RealTime Fantasy Sports Partnership: Live Superflex Dynasty Startup Draft and Strategy

Jeff Haverlack

At DLF, we’re always looking for best-of-breed partnerships to bring to our community for mutual benefit. We’re happy to announce a new partnership with RealTime Fantasy Sports, one of the leaders in fantasy league hosting. With a solid base of dynasty leagues, and growing every year, they are a major player in the space.

We know our community has many choices when it comes to establishing and running a dynasty league, so we feel it’s necessary to always be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. A primary variable is the valuation proposition provided to each coach, but we also evaluate how the company and their platform integrates with DLF’s ever-expanding array of tools and resources. With so many competing platforms to choose from, finding that perfect balance isn’t easy.

After conducting my first live dynasty draft, I’m happy to report that RealTime Sports (RTS) has risen to the top for my overall dynasty experience, format, options and DLF integration potential. As such, we’ve just partnered with RTS for greater collaboration in the dynasty space. With a host of formats, pricing options, public and private league availability, mobile app., and much more, look for more DLF/RTS collaboration to come.

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RTS Superflex Live Draft

I recently completed an RTS superflex public ($) league draft. Let’s get to it:


  • 12 Teams
  • Superflex
  • Roster Size: 24
  • QB: 1
  • RB: 2
  • WR: 3
  • TE: 1
  • Flex: 2 (QB RB WR TE) – Only one additional quarterback allowed

Via random draft order, I drew the 1.03 selection in our slow live draft.

Draft Strategy

There are seemingly as many draft strategies as there are players in the NFL. The superflex format requires a bit more attention due to the likely quarterback run which starts immediately. The positional scarcity of quarterbacks must be considered and factored into your strategy lest you be left on the outside looking in. I find it much more advantageous to have too many than too few.

For myself in superflex, I have a relatively firm rule of drafting two quarterbacks in the first three rounds. This rule may be broken if drafting late in the first round with top-tier options off the board with no rush to overdraft a first or second quarterback if I don’t care for the options still on the board. The question isn’t whether I will secure my first quarterback with one of the first two picks but, instead, whether I will secure my second quarterback within in rounds two or three. That said, in most cases, I find enough talent on the board to secure my two starting quarterbacks early.

In superflex, my entire strategy surrounds solidifying at least two quality starters, one early in his career and the other no less than a mid-career every-week starter. Following the acquisition of my two starters, I’ll seek to add no less than one more young developmental starter. Additionally, I’m always on the hunt for young veterans in poor situations who I can draft as reasonably-priced upside assets.

Beyond the quarterback position, my only other standard draft M.O. surrounds that of tight ends. I will fade the position in nearly any draft, including tight end premium formats. Those who follow my work know I’m not a fan of the position outside of the four or five names in just about any year. After those names, too much production rotation/disparity takes place to overdraft the position, based on my research. I’ll let other coaches overdraft the position while I look for young upside and production in other positions.

After securing my two quarterbacks, the strategy shifts to receiver and running back procurement. In 2022, I am now fading the running back position and prioritizing young and established receivers. Note: this is not an RB-zero strategy but, instead, RB-light.

I’m an energetic ADP drafter. I always like to understand where the dynasty community is drafting players without regard to my valuations of those same players. This is key to my strategy as the draft unfolds. I’m always comparing and tracking community ADP to my own rankings toward identifying players I may need to overdraft as well as determining when ADP-value targets are created as the draft unfolds. In every draft, there are players who fall well below their listed ADP due to community group-think. I’m always willing to pick up others’ trash when the value is present.

You’ll also notice that, in most cases, I prioritize players with a known role in the current year and, in later rounds, I will target following-year free agents who may be able to leverage current-year production into a new contract with a new team next year, in this case 2023. I downgrade role-risk when I can and let other coaches swing for the fences on lower-odds players.

So, with this in mind, let’s get to the draft. I’ll be breaking this draft down by round followed by a commentary as to my pick and what I was thinking at the time. As a reminder, I held the 1.03 to start this serpentine draft.

