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Rejoice Ohio sports betting fans, Ohio sports betting is live and you can place wagers in the state! Late in December of 2021, Ohio began the process of opening its doors to sportsbooks by legalizing sports betting when Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio, signed the sports betting bill into law.

Now it’s finally here! Sports bettors missed out on 2022 as sportsbooks were not granted approval for operation, but now they can place bets at their favorite sportsbooks. Sports betting in Ohio includes professional sports, college sports and many others that you can bet on via retail on-site sportsbooks as well as mobile and app-based sportsbooks.

The sports betting industry continues to get a boost from multiple states legalizing sports betting, with multiple others soon to follow. Ohio bill HB 29 designated January 1, 2023 as the first available date for Ohio to go live with sports betting and it happened.

Sports bettors began placing bets in the Buckeye State on their favorite teams including the Bengals, Browns, Ohio State, and all others from anywhere within the borders of Ohio. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top promo options available in Ohio including promo codes available, Ohio betting bonuses and bonus offers available to all Ohio bettors in this new betting market.

Ohio Sportsbook Promo Codes You Can Claim

Sports bettors have multiple opportunities to choose from and should search out the best sportsbook promotion which meets their desires. Offers go beyond a simple betting promotion to encompass other areas such as deposit matching, bet credit, and entry into other contests, all depending on the sportsbook.

The most popular promos new bettors seek from sportsbooks are offers of no-risk bonuses in addition to an immediate deposit match. These Ohio sportsbook promotions are expected to be as aggressive as any we’ve seen to date.

Sports in Ohio remain a strong draw to a large majority of residents due to multiple professional sports and college sports teams. As such, residents should expect to benefit from Ohio sports betting promo codes. Here are some of the top offers live in Ohio. Be sure to check back with the sportsbook throughout the year for new promotions and offers. Be sure to check the promo codes FAQ if questions remain.

bet365 Ohio Promo Code

Bet365 Promo Code
$1,000 First Bet Safety Net or Bet $5, Get $150

bet365 has a great welcome offer for new users as it brings its strong betting platform into states like Ohio. With this great sportsbook, you can score bonus bets, reach 24/7 customer support, place plenty of live bets, and more.

FanDuel Ohio Promo Code

FanDuel Promo Code – Bonus Bets
Bet $5 Moneyline, Get $150 if your team wins!

FanDuel is one of the pioneers of online sports betting and has garnered the trust of many active sports bettors. You can score great promotions at FanDuel throughout the year. The sportsbook has run promotions that include No Sweat First Bets, bonus bets, odds boosts, and more. Check out the latest offer to make sure you get the best value you can before placing a bet.

BetMGM Ohio Promo Code

BetMGM Promo Code
First Bet Offer up to $1,500

MGM is a premier name in betting and it’s no surprise they are one of the leaders in Ohio. They are now an official sports betting partner of the Cincinnati Reds and there could be more to come. New users in Ohio can get first bet insurance of up to $1,000 with BetMGM.

You can place your first bet up to $1,000 and, if it loses, you’ll receive site credit up to your initial wager. Also, the sportsbook will have an offer for NBA, NFL, and NHL bets. If you bet $10 you can win $200. Let’s say you bet on the Cavs, if it wins, you win $200.

DraftKings Ohio Promo Code

DraftKings – Bet $5, Get $150 + SGP No Sweat Bets
Bet $5 Get $150 + SGP No Sweat Bet

DraftKings was another pioneer of the new sports betting landscape, with even greater emphasis on DFS. If you are an Ohio bettor you can get bet bonuses and more throughout the year from the popular sportsbook. Be sure to jump on the latest offer so you don’t miss out and can cash in.

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio Promo Code

Caesars Promo Code
$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

Caesars is leading out in Ohio as a partner with the Cleveland Cavaliers and opened a retail sportsbook with a 3,000-square-foot sports lounge at Rocket Mortgage Field House. The sportsbook has great welcome bonuses that have included bonus bets, bet credits, bets on the house, rewards, and more. Take advantage of the latest offer right now! Also, Caesars has a tremendous VIP Rewards Program that will reward you for placing wagers with the sportsbook.

