The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100 Recap

Rob Willette

The Devy 100 is an annual series here at DLF, one intended to highlight some of college football’s brightest stars and those who should impact fantasy football rosters as soon as they reach the NFL. Of course, when you go 100 deep, there will be a few misses. This makes the process more entertaining; seeing late breakouts or unheralded players develop into notable prospects is one of the more enjoyable parts of the scouting process.

The process is not scientific. While advanced analytics are utilized, the end goal is to identify players with the traits to become standout players at the NFL level. The challenges are unique. College football programs often inflate the size of their players, and many prospects at top programs are simply men amongst boys at this point in their development. You have to sift through a lot of noise before you can pinpoint whose toolkit is high-end enough to make it at the highest level.

Preamble completed, below is a breakdown of the Top 100, ranked in order and complete with direct links to all of the articles covering these 100 prospects. Enjoy!


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The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100 Recap