The Draft

Round 1

1.01 Josh Allen, QB BUF
1.02 Patrick Mahomes, QB KC
1.03 Justin Herbert, QB LAC
1.04 Jonathan Taylor, RB IND
1.05 Joe Burrow, QB CIN
1.06 Kyler Murray, QB ARI
1.07 Austin Ekeler, RB LAC
1.08 Ja’Marr Chase, WR CIN
1.09 Najee Harris, RB PIT
1.10 Justin Jefferson, WR MIN
1.11 Javonte Williams, RB DEN
1.12 Nick Chubb, RB CLE

My Selection: 1.03 – Justin Herbert, QB LAC

The top two in superflex are somewhat ordained and 1.03 is the first real decision pivot in the draft. I’m sold on Herbert though I did consider Burrow here as well. Burrow’s ACL injury in addition to the team’s offensive line woes was enough for me to go chalk with Herbert.

Selections of Austin Ekeler and Javonte Williams surprised me but I love seeing surprises during a draft, especially when I have the players ranked lower. It means my higher-rated players are pushed down.

Round 2

2.01 Dak Prescott, QB DAL
2.02 Russell Wilson, QB DEN
2.03 Lamar Jackson, QB BAL
2.04 Deshaun Watson, QB HOU
2.05 Cooper Kupp, WR LAR
2.06 Jalen Hurts, QB PHI
2.07 D’Andre Swift, RB DET
2.08 Christian McCaffrey, RB CAR
2.09 Mark Andrews, TE BAL
2.10 CeeDee Lamb, WR DAL
2.11 Deebo Samuel, WR SF
2.12 Trey Lance, QB SF

My Selection: 2.10 – CeeDee Lamb, WR DAL

This was my first real decision, as there were only two other quarterbacks (Matthew Stafford and Trevor Lawrence) left on the board I desired if I was going to hold to my strategy of securing two in the first three rounds. I really wanted Lamb as my young receiver anchor here so I risked that those drafting behind me would let one of my two quarterbacks fall. If they didn’t, I would likely be waiting until round five or six to add my flex quarterback, which is not ideal.

Deshaun Watson at 2.04 was a surprise to me as was the 2.12 selection of Trey Lance. Both have too much uncertainty for me to feel good about a second-round selection. I was also surprised to see Mark Andrews selected at 2.09.

Round 3

3.01 Breece Hall, RB NYJ
3.02 Kyle Pitts, TE ATL
3.03 Matthew Stafford, QB LAR
3.04 Trevor Lawrence, QB JAX
3.05 AJ Brown, WR PHI
3.06 Justin Fields, QB CHI
3.07 Joe Mixon, RB CIN
3.08 Derek Carr, QB LV
3.09 Dalvin Cook, RB MIN
3.10 Tyreek Hill, WR MIA
3.11 Alvin Kamara, RB NO
3.12 Stefon Diggs, WR BUF

My Selection: 3.03 – Matthew Stafford, QB LAR

I had resigned myself to both Lawrence and Stafford possibly being off the board and was surprised to see both fall to me after early selections of Breece Hall and Kyle Pitts, both of who I feel are overvalued at their respective selections.

The decision between Stafford and Lawrence was not an easy one as one has extreme production potential while the other has extreme youth and upside. Given that Stafford still has at least four-five good years remaining in my estimation, the production potential when matched with Herbert puts my team in excellent production standing. Another factor for Stafford is his toughness. It’s very difficult to get him out of a game.

I really like the value for the coach selecting Dalvin Cook at 3.09.

Round 4

4.01 Jaylen Waddle, WR MIA
4.02 Davante Adams, WR LV
4.03 Tua Tagovailoa, QB MIA
4.04 Antonio Gibson, RB WAS
4.05 JK Dobbins, RB BAL
4.06 Tee Higgins, WR CIN
4.07 Cam Akers, RB LAR
4.08 Travis Kelce, TE KC
4.09 Diontae Johnson, WR PIT
4.10 Saquon Barkley, RB NYG
4.11 Travis Etienne, RB JAX
4.12 Kenneth Walker, RB SEA

My Selection: 4.10 – Saquon Barkley, RB NYG

It’s really nice to have my quarterbacks already selected and now I can focus on where I find value. I was hoping for Higgins to fall to 4.10 but knew it was unlikely. Other possibilities were DK Metcalf and DJ Moore here but with younger carry-the-load running backs running thin, I decided to take the risk with Barkley. He’s in a contract year, still only 25, and has immense potential if healthy.

