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What We’re All About

When we created DLF in 2006, the dynasty format was still a small niche of fantasy football. Few sites devoted time or attention to dynasty. So we decided to create a resource, a community, where people could gather to share information and discuss the game we all love. Since then the dynasty format has exploded in popularity, and DLF has grown right along with it. As the first site dedicated to analyzing and promoting dynasty fantasy football, we have been privileged to witness this amazing growth first-hand. And while we have come a long way since the early days of the site, we have never abandoned the core philosophies which are a deeply rooted part of DLF.

These are the guiding principles which define who we are and what we are all about.


The early days of DLF were all about community, and community remains a fundamental part of who we are to this day. What began as a handful of die-hard dynasty enthusiasts sharing stories and strategies on the DLF Forum has evolved into a site with a ton of tools and content, numerous writers, and a leading dynasty presence within the industry. But a key element remains the community which binds us all together. Whether you are a part of the forum that started it all – and is still the foremost gathering spot for some of the smartest and most dedicated dynasty voices anywhere. Or if you are a regular reader of the articles published by the forty-plus writers on the main website, we are all a part of the DLF community and share in the same dynasty experience. Our community is what ties us all together, and will always be the foundation of DLF.


DLF has always been committed to listening to our community, trying to understand all perspectives, and never ‘speaking down’ to our readers. We do not call ourselves ‘experts’. We know our stuff and we’re confident in our knowledge, but so are many of you. There are a lot of very smart, experienced dynasty veterans out there in the world, and many of you have something valuable to share. We encourage everyone to share those insights. We appreciate healthy debate and intelligent discussion. We love interacting with our readers in the article comments. And we will always do our level best to encourage positive discussion and avoid condescending dialogue, whether it’s on our site, in our forum or somewhere in social media.


DLF has always been at the forefront of sharing links to other quality sites with our community. Our job is to provide access to the best fantasy football and dynasty information possible, regardless of where it lives. Whether it’s here on DLF, on another fantasy site, even on a direct competitor’s website, if we believe something is worth your time, we will gladly point you to it. Just look at our carefully managed list of recommended fantasy sites. We share these sites because we believe they are among the best in the industry, and will enrich and inform our readers. We even link to our direct competitors. Few fantasy or dynasty sites do this. We do. Because it is our mission to help our community know what’s out there, decide for themselves what is worthy, and become as knowledgeable and successful as possible.


The fantasy football landscape is constantly changing. Through years of experience we have gained a perspective unique in the dynasty industry. We have witnessed numerous shifts in systems, strategies and formats. We know there is no one single winning strategy. We don’t promise a simple, silver bullet key to victory, because there isn’t one. We embrace all elements of the game – metrics, tape, research, rookies, veterans, etc. Because a balanced and flexible approach is consistently more successful than a rigidly singular methodology.

There are many paths to the top of the mountain, and those paths are often changing. We’re not here to tell you which path to follow, but rather to help you best navigate those paths on your own. We want you to be the smartest, most well-prepared person in your league, so that when things do change, you can adapt and succeed, while others are left wondering why their sure-fire strategy has suddenly failed.


Do the right thing. Always. This is our single most important guiding principle. If we make a mistake we own up to it and we’ll do everything we can to make things right. If we feel a decision is not in the interest of our audience, we won’t do it. We care deeply about this community which has thrived for more than a decade, and we would never compromise it with unethical behavior.

You are the reason for our growth and success. We thank each and every one of you who have made DLF your home, your preferred place for sharing your passion for this game and this format. Thank you, and best of luck in your fantasy football adventures!

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