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2023 Injury Breakdowns: Quarterbacks Returning from Injury

We discuss some quarterbacks returning from injuries and what to expect in 2023.

Kyler Murray

We discuss some quarterbacks returning from injuries and what to expect in 2023.

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2023 Injury Breakdowns: Quarterbacks Returning from Injury
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2 months ago

My hot take – and I’ll die on this hill – is that we saw a guy in Purdy play out of his mind and way beyond his skill level as a rookie 7th rounder. The smart money has to be on his Cinderella story coming to an end. We’ve literally never seen a QB with his draft capital have sustained success in the NFL. I am not betting on it now, either.

Last edited 2 months ago by Littlewing745
Reply to  Jeff Mueller
1 month ago

I was hoping someone would do this haha. This just further proves my point. Brady had better capital, so that’s already moot. Let’s focus on the other two.

Yes, Warner and Romo were undrafted. But let’s not pretend Warner didn’t ball out of control in both the Arena Football League and NFL Europe first. It was proven he could play over multiple seasons – and even then he still had to come back and earn his spot. Romo – though I’m fine conceding him – is arguably the best-case scenario for Purdy: a good player that’s never really great, but keeps you competitive and is polarizing for pretty much his entire career. And though you didn’t mention him, Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best 7th round QB of all time, and he couldn’t keep a starting job.

Regardless…this all comes down to the same point I made on another post: your selections here confirm my suggestion that Purdy has to be one of the best QBs of all time – at least one of the best stories of all time – to still even be starting in 2025. Statistically, that’s a terrible bet for the last guy drafted, especially coming off an injury after his first season ( in which he had an improbable run). I just do not have remotely the confidence you all do (and I’m curious how this will look in a year when everyone inevitably has to pretend they never thought Purdy was great).

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