DLF’s 2016 Predictions: Bust of the Year

Ryan Finley

Most rookie drafts are in the rearview mirror, and the NFL Preseason is winding down. We’re all busy combing the news sites trying to keep abreast of all the important developments as we prepare for the best time of the year, the NFL season.  That can only mean one thing – it’s time for us to put a bow on those reams of offseason content with DLF’s 2016 Fantasy Predictions. As we did last year, we have eight different prediction articles for you in the following categories:

Those pieces are all in the rearview, but we couldn’t help but bring you one more! In this final prediction piece, we’ll share our picks for the Kevan Barlow Dynasty Bust of the Year.

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Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, TE TBB

This won’t surprise anyone given the negative news out on him over the summer, but he won’t bounce back.  The bust factor breaks through for me due to Tampa’s wasted 2nd round pick in 2014 on him. Jameis Winston trusts Cameron Brate more and favors him over ASJ.  It wasn’t very encouraging that ASJ went 2-7 for only 22 yds in his final preseason game, which was played primarily against backups.  He isn’t hungry for the ball like Brate. – Carla Gruse

DeVante Parker, WR MIA

I’ve never really been on the Parker train, and he’s done very little to change my perception. Expected to step into a big role in his second season, he hasn’t been able to pass Kenny Stills on the depth chart. That’s obviously an issue. Maybe someday Parker will meet the lofty expectations of the dynasty community, but I can’t fathom paying to get him at his current price. I’ll invest when his value is much lower six months from now. – Austan Kas

DeAndre Hopkins, WR HOU

The Houston Texans offense has changed, and they have a running back that will most likely be healthy for 16 games. They also added firepower on the wings in the name of Will Fuller and Braxton Miller. The Texans just won’t rely on him as much, and their defense is strong enough to keep them out of many garbage time situations. Then you add perhaps a better quarterback than Brian Hoyer in Brock Osweiler, but he will struggle in getting him the ball downfield because he lacks the arm strength. –Mike Valverde

DeAndre Hopkins, WR HOU

He’s a tremendous talent but there’s a lot of moving parts in Houston that could potentially affect Hopkins’ production this year. He saw 194 targets last season and there’s a good chance that number could decrease this season. With his current value holding strong as a top-5 dynasty startup pick, a decline in production could slightly curtail his dynasty value. – Bruce Matsonlockett

Tyler Lockett, WR SEA

I think the hype for Lockett has gotten out of hand. I think he’s a great player for the Seahawks offense but will lack the consistency needed for fantasy leagues, PPR specifically. He’s a boom or bust WR3 for me at best. – Eric Olinger

Kevin White, WR CHI

Somehow White is still being selected in the second or third rounds of dynasty startup drafts, so he must have some believers. My knocks against White are the same as they were a year ago. He’s old (for a second year player), he only had one year of elite level production in college, he has yet to take an NFL snap due to a lower leg injury that cost him his entire rookie season. Now, he’s the second best option in the Bears offense, if he’s lucky. White is the type of guy with talent and high upside I’d be glad to roster and take a shot on in the mid rounds, but he’s not worthy of a high pick in dynasty leagues. – Ryan McDowell

Ben Roethlisberger, QB PIT

The fantasy gods will not allow Big Ben to have access to his full compliment of weapons. Fantasy owners have been chomping at the bit to see the Steelers offense intact with Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, Le’Veon Bell, and Ladarius Green all on the field at the same time. It’s no secret injuries and suspensions will prevent that from happening in 2016, but fantasy owners are still valuing him as if he is surrounded by elite options. There’s a good chance Roethlisberger disappoints in 2015 and finishes closer to the bottom of the QB1 tier than the top. – Matt Price

Carlos Hyde, RB SF

On a bad team that will be trailing a lot of games. I like his talent, but I’m staying far away this season due to unfavorable game script. I also think the whole positive mantra surrounding the Chip-Hyde marriage working out great is overhyped. See Demarco Murray last year for that. – Andrew Lightner

Kelvin Benjamin, WR CAR

This is likely a popular pick, but there’s a reason. In August ADP, he is being taken 30th overall. Taking Benjamin as a mid-third round pick in a startup, ahead of the likes of Corey Coleman and Tyler Lockett, brings incredible opportunity cost. Benjamin should have a role for a long time, but with a skillset of “big” the upside is limited. – Jaron Foster

Donte Moncrief, WR IND

I don’t love putting him down (I definitely own some Moncrief stock), but we have him ranked 21st overall in our Top 100, and that’s too high for me. Here’s a body catcher who was less-than-prolific in college, and who really hasn’t done it at the NFL level yet. He’s entering his third season in the league (which yes typically is the year WRs break out) but I don’t necessarily think this is a guy you can flat out bank on. For me…if you’re going to rank a guy 21st overall in dynasty, that’s saying the guy is a sure-thing, and I’m not on board with that. I think he has a great shot to have a good year if Andrew Luck bounces back (which he should), but I’m not buying that Donte Moncrief will ever justify his current ranking on our page. That’s why Moncrief is my BUST of 2016. – Mark Johnson

Here’s how the votes shook out for the Kevan Barlow Bust of the Year:

While our first 2 prediction pieces featured a lot of overlap with Antonio Brown running away with the Fantasy MVP piece and Ezekiel Elliot demolishing the competition in the Fantasy ROY, most of the others have been a lot like this – all over the place. The Kevan Barlow Bust of the Year picks are no different.  Nuk was the big loser with a whopping 2 votes. I still love Nuk, and expect a lot from him, so I respect the pick but can’t get behind it. I’d lean more towards Parker or White for this, and the two receivers are similar. Both had great pedigrees coming out of the draft last year, and neither one has honestly done all that much. We’ll see how it shakes out soon!

So who is your Kevan Barlow this year?