Didn’t really plan on taking running back here in the fourth round but was probably going to need to make my first selection at the position no later than round five unless I was going to go more RB-zero. With the receivers remaining on the board, felt good with taking one here and then hoping for Metcalf or Moore to follow, preferably Moore. Those two represented my last two young upside receivers in that tier.

Round 5

5.01 Derrick Henry, RB TEN
5.02 DK Metcalf, WR SEA
5.03 DJ Moore, WR CAR
5.04 Michael Pittman, WR IND
5.05 Josh Jacobs, RB LV
5.06 George Kittle, TE SF
5.07 James Conner, RB ARI
5.08 Chris Godwin, WR TB
5.09 Treylon Burks, WR TEN
5.10 David Montgomery, RB CHI
5.11 Aaron Rodgers, QB GB
5.12 Rashod Bateman, WR BAL

My Selection: 5.03 – DJ Moore, WR CAR

This is one of those cases where I’m happy to see a receiver like Metcalf go off the board so I don’t have a big choice to make. I wanted to like Moore but was struggling with the size, speed and upside of Metcalf even though his 2021 production and consistency were not overly compelling. In the end, I was likely going to select Moore but knowing there was no choice made it much easier. At this point, I am really pleased with my first five players.

As we can see here in round five, things start thinning out. Rounds 6-12 are where I feel I do my best work.

Round 6

6.01 Terry McLaurin, WR WAS
6.02 Drake London, WR ATL
6.03 Jerry Jeudy, WR DEN
6.04 Mike Evans, WR TB
6.05 AJ Dillon, RB GB
6.06 Elijah Moore, RB SF
6.07 Ezekiel Elliott, RB DAL
6.08 Zach Wilson, QB NYJ
6.09 Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR DET
6.10 DeAndre Hopkins, WR ARI
6.11 Mac Jones, QB NE
6.12 Kirk Cousins, QB MIN

My Selection: 6.10 – DeAndre Hopkins, WR ARI

This is a selection I may want to take back but I wanted a production anchor on my team and seeing as it was prior to his four-game suspension, I felt he was going to be a good three-year upside producer. I still feel he will be and considering the other names on the board, still feel okay with the selection.

I also find it interesting that coaches are willing to roll the dice with unproven rookie receivers so early when there is ‘known production’ still on the board. It’s partially for this reason I often feel great about my early-middle rounds of drafts. I’d much rather have younger upside players with a year or two in the league and a known role over that of a rookie mystery. To wit, other players such as Darnell Mooney, Aaron Jones, DeVonta Smith, Amari Cooper and even Marquise Brown are still on the board.

Round 7

7.01 Jameson Williams, WR DET
7.02 Elijah Mitchell, RB SF
7.03 Aaron Jones, RB GB
7.04 Leonard Fournette, RB TB
7.05 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB KC
7.06 Rashaad Penny, RB SEA
7.07 Tom Brady, QB TB
7.08 Darnell Mooney, WR CHI
7.09 TJ Hockenson, TE DET
7.10 Jameis Winston, QB NO
7.11 Keenan Allen, WR LAC
7.12 Devin Singletary, RB BUF

My Selection: 7.03 – Aaron Jones, RB GB

I had one last running back in the tier in Jones but figured my selection of Hopkins would rule him out as I didn’t expect him to fall into round seven. So many are down on Jones and I’m baffled, especially in PPR formats. I’m not looking for young standout running backs as much as I am ‘known role’ production, upside and value. I think Jones represents extreme value here as a veteran production anchor, meaning that I’ll get two-three years of solid production remaining and possibly additional years in the right situation. Plenty of youth still to be had.

The biggest issue I had is that my selection of Jones means that I’m going to miss out on DeVonta Smith. While others go after unknown rookies, I like to start targeting second-year players who were high draft selections in the previous year. Smith is the perfect target for this but no way he lasts another round-and-a-half.

