Tactical Transactions: Moves to Make Before Week 13

Wyatt Bertolone

Life gets tough. Work, family, surprise car trouble, trying to maintain relationships with your friends… what's that, your water heater died too? Sometimes it feels like it just never stops. Murphy’s Law, right? It is important during those times to always keep priorities in order and focus on what you can control. Don’t let what’s out of your hands bother you. It is easier said than done I realize, but important to try to do.

Likewise, getting through a fantasy football season is tough too. (I know this is a stretch but go down the journey with me). Control the things you can control. We spend seven months without football researching prospects, navigating rookie drafts, and looking for the perfect trades to craft our rosters into our perfect vision and things rarely go according to plan. Plan A becomes Plan B which then becomes Plan C which inevitably becomes Plan D, and that’s okay.

Like a quarterback staying light on their feet during their drop-back, you need to be prepared to be nimble with your dynasty rosters at all points. A competing roster can be turned on its head in a single week when multiple players are lost to injury (something we’ve seen often this season). Likewise, A middling team could find itself in much better standing when said injuries happen and they’re the ones who roster the backups thrust into must-start territory. This is why you should always be thinking about the potential moves you could make. Let’s talk about them.

Buy (Rebuilding Superflex Teams) - Kirk Cousins, QB MIN

Achilles injuries are scary. But, for a quarterback known for adding literally nothing with his legs, maybe it’s a little less scary. An unknown future can be scary too. Cousins’ contract is up at the end of the year and it’s long been speculated that the Vikings will be moving on from him at the end of the season. Joshua Dobbs coming to town and playing well certainly adds fuel to that fire as well. Still, Cousins likely remains a starting quarterback in the NFL even if it’s not with Minnesota. In a league where there are teams struggling to find competent quarterback play, Cousins will have a job. He is an interesting investment for teams already looking at next year.

Currently, Cousins can likely be acquired for a future second-round rookie draft pick or equivalent player value. Once he is starting again, he’ll easily be worth a first-round rookie draft pick again so the time to buy if you want to is now. If I have an extra second sitting around, I’d happily send it for Cousins. I’d also be willing to send players like Najee Harris, Adam Thielen, and Jakobi Meyers.

Sell (All Teams) - James Cook, RB BUF


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