week Two
Brandon Salamat – September 12, 2017

We offer up some defensive players to target from your waiver wires this week.

DLF’s 2017 IDP Predictions: Comeback Player of the Year
Eric Olinger – September 9, 2017

Which players are due to bounce back in 2017? The DLF IDP team makes their selections.

IDP Rookie Tracker Introduction
Doug Green – September 9, 2017

We introduce the 10 IDP rookies we’ll be tracking this season.

DLF’s 2017 IDP Predictions: Best Dynasty Sell
Eric Olinger – September 9, 2017

The IDP makes their suggestions of which players you should move on from this off-season.

DLF’s 2017 IDP Predictions: Most Overvalued Player
Eric Olinger – September 9, 2017

The IDP team chooses players they think aren’t going to live up to high expectations.

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