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Jagger May: Dynasty Superflex Rookie Rankings Explained

A behind the scene look at ranking methodology and individual rookie rankings vs the consensus.

Sam LaPorta

Earlier this year, we introduced a new series, called Dynasty Rankings Explained, where DLF rankers not only explained their dynasty fantasy football rankings, and included a number of the 2023 rookie draft pick selections so you could see how we each, individually, value those dynasty rookie picks in comparison to players as if it were a dynasty fantasy football startup draft. Now that we are well past the NFL Draft and looking forward to the NFL Season starting, we decided to bring it back, this time focusing on our dynasty rookie rankings.

DLF has always offered our readers multiple sets of dynasty fantasy football rankings from different experts to provide a broad view of player rankings. With many different strategies for building a successful dynasty team, no single set of rankings could possibly meet the needs of every coach. Instead, we've long subscribed to the idea of our experts providing their own individual rankings, ultimately giving our readers the opportunity to gravitate to a particular expert who closely matches their own style of ranking or, perhaps, instead choosing to use an average ranking across all experts.

A note about the tables. The Rank column indicates this ranker's personal rankings. The AVG column indicates the consensus rankings value at the time these rankings were created. The "+/-" column indicates how much higher or lower the ranker is than the consensus average.

Each week we will provide rankings for 48 dynasty rookies in a Superflex, PPR format. For a closer look at all our rankings, please visit our consensus dynasty fantasy football rankings and catch all of the Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings Explained series.


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Jagger May: Dynasty Superflex Rookie Rankings Explained
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2 months ago

I don’t see it with flowers. Lamar’s #3? Maybe the ravens turn into a team that can support 3+ fantasy options in the receiving game, but I just don’t see it. I’d rather let someone else take the bet

Ditto with downs. Is that really a great situation? Being the #3 wr on a team with a rushing/rookie QB? Rice, Mingo, mims, Tillman, and even Hyatt seem like they are equivalent or better talents that also have a better situation and more expended capital.

I know betting on talent is one thing, but I think listening to the nfls eval of talent is probably a better indicator than our own thoughts of them.

Reply to  qwengler
2 months ago

Playing devil’s advocate on Flowers…what about “listening to the NFLs eval of talent?”

Reply to  Eric Dickens
2 months ago

My response would be this: 2 Wrs got taken over flowers in the NFL draft and both went to better situations than him. If flowers was your wr1 or wr2 pre-draft based on your own research, it’s time to revaluate. I don’t even think he’s wr3 now and it’s not particularly close for me.

This is especially true in downs case. I think people liked him pre-combine and had him maybe as high as their wr4. I think people are still trying to hold onto that pre-combine eval by ranking him in the early-mid 2nd, but it simply doesn’t make any sense anymore. Draft capital, role, athletic/size profile, and team situation are all stacked against him. Screams 3rd round pick in drafts, not the 2.02

Reply to  qwengler
2 months ago

I think it’s difficult to make an argument that we should be listening to the NFL eval, but then say Flowers shouldn’t even be the WR3 (where he was drafted by those same NFL evaluators). Jagger’s WR2 ranking and just one spot before Addison/QJ isn’t egregious in any way. Also, you mentioned him being Lamar’s number 3 target, but I don’t think we know that yet. I don’t see any way Flowers could overtake Andrews, but without seeing OBJ back from injury and in a new offense, it’s a gamble both ways.
As you’ve said, I think it’s always important to re-evaluate, but in this case I think that means keeping an open mind that the Ravens’ offense will look completely different under Monken than Roman.

Johnny D
2 months ago

Checking my understanding on QJ’s value connection to his QB… so Lamar Jackson would be an ideal QB for his game, but Justin Herbert is not?

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