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Bryan Edwards impressing
Bryan Edwards - WR, LVR

Raiders rookie receiver Bryan Edwards is impressing

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Edwards is now 100% healthy and being lauded by all on the coaching staff though, admittedly, it's very early and camps aren't yet up to speed. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson recently said: "He’s a big, explosive receiver. He’s coming off of an injury in college. Right now he looks healthy. Again, we haven’t had a chance to go full speed, but the thing that jumps out at you is just how thick of a person he is. He has great size and again, has great ball skills. We’re looking forward to seeing what he can do when we get up to full speed.” Expectations need to be tempered for Edwards in his rookie season but DLF's WR54 and rookie WR11 has every opportunity to win snaps in his first year within a very unsettled Raiders depth chart.

DLF Analyst:       Source: USA Today
Aug 5: 9:27 AM EST
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