Annual Cyber Week Sale

Ken Moody

Update: Unfortunately, our biggest sale of the year is now over! The 2023 Annual DLF Cyber Week Sale ran from Black Friday (11/24) through the end of Cyber Week (Friday 12/1). We are very sorry you missed out on this annual event, but we still have other options for you to get a great deal on a DLF Premium Membership. Hit the link below to find out more.


FAQs About the Cyber Week Sale

Q: How long are your annual subscriptions good for? Are they based on the NFL season or a full year of access?
A: Our annual DLF Premium subscriptions are for 365 days, so no matter when you sign up, you have a full year of access.

Q: I have a current subscription that expires at some point in 2023 or beyond. Can I still take advantage of the sale?
A: Yes! You can always purchase additional annual subscriptions and they’ll simply add on to your current expiration date. For example, if you subscription expires on 4/28/24 and you purchase another subscription during the sale, your account will be extended through 4/28/25.

Q: How many annual subscriptions can I purchase? How does it work if I want to make sure I have the current pricing for the next few years?
A: You are able to purchase as many annual subscriptions as you’d like. They will stack on top of each other, 365 days for each one.

Q: What if I already have a recurring subscription, either monthly or annual?
A: We will always do our level best to identify and cancel any ongoing recurring memberships within 72 hours. But the best way you can ensure you are not double-paying for access to DLF is to cancel any existing recurring subscriptions you currently have. Please visit your personal DLF Account/Subscriptions page to view and manage your current subscriptions.

Finally, we just want to share a huge THANK YOU to all of you who are a part of the DLF community. Since 2006 we have worked our tails off to bring you the very best dynasty fantasy football content, tools and information on the planet. We have more new tools and improvements coming in 2024, and our long history of leading the dynasty fantasy football community will continue, thanks to you and your ongoing support. Have a terrific holiday, and a successful fantasy football season!

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