Dynasty League Spotlight: Shark Tank 4 – Balanced Scoring

Eric Flynn

There’s always plenty of debate among players of IDP leagues about the merits of different scoring settings across different platforms, and various leagues.

One thing that is certain is that the managers are well versed in just how much a small tweak in positional scoring can give an edge, pardon the pun, to one positional group over another, when it comes to how you build out your roster.

The upcoming start-up, Shark Tank 4, is one such league, set to test the convictions of managers as they attempt to find the values at each positional group. This doesn’t just hold true on the defensive side of the coin, as there’s just as much to be won or lost based on how you approach the skill positions.

Below are the scoring settings for the Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, and Tight End positions.

Offensive Scoring

Number of Passing TDs6 points each
Passing Yards0.04 points each
Pass Completions0.5 points each
Pass Incompletions-1 point each
Pass Interceptions Thrown-4 points each
Passing 2 Pointers1 point each
Number of Rushing TDs6 points each
Rushing Yards0.1 points each
Rush Attempts0.2 points each
Rushing 2 Pointers2 points each
Number of Receiving TDs6 points each
Receiving Yards0.1 points each
Receiving 2 Pointers2 points each
Total Yards from Scrimmage5 point for every 150
Number of Punt Return TDs6 points each
Number of Kickoff Return TDs6 points each
Number of Defensive Fumble Recovery TDs6 points each
Number of Blocked Field Goal TDs6 points each
Blocked Field Goals2 points each
Number of Blocked Punt TDs6 points each
Blocked Punts2 points each
Blocked Extra Points2 points each
Penalties-1 point each
Passing First Downs0.25 points each
Rushing First Downs1 point each
Receiving First Downs1 point each
ReceptionsQB/RB: 0.5 pts
WR: 0.75 pts
TE: 1.5 pts

The first thing to stand out is that just like the real-life NFL, it penalizes you to have a Quarterback who seems to target the opposing team’s defensive backs rather than his receiving corps. Looking at the penalties being doled out for incompletions and interceptions thrown, it might be advisable to pay up at the quarterback position. Secondly, you might note that players who have special teams assignments in the punt and kickoff teams may have some, albeit small, added value. First downs are king when trying to keep your offensive momentum, and that too is covered with added points allocated. Finally, there are the reception premiums attached to the positional groups which must always be accounted for.

Heading on over to the defensive side of the ball, IDP managers know that positional designations can be very subjective and that the best we can hope for is consensus, which True Position looks to achieve. I won’t even try to explain it here and would suggest that you go and check out Tom Kislingbury’s article, which does just that, at the link above.

I will say that it splits the defensive position groups into Defensive Tackle, Defensive Edge, Linebacker, Cornerback, and Safety groups. Outlined below are the scoring settings for each positional group on the defensive side of the ball in this league.

Defensive Scoring

Forced Fumbles6 points each6 points each6 points each6 points each6 points each
Number of Interception Return TDs8 points each8 points each8 points each8 points each12 points each
Interceptions Caught6 points each6 points each6 points each12 points each10 points each
Passes Defended4 points each4 points each4 points each6 points each6 points each
Tackles3.5 points each2.5 points each2 points each2.5 points each2.25 points each
Assists2 points each1.25 points each0.5 points each0.75 points each0.5 points each
Sacked a QB8 points each6 points each7 points each7 points each7 points each
Quarterback Hits4 points each5 points each5 points each4 points each4 points each
Tackles for a Loss6 points each5 points each5 points each4 points each4 points each
Safeties7 points each6 points each6 points each6 points each6 points each

If you’ve already read the introduction piece to this league, you will note the starting requirements on defense.

  • 1-3 DT
  • 2-4 DE
  • 2-4 LB
  • 2-4 CB
  • 2-4 S

When taking the scoring and starting requirements together, I would suggest that this increases the value of getting those elite edge rushers on your roster, given that there isn’t a plethora of them out there. But here, that’s me and my opinion. I’m looking for your opinion.

The start-up is upon us and the auction dollars will be spent. It’s just a matter of how to spread the love between offense and defense, and the various positional designations.

If you haven’t joined the DLF Discord yet, then now is the time. Jump in and head to the #IDP channel and let me know what you would do, and what I should do!

eric flynn