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Recent IDP Articles

2017 IDP Projections: Indianapolis Colts
Tom Kislingbury – June 24, 2017

Will the Colts finally be able to put together a good defense? Will it provide strong IDPs?

2017 Rookie IDP Sleepers
Mo Brewington – June 23, 2017

We give you some rookie sleepers to keep an eye one.

2017 IDP Projections: Houston Texans
Tom Kislingbury – June 22, 2017

How will JJ Watt’s return affect the IDPs in Houston?

2017 IDP Off-Season Targets
Eric Olinger – June 21, 2017

We discuss cheap IDP targets for you to acquire.

2017 IDP Projections: Green Bay Packers
Tom Kislingbury – June 20, 2017

We attempt to project how Dom Capers will use his defensive players in 2017.

2017 IDP Projections: Detroit Lions
Tom Kislingbury – June 18, 2017

Which IDPs will have an impact in the Detroit defense? We project their 2017.

2017 IDP Projections: Denver Broncos
Tom Kislingbury – June 16, 2017

Is the Denver defense strong enough to offer plenty of IDP options?

2017 IDP Projections: Dallas Cowboys
Tom Kislingbury – June 14, 2017

What is in store for the 2017 Dallas Cowboys defense?

NFL Draft Aftermath: IDP Winners and Losers from the NFC East
Mo Brewington – June 13, 2017

We list veteran players in the NFC East who should benefit from their team’s 2017 draft selections.

2017 IDP Projections: Cleveland Browns
Tom Kislingbury – June 12, 2017

Are the Cleveland Browns finally becoming capable of great things?

2017 IDP Projections: Cincinnati Bengals
Tom Kislingbury – June 10, 2017

We examine the IDP potential of the Bengals.

2017 IDP Projections: Chicago Bears
Tom Kislingbury – June 8, 2017

How can the Bears improve in 2017? Do they have any IDP stars?

2017 IDP Projections: Los Angeles Chargers
Tom Kislingbury – June 6, 2017

What will Gus Bradley do with the Los Angeles Chargers defense?

2017 IDP Projections: Carolina Panthers
Tom Kislingbury – June 4, 2017

Can the Panthers return to their 2015 dominance?

2017 IDP Projections: Buffalo Bills
Tom Kislingbury – June 2, 2017

We take a closer look at a team with a generous stat crew. Will they produce IDP stars…

2017 IDP Projections: Baltimore Ravens
Tom Kislingbury – May 31, 2017

Can the Ravens produce some quality IDPs this season?

2017 IDP Projections: Arizona Cardinals
Tom Kislingbury – May 29, 2017

We preview the 2017 Arizona Cardinals and what to expect from their defensive players.

Cornerbacks: The Forgotten Position
TheFFGhost – May 29, 2017

The FFGhost proposes his changes to make cornerbacks relevant again in IDP.

2017 IDP Projections: Atlanta Falcons
Tom Kislingbury – May 27, 2017

The Atlanta Falcons are the first team featured in our IDP projections series.

Reflections on IDP Projections – Introducing the Model
Tom Kislingbury – May 25, 2017

We introduce a model designed to predict IDP success based on defensive schemes and coaches.

Part-Time Pass Rushers Who Could Explode in 2017
Joe Redemann – May 22, 2017

Which under-utilized pass rushers should you have eyes on in 2017?

DLF IDP Rookie Mock Roundup
Doug Green – May 7, 2017

The DLF IDP team got together to mock this year’s rookie crop. DLF’s own Doug Green breaks down…

Use of Weapons: How Did IDPs Fare in 2016?
Tom Kislingbury – May 6, 2017

We examine how much rookies were utilized in 2016. Should we rely on them in 2017?

32 Teams, 32 IDP Questions: NFC West
Eric Olinger – April 27, 2017

We finish up our series looking at the top IDP off-season questions by covering the NFC West.

32 Teams, 32 IDP Questions: NFC South
Eric Olinger – April 26, 2017

We ask the biggest defensive questions in the NFC South this off-season.

Previewing your IDP rookie draft
Doug Green – April 24, 2017

IDP lead Doug Green examines where players might fall in your IDP rookie drafts.

32 Teams, 32 IDP Questions: NFC North
Eric Olinger – April 23, 2017

We attempt to answer the tough IDP questions in the NFC North.

32 Teams, 32 IDP Questions: NFC East
Eric Olinger – April 21, 2017

We examine the hot defensive topics in the NFC East.

IDP Dynasty Startup Philosophy
Tom Kislingbury – April 19, 2017

We offer insight on IDP startup strategy. How can you build a winner?

Google and IDP Seasonality
Tom Kislingbury – April 16, 2017

It’s time for IDP dynasty players to spread the word.

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