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The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100 Recap

Marvin Harrison Jr.

The Devy 100 is an annual series here at DLF, one intended to highlight some of college football’s brightest stars and those who should impact fantasy football rosters as soon as they reach the NFL. Of course, when you go 100 deep, there will be a few misses. This makes the process more entertaining; seeing late breakouts or unheralded players develop into notable prospects is one of the more enjoyable parts of the scouting process.

The process is not scientific. While advanced analytics are utilized, the end goal is to identify players with the traits to become standout players at the NFL level. The challenges are unique. College football programs often inflate the size of their players, and many prospects at top programs are simply men amongst boys at this point in their development. You have to sift through a lot of noise before you can pinpoint whose toolkit is high-end enough to make it at the highest level.

Preamble completed, below is a breakdown of the Top 100, ranked in order and complete with direct links to all of the articles covering these 100 prospects. Enjoy!

The Devy Top 100

1Caleb WilliamsQBUSC6'1"215Devy 1 - 5
2Marvin Harrison Jr.WROhio State6'4"205
3Drake MayeQBNorth Carolina6'4"230
4Nicholas SingletonRBPenn State6'0"224
5Brock BowersTEGeorgia6'4"230
6Raheim SandersRBArkansas6'2"242Devy 6 - 10
7Tre'Veyon HendersonRBOhio State5'10"212
8Emeka EgbukaWROhio State6'1"206
9Malik NabersWRLSU6'0"200
10Quinshon JudkinsRBOle Miss5'11"220
11Evan StewartWRTexas A&M6'0"175Devy 11 - 15
12Donovan EdwardsRBMichigan6'1"210
13Will ShipleyRBClemson5'11"220
14Xavier WorthyWRTexas6'1"172
15Braelon AllenRBWisconsin6'2"245
16Troy FranklinWROregon6'3"179Devy 16 - 20
17Luther BurdenWRMissouri5'11"208
18Hykeem WilliamsWRFlorida State 6'2"208
19Quinn EwersQBTexas6'2"195
20Mario WilliamsWRUSC5'9"175
21Rueben OwensRBTexas A&M6'0"200Devy 21 - 25
22Trey BensonRBFlorida State 6'1"223
23Connor WeigmanQBTexas A&M6'3"215
24Adonai MitchellWRTexas6'4"196
25Barion BrownWRKentucky6'1"166
26Carnell TateWROhio State6'2"191Devy 26 - 30
27Jarquez HunterRBAuburn 5'10"220
28J.J. McCarthyQBMichigan6'3"202
29Cedric BaxterRBTexas6'1"218
30Rome OdunzeWRWashington6'3"215
31Drew AllarQBPenn State6'5"243Devy 31 - 35
32Zachariah BranchWRUSC5'10"175
33Jurrion DickeyWROregon6'3"210
34Cade KlubnikQBClemson6'2"205
35Devin NealRBKansas5'11"210
36Branson RobinsonRBGeorgia5'10"220Devy 36 - 40
37Jase McClellanRBAlabama5'11"212
38Ja'Tavion SandersTETexas6'4"243
39Michael PenixQBWashington6'3"213
40Blake CorumRBMichigan5'8"214
41Kaytron AllenRBPenn State5'11"221Devy 41 - 45
42Adam RandallWRClemson6'2"225
43Jalen McMillanWRWashington6'1"192
44Bucky IrvingRBOregon5'10"194
45Tetairoa McMillanWRArizona6'5"190
46Oronde Gadsen IITESyracuse6'5"216Devy 46 - 50
47Miyan WilliamsRBOhio State5'9"226
48Justice HaynesRBAlabama5'11"200
49Trevor EtienneRBFlorida5'9"213
50Bo NixQBOregon6'2"214
51Roderick RobinsonRBGeorgia6'0"240Devy 51 - 55
52Johnny Wilson Jr.WRFlorida State 6'7"237
53Jalon DanielsQBKansas6'0"215
54Isaiah BondWRAlabama5'11"182
55Dorian SingerWRUSC6'0"180
