2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Mock Draft: Post-Combine Edition, Round Two

Ken Kelly

As always, the DLF Slack channels have been filled with healthy debates and discussions on this year’s rookie class. Most of us have our pre-draft rookie rankings but some minds have been changed based on the results of this year’s NFL Draft Scouting Combine. Before you know it, many rookie drafts will kick off across the globe, so we wanted to see where we might expect the players in this rookie class to be selected after this year’s edition of the Underwear Olympics. As a result, we conducted a three-round rookie mock draft, post-combine edition. Some details are below.

  • This was a 1QB draft
  • Once someone made a selection, they were instructed to wait at least two more picks to make an additional selection in order to let others chime in
  • I asked for commentary on each pick but I’ll add my own thoughts on each selection as well

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at how this thing panned out, starting with round one.

1.01 = Marvin Harrison, Jr., WR OSU
1.02 = Malik Nabers. WR LSU
1.03 = Rome Odunze. WR WASH
1.04 = Brian Thomas Jr., WR LSU
1.05 – Brock Bowers, TE Georgia
1.06 = Xavier Worthy, WR TEX
1.07  = Caleb Williams, QB USC
1.08 = Trey Benson, RB FSU
1.09 = Troy Franklin, WR ORE
1.10 = Jonathon Brooks, RB Texas
1.11 =  Ladd McConkey, WR Georgia
1.12 = Xavier Legette, WR South Carolina

Without any further delay, here was round two.

2.01 = Adonai Mitchell, WR TEX

Commentary given: Surprised he’s still on the board honestly. Brett Kollmann & Steve Smith both have him as a Top 5 WR in the class based on their film evaluation. He grades out very highly in my personal film grade as well. He’s a great route runner. Analytically he looks solid as well, posting an 81 NGS Draft Score. This could’ve been even higher had he produced more, but I think there’s some bad QB play to blame. Lastly, he ran a blazing fast 4.34 40 – this will potentially boost his NFL draft capital into the late 1st round. There’s not much doubt in my mind Mitchell will be a successful NFL WR.

My thoughts: It’s been a few weird weeks as we evaluate this receiver class. Personally, I think way too much is being made of the ranking battle between Xavier Worthy and Mitchell just because they come from the same team. Fact is, they’re both really good receivers and Mitchell may drop a little too much. If I was able to get Harrison with the pick and Mitchell with my second here, I’d be thrilled with the start of my rookie draft.

2.02 = Jaylen Wright, RB TEN

Commentary given: Perhaps the biggest winner at the combine, Wright put on a show with his athleticism. His 11’2” broad jump led the pack and when combined with his 38” vert gives him a 98th percentile burst score. He finished second in the 40 with a 4.38 40 putting him in the 94th percentile since.  His 114.1 speed score is good for third best in the class and higher than the big names from last year’s class like Bijan Robinson (108.7), Jahmyr Gibbs (110.1), and De’Von Achane (108).Wright is a violent runner and backs it up with the contact balance to break through tackles and drag defenders forward for extra yards. In his final season, he got work as a receiver with 22 receptions, rounding out his profile as a versatile weapon at the next level.

My thoughts: This draft is so heavy at receiver that some bargains may fall too far. I don’t see Wright as a sure thing but I also think he could be an absolute steal in round two. There are questions about how his game translates to the next level but he has first round rookie draft talent. If I’m a dynasty owner paying attention, I’m trading for high second round rookie picks right now.

2.03 = Keon Coleman, WR FSU

Commentary given: Raw athlete who is fantastic with the ball in his hands. Needs to round out his route running. However, at this point in the draft I’m happy to draft him and hope he develops through his rookie year.

My thoughts: Coleman is certainly raw and needs a lot of work. His production also doesn’t match his skill set. Still, I didn’t see him dropping to pick #15 a few weeks ago and he seems like a solid value here. Again, I’m soaking up all the top-end second round picks I can.

2.04 = Jayden Daniels, QB LSU

Commentary given: I’ll take the upside here all day. While his floor is lower than most, I like him as much as I liked Anthony Richardson last year and this seems like a good area to take a shot on him. While he may end up being a better runner than passer, his upside is that of the truly elite at the position – perfect for a second round rookie pick.

My thoughts: There is a serious bust chance here but Daniels is also an elite-level prospect. If he hits and becomes the next big thing, his draft capital in a rookie format will have been legendary. If he doesn’t and you used a pick around #16 to get him, you won’t have given up too much and can just shrug your shoulders and move on. AGAIN, I’m soaking up all the top-end second round picks I can.

2.05 = JJ McCarthy, QB MICH

Commentary given: Hot take time – I think there’s a better than 50/50 chance McCarthy ends up the best QB in this draft. That’s worth a gamble in the mid-second. Now I just wait to see the draft capital and landing spot.