Round 8

8.01 Cordarrelle Patterson, WR ATL
8.02 Matt Ryan, QB IND
8.03 Isaiah Spiller, RB LAC
8.04 Amari Cooper, WR CLE
8.05 Garrett Wilson, WR NYJ
8.06 Davis Mills, QB HOU
8.07 Darren Waller, TE LV
8.08 Michael Thomas, WR NO
8.09 Marquise Brown, WR ARI
8.10 DeVonta Smith, WR PHI
8.11 Chris Olave, WR NO
8.12 Malik Willis, QB TEN

My Selection: 8.10 – DeVonta Smith, WR PHI

To say I’m utterly surprised would be an understatement. Looking at quarterback selections as well, it’s easy to see why I like to get my two starters out of the way and then mop up positional value as the draft unfolds. You never know what value is going to filter through when teams have to start prioritizing quarterbacks. I’m left to simply focus on receiver and running back value.

As for Smith, I’ll take him over every one of 2022’s rookie receivers. Heading into his second year, with Jalen Hurts one year more experienced and, now, AJ Brown across from him, the young Smith should have a fine 2022 and be a solid producer for nearly a decade. This value selection makes my first ten rounds as far as I’m concerned and cements me as a competing team in year one.

Round 9

9.01 Brandon Aiyuk, WR SF
9.02 Kenny Pickett, QB PIT
9.03 Miles Sanders, RB PHI
9.04 Courtland Sutton, WR DEN
9.05 Dalton Schultz, TE DAL
9.06 Kadarius Toney, WR NYG
9.07 Hunter Renfrow, WR LV
9.08 Mike Williams, WR LAC
9.09 Skyy Moore, WR KC
9.10 Damien Harris, RB NE
9.11 JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR KC
9.12 Adam Thielen, WR MIN

My Selection: 9.03 – Miles Sanders, RB PHI

While I’m not in ‘love’ with this selection, it is a value selection as Sanders has been falling in dynasty due to a combination of injury and usage concerns. I get both and share the same concerns. But at 25 years of age and in a contract year, I’ll take the unknown upside for a back who has shown three-down potential. Health is my biggest concern but I also understand that injuries aren’t necessarily ordained for backs. I think 2022 could be Sanders’ year to finally break out and I’ll take the value here in the ninth round.

JuJu Smith-Schuster was also a consideration with my selection and, though I didn’t expect him to last until my next selection in round ten, as I saw with DeVonta Smith, you never know. Now entering double-digit rounds and with a good core in place, I’m going to start taking some bigger swings at major value and future production.

Round 10

10.01 Tyler Lockett, WR SEA
10.02 Chase Edmonds, RB MIA
10.03 Chase Claypool, WR PIT
10.04 Carson Wentz, QB WAS
10.05 Christian Watson, WR GB
10.06 James Robinson, RB JAX
10.07 James Cook, RB BUF
10.08 Tony Pollard, RB DAL
10.09 Brandin Cooks, WR HOU
10.10 Gabriel Davis, WR BUF
10.11 Rhamondre Stevenson, RB NE
10.12 George Pickens, WR PIT

My Selection: 10.10 – Gabriel Davis, WR BUF

Davis represents my favorite off-season buy and I think he should carry late-first 2022 rookie value. I’ve been acquiring him in every league I can if I don’t already roster him. I was slated to take Tony Pollard but he went two picks prior so I pivoted to my favorite 2022 sleeper in Davis. With an unquestioned role in an unquestioned offense, I won’t be surprised if Davis puts up better fantasy production than Diggs. There’s my bold call at receiver for 2022.

Round 11

11.01 Jared Goff, WR DET
11.02 Michael Gallup, WR DAL
11.03 Daniel Jones, QB NYG
11.04 Dameon Pierce, RB HOU
11.05 Kareem Hunt, RB CLE
11.06 Allen Robinson, WR LAR
11.07 Pat Freiermuth, TE PIT
11.08 Desmond Ridder, QB ATL
11.09 Dawson Knox, TE BUF
11.10 Dallas Goedert, TE PHI
11.11 Michael Carter, RB NYJ
11.12 Robert Woods, WR TEN

My Selection: 11.03 – Daniel Jones, QB NYG

Quarterbacks are the coin of the realm in superflex and my plan is to have two other young(er) developmental prospects. I don’t mind dipping my toe into the pool of out-of-favor players who will be changing teams in the next year, as Jones will be. There’s little Jones can do to save his job for 2023 as there’s no way the G-men will pony up big dollars for his next contract, even if he performs well. 2022 is Jones’ audition for 2023 and I believe he’s far better than the Giants and his history with the team.

