Lineup Advice: Week 7 – Jetlag Edition

Jeff Haverlack


Bye:  Bengals, Cowboys, Titans, Jets, Panthers and Texans

Back from the land of fire and ice and what a trip it was.

3 1/2 weeks in Iceland will take its toll on a body, or at least mine. At the same time, so many do the trip in 7-10 days and then fall into a post-trip malaise because they didn’t get to see everything and they raced around the ring road to fit it all in. While 24 days was a long time, and it could certainly be shortened, it also allowed us the time to see so much of the island, take out time in each location and be very ready to get home when finished.

I’m sure this goes for any international NFL fan, but being in a different country will test your NFL commitment. The first Sunday game starts at 5:00 PM in Iceland. The Thursday and Monday night games begin after midnight. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t watch any football for three weeks. I did follow along on my phone until I fell asleep, however. In some ways, it was kind of nice.

In the end, we were VERY ready to get back to our own house and our own bed … and NFL Sunday Ticket.

It’s great to be back with all of you! A big shout out to my partner in crime Ken Kelly for filling in during my absence. Hopefully he did a great job for you!

Week 7 

This week is Byemageddon and it’s not pretty. I have a couple of teams already decimated by injuries and the bye week absences make some of the lineups almost laughable. I’m sure I’m not alone.

While I haven’t done any research, and I may say this every year, the injuries of 2023 seem to be well beyond what we’ve experienced in recent years. It’s been brutal and it’s safe to say a couple of my teams are basically finished through six weeks. A couple of my other teams are hanging onto good records but, being realistic, the near-term future isn’t so  bright and the magic is certain to wear off. Some years are like that, what’s a coach to do?

What not to do is to sell out trying to save the year. Don’t mortgage your future to try and salvage one year. This week marks the time when owners will be wheeling and dealing so just be smart with your teams. Resist temptation to sell those future draft picks to pick up that veteran with a year or two of production remaining. You don’t want to leave your cupboard bare. Instead, be very mindful of your roster  build, your realistic chances to remain competitive in 2023 and survey your youth-to-vet ratio. I’m rarely one to make big moves to save a single season, it’s just not my bag. I’ll consider it if my draft pick will be bottom-third but I won’t be going all in for that higher-priced vet on the wrong side of 30, or 28 for a running back.

Have a pity party for a few minutes and then get back to work. Take a deep breath and just enjoy the comedy of it all.

Team Tracking

I haven’t added up the totals though based on how the year is going, it’s going to be down year for my teams, primarily due to injury. I’ll get back to it next week

Let’s get to the lineup advice!

Lineup Advice Rules & Format

DLF continues to see growth in our membership and each year I continue to wonder how I’m going to keep up with all of your questions while also holding to a level of service and quality you’ve all come to expect from me. I’ve been VERY happy with my level of accuracy but, for that to occur, I need your help. Each question can take up to 10 minutes for me to research as I research up to a dozen different variables and trends. I do everything I can to get my answers correct. For that reason, I need you to read the following rules and guidelines to help me maintain efficiency:

  • Please don’t ask me to set your entire lineup
  • Put “TNF” as the top line for any question involving Thursday Night Football games
  • Please also make sure to tell me who YOU would be starting if not for my advice. It helps me to understand your gut feeling(s).
  • Include your scoring format  (PPR, Non-PPR, etc.)
  • Keep your questions as brief as possible – Story questions add a lot of time
  • I prioritize questions involving the earliest (Thursday, etc.) games first. If I skip over your question, don’t worry, I’ll be back to it.
  • It’s easy to miss responses to my responses in thread. When in doubt, always post a separate new question

Lastly, I work very hard to get my advice correct and I do not mail it in. When I’m wrong, I feel every incorrect answer so, go easy on me! That said, the DLF community has been absolutely fantastic to work with which is why I’m still doing this after so many years.

Have a great week! Have an even better season!

jeff haverlack