My thoughts: That’s certainly a hot take but McCarthy seems to be rising up draft boards after a historic season at Michigan and a Combine performance that seemingly enhanced his draft stock. At this point, he could be a top-5 NFL Draft pick and that’s an easy smash on the draft button this deep in a rookie draft.

2.06 = Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE TEX

Commentary given: The clear TE2 in the class. His 4.69 40 time was disappointing but he looks plenty fast on tape. Sanders is a supersized wide receiver who is too athletic for linebackers and has too much size and strength for most defensive backs. He’s an easy selection anywhere in the mid-late second round.

My thoughts: I can see the logic here but I’m just hesitant in using a second round rookie pick on a tight end prospect. I think Sanders should be a good player but I’d rather take some shots on receiver and running back at this point. Still, if I’m just a tight end away from competing and can be patient for a year or two, this could easily work out.

2.07 = Drake Maye, QB UNC

Commentary given: Rather than take shots on some second tier options at the skill positions here, I’d rather take one of the safer options at quarterback. Maye didn’t post the gaudy numbers some may have expected this year but he has the “it” factor and could be a franchise signal caller for years to come. He’s sure to go in the top three picks of the NFL Draft so he’ll have a long runway to be successful.

My thoughts: I was clearly surprised to see McCarthy go higher than Maye and I personally don’t see it happening that way in the end. Still, it’s “#hottaek” season and there was solid logic used on the McCarthy pick. I like Maye a lot and think he has solid upside. I’m just not sold on him being a sure-fire QB1 and see more Will Levis than Patrick Mahomes, honestly. Still, if he was on the board this late, I’d pounce on it and hope I’m wrong.

2.08 = Braelon Allen, RB WIS

Commentary given: Ok, so he’s not Jonathan Taylor, nor may he reach the heights of Melvin Gordon, but the power and sheer physicality of Allen is likely to see him pick up decent work at some NFL franchise. He may not be the most explosive prospect, but he’s solid, both in stature and in what he’s likely to bring to both the pass-blocking and running downhill aspects of the game.

My thoughts: “Running Back U” at Wisconsin gives us yet another solid prospect for the NFL. I like Allen but am also in agreement that he just doesn’t look like an elite option. A late second round pick seems to be the right range for Allen, who should be able to carve out a decent career, though. The landing spot will be critical for his value.

2.09 = MarShawn Lloyd RB, USC

Commentary given: His 4.46 40 gives him a 97th percentile speed score. Lloyd is short but not small at 5’9 221. His vision is questionable at time but his stop start ability and athleticism to make open field moves without losing speed is something you can’t teach. He showed at the Senior Bowl and the combine that he can be an effective receiver when asked to do so. Lloyd has the skillset and the physical traits to be a workhorse at the next level.

My thoughts: Hmm. Lloyd is interesting for sure. The physical ability is evident but so is his size. He could very well turn out to be a situational player in the league but the chance of him being more is really quite tantalizing. I like the pick here for sure.

2.10 = Roman Wilson WR, MICH

Commentary given: He had his best year in 2023 and showed off his skills at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. He is fast and quick in and out of routes. Wilson is also at his best in crosses and posts and should be able to make an impact in the slot right away.

My thoughts: I tend to like slot prospects at this point in a draft and Wilson fits the bill. He’s another player who is going to be overlooked in rookie drafts because of the top-end talent but he would be a top-15 rookie pick in many other years. This is a good range to take some chances and I like the calculated risk here.

2.11 = Blake Corum MICH

Commentary given: I get it. He doesn’t have the same “it” factor as other running backs in the class. However, he does have workhorse potential, high character and is simply a winner. Sure, he could be the next Mike Hart but he could also be a Michigan running back who breaks the mold at the next level.

My thoughts: This is the time to take some shots at running backs and few have the resume of Corum. He really isn’t the quickest, fastest, or most explosive player but he just continues to produce. While he may not have the ceiling of some other runners, I see his floor as being very safe.

2.12 = Ray Davis RB UK

Commentary given: Draft capital and age be dammed, Davis is one one of the most well-rounded backs in the class and so easy to root for. He’s a physical, dynamic runner who can catch the ball well and profiles as a three-down back if he gets the opportunity. He’s a self-made man who was basically homeless at 12 years old, took control of his life and will enter the NFL to continue his run at success. He’ll likely end up as a third-round rookie pick in most dynasty leagues but I’m not betting against him and am happy to take him in the late second.

My thoughts: Sometimes you honestly use a rookie pick this late to acquire a player who you can follow and root for. It sounds like the heartstrings were pulling for this pick a little and I personally love it. Davis will work hard and there’s no way he won’t fulfill his potential, whatever that may be. While there are questions about his true talent, I love this selection.

We’ll see you later this week for the final round.

ken kelly