If I had to do this over again, I might have gone with Allen Robinson at 10.03 and risk Jones falling to round 12. Robinson would be an excellent veteran production anchor but I felt like I had enough starting depth such that Robinson could be a luxury. I went with Jones in hopes that he becomes an upside bargaining chip for QB-needy teams in 2023 or beyond.

Round 12

12.01 Chuba Hubbard, RB CAR
12.02 Ryan Tannehill, QB TEN
12.03 Tyler Allgeier, RB ATL
12.04 Rondale Moore, WR ARI
12.05 Marlon Mack, RB HOU
12.06 Christian Kirk, WR JAX
12.07 Marcus Mariota, QB ATL
12.08 Melvin Gordon, RB DEN
12.09 Jahan Dotson, WR WAS
12.10 Alexander Mattison, RB MIN
12.11 Mike Gesicki, TE MIA
12.12 Rachaad White, RB TB

My Selection: 12.10 – Alexander Mattison, RB MIN

I didn’t think Mattison would last this long. He’s still young, in a contract year and could be starting for a new team in 2023. Should Dalvin Cook fall to injury, Mattison ll have 2022 upside but this is strictly a future-play for my team to ensure I have enough running back depth.

Notice I still have not selected a tight end. This is a case of watching the positional tier-depth at tight end to understand there are still plenty of names I like such that I don’t need to overweight a selection. This will also do it for my running commentary by round.

All Remaining Rounds

13.03 Baker Mayfield, QB CLE
14.10 Noah Fant, TE SEA
15.03 Albert Okwuegbunam, TE DEN
16.10 Van Jefferson, WR LAR
17.03 Terrace Marshall, WR CAR
18.10 Jamaal Williams, RB DET
19.03 Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR CLE
20.10 Kennedy Brooks, RB PHI

Final Roster

QB: Justin Herbert, LAC
RB: Saquon Barkley, NYG
RB: Aaron Jones, GB
WR: CeeDee Lamb, DAL
WR: DJ Moore, CAR
WR: DeAndre Hopkins, ARI
TE: Noah Fant, SEA
FX: Matthew Stafford, QB LAR
FX: DeVonta Smith, WR PHI

BE: Daniel Jones, QB NYG
BE: Baker Mayfield, QB CLE
BE: Miles Sanders, RB PHI
BE: Jamaal Williams, RB DET
BE: Alexander Mattison, RB MIN
BE: Kennedy Brooks, RB PHI
BE: Gabriel Davis, WR BUF
BE: Van Jefferson, WR LAR
BE: Terrace Marshall, WR CAR
BE: Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR CLE
BE: Albert Okwuegbunam, TE DEN


I’m really pleased with how this roster came into form in the middle rounds and even more pleased with the developmental talent of the later rounds. My favorite picks were DeVonta Smith late in round eight and Gabriel Davis late in round ten. They combine to give me great young developmental upside to pair with my starting core of WR1s including Lamb, Moore and Hopkins.

Given my strategy of going RB-light, I even came away impressed with my running back room though I do acknowledge there are injury flags waving. If Barkley and Sanders can remain healthy and productive, I should have good 2023 potential with both Mattison and Williams in reserve as free agents. Aaron Jones is my production anchor of the group.

I do wish Stafford was in his early 30s instead of 34, but I’m only looking for four years and I drafted both Jones and Mayfield in hopes one of them sticks to become a worthy starter in time.

At tight end, my pair of Fant and Okwuegbunam won’t excite but I’m only looking for guaranteed role and potential in TE-friendly systems. I feel good about having both here and will adjust in mid-season if they do not perform.

Overall, I’m pretty certain this is a playoff contender and most draft analysis tools rated my draft in the A- to B+ range. Good enough as a start!

Hope you enjoyed this look at my RTS superflex live draft. Let me also say that the coaches at RTS are top-notch. I’ve never had a 20-round draft move so quickly.

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jeff haverlack
RealTime Fantasy Sports Partnership: Live Superflex Dynasty Startup Draft and Strategy