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2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings: Consensus Second Round

We take a look at the second round in our consensus rankings.

We take a look at the second round in our consensus rankings.

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2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings: Consensus Second Round
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Rodolfo Jacinto
3 years ago

Damn, that was quickly edited out. You win DLF.

Wendell Bera
3 years ago

“Green Bay has been notoriously stubborn to give a second contract to a running back…” Don’t know where you got this idea from. Name me ONE rb worthy of a 2nd contract. Eddie Lacy?? C’mon, injured over weight and out of the league 1 year later. Ty Montgomery? converted wr due to injury. James Stark? Got a 2nd contract but never played at anything more than a replacement level his entire career. Ryan Grant? Another injured player out of the league after just a few more years beyond his rookie contract. They aren’t stubborn, there just hasn’t been a rb in the last 15+ yrs worth extending.

Larry Gunn
Reply to  Wendell Bera
3 years ago

It’s becoming the trend league-wide not to resign back to a second contract. Even if they do, every year it seems less likely the rb will play that contract out. There’s always “fresh meat” coming in every year to replace the veteran, no matter how great they’ve been. If Zeke( maybe the exception?) was with anyone but the Cowboys, he probably would get dumped in 2021.
It seems the best bet for dynasty is becoming the same way. Plan on that guy being “the guy” for three or four years, realistically, then move on.

Wendell Bera
Reply to  Larry Gunn
3 years ago

I wouldn’t say its becoming a trend, when its pretty much been that way all along. There just aren’t enough “elite” backs that warrant a high priced 2nd contract. AP and LT got theirs in the past. Zeke, Gurley and Johnson got theirs more recently, I’m sure the Steelers made an attempt to resign Bell but IMO that was more on him than the team. The league is littered with extended contracts to lesser players. I merely see the pick that GB made as more of a threat to Jamaal Williams than that of Jones. He’s also a FA next year. Unless Jones thinks he is the next Bell. Then all bets are off.

Robert Whorton
3 years ago

Thank you for finally making it so I can login on the same page as the article I’m trying to read. This website always logs me out. It sounds minor, but it’s annoying every single day.

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