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DLF is pleased to announce a partnership with the video scouting service RB Scout produces fantasy football videos focusing on fantasy football analysis of running back performance and value. They focus on providing the most in depth video analysis at the running back position available. They believe analytics and/or film study by themselves are useful tools but miss key parts of the narrative. RB Scout uses film based analytics to drive all of their metrics. We encourage you to go check out the website for more running back fantasy football videos, podcasts and more.

The Ghost of Jordan Howard

This first RBScout / DLF video examines realistic value and success rate of rookie running backs in the NFL based on the round in which they were drafted. We all know the likelihood of drafting a successful fantasy football running back diminishes the later they drafted in the NFL draft.  But it might surprise you to find out how the success rate changes. An interesting look at the history of running back success by the RB Scout.  Visit for other informative fantasy football videos.

RB Scout Film Review – Joe Mixon

This fantasy football running back scout analysis of Joe Mixon is the third in a series of videos examining the rookie RB class. This talented but highly controversial player certainly divides the dynasty and fantasy football community. Take a closer look at the potential, and potential pitfalls, of this talented rookie running back. This and other RB Scout fantasy football videos can be found on


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