Twitter Observations: Post-Draft Edition

Michael Moore

Finally! The NFL Draft broke up the monotony of the off-season (among other things) and gave us new, actionable, and fun content to digest. For dynasty leaguers, it’s like Christmas only this year it felt like the entire Christmas season had been eliminated until December 25th. So, to say that people were excited would be an understatement.

It also means more rookie drafts are kicking off. Personally, I’m conducting three slow drafts right now and couldn’t be happier. Sure, most of these players’ values are going to fluctuate throughout the off-season but at least we have a better idea of how to value these rookies. With that said, Twitter was hopping this week. Below are a few of those tweets that had people talking and how it’s going to affect your dynasty teams this season.

The Joint Chiefs

As if the Chiefs offense couldn’t get any better, they add, possibly, the most well-rounded, most perfect fit for their offense. Clyde Edwards-Helaire was the first running back taken, and only one in the entire first round, who also ended up on the best offense in football. He is immediately fantasy-relevant and will be fighting Jonathan Taylor for top overall pick in rookie drafts this off-season.

Dynasty Impact: Any shares you had of CEH before the draft just doubled or tripled in value. Not just from the pedigree of being a first-round pick but from being the first pick of an offense as vaunted as the Chiefs. The only other skill piece of the offense that the Chiefs themselves took in the first round was Patrick Mahomes. And if you’re looking to acquire CEH, it’ll cost you. Using the DLF Trade Analyzer, he’s already worth as much as Austin Ekeler or Leonard Fournette, both of whom are ranked as RB1s in our dynasty rankings.

No Colts Barred

While the recent additions to the Colts are exciting enough, it’s also revived the dynasty prospects of quarterback Philip Rivers. Left for dead after not re-signing with the Chargers, Rivers landed in Indianapolis where he’ll be coached by his former offensive coordinator Frank Reich. Landing with Reich is a positive development as over the two years Rivers had Reich as a coordinator with the Chargers, he threw for over 4,000 yards and averaged 30 touchdowns. And that was when the Chargers didn’t have a single 1,000-yard (or even 900-yard!) receiver.

Dynasty Impact: Rivers’ dynasty value has been tanking for a while now, landing outside QB2 range since the end of the 2019 season. But he’s reunited with a coach who guided him to a lot of fantasy success while arguably having better pieces around him this time. Even if an aging TY Hilton is washed, injecting the offense with the likes of Michael Pittman and Jonathan Taylor will be a big boost to Rivers. He’ll also be playing with one of the best defenses of his career led by Darius Leonard and the newly-acquired DeForest Buckner. If your dynasty team was left out of the musical chairs at quarterback this off-season, go get Rivers as a stopgap.

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Lamb Chops

For all the flak the Cowboys get for taking the wrong player in drafts, they hit this one out of the park. They sat patiently as CeeDee Lamb inexplicably dropped to 17th and picked him in what, I assume, was the quickest selection made in NFL history. It’s unlikely the Cowboys would have picked a receiver here if Lamb (or Jerry Jeudy for that matter) weren’t available but if the top option in the class is available, you do it. And as Ezekiel Elliott tweeted above, this offense is downright scary heading into 2020.

Dynasty Impact: It may seem like Lamb will fill the third receiver role in the Dallas offense but if you know, you know: he jumps to the second option behind only Amari Cooper immediately. Our dynasty rankers already agree as Cooper is ranked in the top five while Lamb is already in the top 20. Those two will switch before too long especially considering Cooper is really only locked down for two more years.

The best dynasty feature for any wide receiver is the quarterback they play with. In Dak Prescott, Lamb is set for the foreseeable future. Lamb is a WR2 right now but a budding WR1 so he’s a buy.

The United Saints

Well, it may not have been the situation Jameis Winston wanted when he entered free agency, but he still lands in a good spot. Yes, he’s turnover prone but instead of taking the short-term payout of potentially starting elsewhere, he’s going the Teddy Bridgewater route and choosing to backup one of the best to ever do it. If he can’t improve in this environment, there really is no hope.

Dynasty Impact: Hopefully, Winston dynasty owners have a roster spot open for him this season. It would be hard to drop a top-three or top-five (depending on your scoring) player but the lack of playing time, especially if one-quarterback leagues, means it’s feasible. But if you’re able to keep him, it would be a fantastic flyer to have for 2021. Yes, Drew Brees re-signed this off-season for two years but he’s also 41 and has a TV job waiting for him whenever he does hang it up. If Winston can prove himself in such a quarterback-friendly environment as New Orleans, he could be a huge value. He’s a strong hold right now.

michael moore