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We are excited to announce a new partnership between DLF and RBScout.com, a new and innovative site which produces running back scouting fantasy football videos. RB Scout Videos are fantasy football videos created by RB Scout owner Adam Spinks. These videos focus on providing an in-depth examination of the running back position from a fantasy football context. RB Scout videos use both analytics and film study. When these two powerful tools are combined they serve as an audit for each other and provide detailed and accurate data.

RB Scout videos focus only on the running back position. This laser focus enables a deep understanding of this critical fantasy football player position.

RB Scout will be creating highly entertaining and informative co-branded videos exclusively for DLF. These videos will be available on DLF under the resources menu. You’ll also find a number of other RB Analysis videos at RBScout.com, along with podcasts, rankings and more.

Check out the first video below. And be sure to visit the Fantasy Football Videos section of our site under the Resources menu for all of our videos. And don’t forget to bookmark the RBScout.com site, and follow Adam on Twitter. Share your thoughts or questions below, enjoy the videos, and be sure to check back often for more great videos from RB Scout!

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