Using College Football Metrics to Find Devy Quarterback Stars

John Arrington

In the world of fantasy football analytics, one thing is crystal clear; finding the next superstar player is the key to dominating your league. Seems easy enough, right? Over the years, especially recently, analytical analysis has made its way into the fantasy football world, with everyone seemingly looking for the next great metric. Unfortunately, not every metric is valuable when trying to predict which players will succeed in the NFL. Even the predictive metrics can’t be relied on individually, so we must start finding the players who stand out in multiple areas.

My goal in this series is to introduce some of the most important metrics for predicting NFL success and then show the current college players that meet the criteria. Each position relies on different metrics to separate the wheat from the chaff, so each article will focus on just one group of players.


With a large number of dynasty leagues making the jump to superflex, the quarterback position is back to being the most important to evaluate. The difficulty of the position has led many to believe there is no way of knowing which QB will hit, and those dynasty players prefer to rely on draft capital when deciding between prospects. Through years of research, I have determined there are a handful of key metrics for evaluating QBs, and we will focus on two of those in this article; Big-Time Throw Rate and Intended Air Yards.

Big-Time Throw Rate


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