Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Tee Higgins

Russ Fisher

Welcome to the non-point-scoring season where lineups and points don’t matter and we just get to add players we like to our rosters! Since you are reading this, it stands to reason that you subscribe to Dynasty League Football and use it for all of its articles, rankings, and tools. And if that is the case, congratulations on winning all of those championships! Or, congratulations on all those 1.01s you earned! Yes, those are both signs of a successful season. But now what? Now is when the fun begins.

As of the day I am writing this article, we are 226 days away from having to set a lineup. That means we have 226 days to maximize the dynasty value of our roster so we can turn all of that beautiful value into points or picks when the season finally does come around.

A player I like and believe will increase in value before the start of point-scoring season, and a player I may write about every year, is unrestricted free agent…

Tee Higgins, WR CIN

This was a very strange year in Cincinnati. Joe Burrow came into the season with a leg injury, then Higgins had a hamstring injury, then Burrow had season-ending wrist surgery. Higgins ended the season with a disappointing 42 catches, 656 yards and five touchdowns in 12 games.

As I mentioned before, Higgins is a free agent. This means that either he goes back to the Bengals or will get to choose the team he wants to play for. This means that it will be hard for his value to drop this off-season and in the best-case scenario (whether that’s going back to the Bengals or becoming the WR1 on a different team), he will gain value.

According to the DLF Trade Analyzer, Higgins’ value is worth approximately the 1.06 superflex rookie pick.

word image 1486319 1

This feels right on the money to me. As of right now, we have a pretty solid top tier of seven players in this year’s rookie draft. Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, Marvin Harrison Jr, Malik Nabers, Rome Odunze, and Brock Bowers (in any given order). I believe with what we have seen from Higgins so far and the potential going forward, this is a fair tier to put him in. The issue with this value right now is this could be the ceiling of his value. Trading the 1.06 for the maybe former Bengals’ wide receiver doesn’t leave room for growth if you choose to flip him in a later deal.

Now let’s head over to the DLF Trade Finder to find some real-life deals that have gone through involving our guy.

word image 1486319 2

word image 1486319 3

12 team, superflex, PPR, start 10

Everything but age seems to favor Higgins to me in this deal. While you might be able to argue that Zay Flowers is the WR1 on his team, that would be completely ignoring that Mark Andrews is far and away the pass catcher one on the team and the passing volume on the Ravens is far less than most others in the league. I am usually not a fan of same-position trades but if I received this in my inbox I would hit accept before the email fully loaded.

word image 1486319 4

word image 1486319 5

12 team, 1QB, PPR, start 9

This is fair. The analyzer says so and I agree. And if I have Travis Etienne on my roster this would be a move I would seek out in that league. I don’t think there is anything that can happen for Etienne to raise his dynasty value and we have already talked about the possibility of an increase to Higgins’ value.

This is a preference call for sure and since I lean towards wide receivers, especially in the non-point-scoring season, and my personal bias towards this specific wide receiver, that made the decision easy for me.

word image 1486319 6

word image 1486319 7

12 team, superflex, PPR, start 10

I don’t have anything clever or intelligent to say about this one. All this says to me is that if you even slightly believe in Tee Higgins, you should start sending out offers.

While I used this opportunity to talk about a player of which I am a big fan, you can insert whatever player you are a fan of. Now is the time to go and get your guy just because they are your guy. If they happen to be in a situation where that player also has the ability to jump in value before the start of the season then that’s a bonus!

russ fisher