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Tactical Transactions: Moves to Make Before Week Two

Which moves could you make to improve your dynasty roster before next week?

Romeo Doubs | Credit: Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Football is back! You laughed, you cried, you probably lamented an injury or two – but at the end of the day we all survived the winter, my sweet summer children. And while it’s still just one lonely data point for all of our favorite players (and in some cases still a big, fat goose egg), there may still be some actionable information as we seek to discern the signal amongst the noise.

Disclaimer time! Now that real, live football is upon us, I need to clarify the overarching rationale behind my advice. As you’re well aware by the fact you’ve come to a website entitled dynastyleaguefootball.com, we’re still taking a long view into account in addition to each player’s weekly (and year-to-date) output. Therefore and for example, when I say a player is a “buy high,” it’s not solely due to the week he just had. Instead, guidance will also take into account his current stature in tools such as DLF’s ADP and rankings, in addition to how he performed.

Much as in previous iterations of this weekly series, I will list one player apiece who I’ve bucketed into the following categories:

  • Buy low
  • Buy high
  • Sell low / Drop
  • Sell high
  • Add (Big Bucks)
  • Add (Pennies)

One last note, as I’m referencing DLF ADP and rankings, advice herein is for a 12-team, non-superflex setting with full PPR scoring. Divergent league settings (both for starting positions and scoring) hopefully shouldn’t render this advice as not actionable, but it’s an important disclaimer nonetheless.

With that preamble in hand, here are the tactical transactions you should consider before week two:

Buy LowRomeo Doubs, WR GB

Week 1 Line: 4-26-2 (5 targets)

Is Doubs going to score just under four points per target every week? Anything is possible, but my guess is probably not, especially with teammate Christian Watson potentially coming back in the near future. But his week one line remains notable, nonetheless.

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Tactical Transactions: Moves to Make Before Week Two
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Tanner Norman
14 days ago

Hi Eric. Thanks for the article. I enjoyed the read. Would you rather have Kyren Williams or Zach Moss? Your thoughts…
Take care.

Tanner Norman
13 days ago

Thank you very much Eric for the quick response. I have $136 left of fab money. I agree with your take. You make a lot of sense and it seems like a solid opportunity. My RB’s are Miles Sanders, Gibson, Bigsby and Perine. So I could use some quality RB depth. I plan on spending $36 on Williams. Hopefully that is enough to get him. Thank you again.

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