56Dominic LovettWRGeorgia5'10"179Devy 56 - 60
57Malachi NelsonQBUSC6'3"190
58Bryson NesbitTENorth Carolina6'5"235
59Kaden PratherWRMaryland6'4"210
60Devontez WalkerWR North Carolina6'2"200
61Damien MartinezRBOregon State6'0"216Devy 61 - 65
62Antonio WilliamsWRClemson5'11"195
63Kyle McCordQBOhio State6'3"215
64Beaux CollinsWRClemson6'3"210
65Jaydn OttRBCalifornia6'0"200
66Johntay Cook IIWRTexas6'0"186Devy 66 - 70
67Dallan HaydenRBOhio State5'10"205
68Dante MooreQBUCLA6'3"210
69Ja'Corey BrooksWRAlabama6'2"195
70C.J. DonaldsonRBWest Virginia6'1"238
71Brandon InnissWROhio State6'0"207Devy 71 - 75
72Jacob CowingWRArizona5'11"175
73Devin BrownQBOhio State6'3"213
74Jamarion MillerRBAlabama5'10"211
75Keon ColemanWRFlorida State 6'4"215
76Kendall MiltonRBGeorgia6'1"220Devy 76 - 80
77Jackson ArnoldQBOklahoma6'1"205
78Dane KeyWRKentucky6'3"195
79Roman HembyRBMaryland6'2"200
80Jaheim BellTEFlorida State 6'3"232
81Jordan TravisQBFlorida State 6'1"212Devy 81 - 85
82Richard ReeseRBBaylor5'9"182
83Michael TriggTEOle Miss6'3"240
84Nicholaus IamaleavaQBTennessee6'6"200
85Kobe PrenticeWRAlabama5'10"182
86Ladd McConkeyWRGeorgia6'0"185Devy 86 - 90
87Ashton JeantyRBBoise State5'8"205
88Spencer RattlerQBSouth Carolina6'1"217
89Daijun EdwardsRBGeorgia5'10"201
90Matthew GoldenWRHouston6'1"190
91J. Michael SturdivantWRUCLA6'3"205Devy 91 - 95
92Arch ManningQBTexas6'4"212
93Jalin ConyersTEArizona State6'4"265
94Audric EstimeRBNotre Dame5'11"227
95K.J. JeffersonQBArkansas6'3"247
96Kaleb JohnsonRBIowa6'0"222Devy 96 - 100
97Alton McCaskillRBHouston6'1"215
98Joe MiltonQBTennessee6'5"235
99Squirrel WhiteWRTennessee5'10"165
100Chris MarshallWR Ole Miss6'3"205

DLF is always working to keep its rankings fresh. Devy is included in this, with the Top 75 being ranked by a group of rankers with both consensus and individual rankings available.

Be sure to check out our complete Devy Rankings
The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100 Recap
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Patrick Simmons
1 month ago

Thank you from combining all the articles and just in time for my college fantasy football draft!

Charles Hypnarowski
1 month ago

In future years, can this aggregated devy list article be made when the series starts and updated with each entry? This article would have saved me a lot of time a few weeks ago during my devy drafts and is a great idea overall!

Andrew Walinsky
1 month ago

I love the Devy 100 articles and thank you for completing the series earlier this year. It would be nice to have this comprehensive summary available immediately after the 1-5 article is posted so that it is available while Devy drafts are being conducted. It would have saved me a lot of time if this were available last week.

Reply to  Andrew Walinsky
1 month ago

Thanks for all the feedback! We’ve never done the aggregated list before and I just thought of it last week…we’ll be sure to do it much sooner next time!

Juancho Mitchell
1 month ago

I’m just chiming in to say that I love the combined list. It is what was sorely lacking for these articles. A reference list that is updated with every article or one that comes out with the final article is a huge plus.

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