Sportsbooks in Ohio

Ohio has become the latest state to open up legal online sports betting giving sports betting enthusiasts the opportunity to find the best online sportsbooks to place their bets and download their favorite sportsbook app. With several licenses being made available, there are many options for sports bettors to choose from. Following are the top sportsbooks in Ohio:

Many other smaller players are certain to also gain licenses to Ohio due to this exciting new development. Smaller sportsbooks often have more lucrative welcome offers, deposit matches, or bonus bet options to take advantage of. While the Ohio casino control commission must approve all licenses and the primary providers have already gained licenses for legal sports betting, it doesn’t preclude new sportsbooks from entering the market. Below, we’ll take a look at the competing offers from those large sportsbooks already mentioned.

Types of Ohio Sportsbook Bonus

No-Risk Bonus

No-risk bonuses are exactly as they sound. Should the bet be lost, the bettor receives some form of credit back in return, which could be an additional bet or betting credit. There are limitations to no-risk bonuses which all bettors should understand, and those are defined by the individual sportsbook operators. In most cases, successful no-risk bonuses return only the winning bet amount and not the original stake. Other limitations may apply.

Deposit Bonus

A bonus on offer for, usually, a newly created account to a site for deposited money. The bonus amount is normally a percentage of your initial deposit – usually at a given % to the original deposit. Although the bonus is credited to your account, it is not normally money you can withdraw.

Deposit bonus funds are to be played and aren’t normally available for withdrawal until after a successful wager, but even then with stipulations. Each Sportsbook will specify a rollover (or playthrough) amount that is listed in the bonus terms and conditions of the bonus. This means that you’ll have to wager the total amount of the deposit and bonus a specified number of times before the bonus amount is actually available for withdrawal.

Reload Bonus

A majority of sites will do offer this bonus, some will offer it occasionally (usually around a large sporting event). The size of a reload bonus will be much smaller than a deposit bonus, usually limited to no more than 25%. The sites that offer a reload bonus do so with the desire of keeping customers engaged and playing on the site.

Odds Boost

Odds boost promos can take many forms but normally give the bettor the option of adding another leg to a bet to increase the odds and, thus, increase the amount of a successful bet. In some cases, the odds boost promo can be simply a promo to boost potential payout at no cost. In other options, odds boosts can not only work for the bettor, but also against them depending on the success, or lack of success, of the original bet. Be sure to read all the details of the odds boost offer.

Loyalty Bonus

Sports betting sites use these bonuses to retain their bettors. Usually, this involves the accrual of loyalty points that accumulate whenever a bet is place. When a loyalty point threshold is reached, you can redeem them for cash, bonus bets, or for any other type of bonus as a credit to your account.

Parlay Insurance

An insurance option on a parlay bet which protects the parlay bet should one of the legs of the parley push (tie).


A refer-a-friend bonus is exactly as it seems. Sites reward customers who refer new customers to the site. This reward can be in the form of a betting dollars bonus, play activation or combination of other rewards. The more you refer, the more you benefit.

Bet Match Bonus

Match play bonuses are unlike cash bonuses and offered to you on the basis of how the event is played. You can compare it to a coupon used just once. Bettors can qualify for it only after they have met the minimum rollover requirements. If you meet these requirements, the bonus is deposited into your account. The rollover requirements and the bonus amount vary from one online sportsbook to another.

High Roller Bonus

If you are a high roller with a large bankroll or who has a capacity to bet big, a sportsbook may offer a high roller bonus. This is usually a percentage of a deposited amount, helping to increase your bankroll. As an example, many sports betting sites offer a high roller bonus of 50% on large deposits of, perhaps, $1,000+.

Ohio Sports Betting Bonus Terms & Conditions


The rollover is an amount set by the sportsbook such that you must meet a specific bet amount before the bonus is realized and/or available. Many sportsbooks provide rollover bonuses to new depositors. Be sure to check the limits and stipulation of any and all bonuses, including rollovers.

Qualifying bet

Qualifying bets are bets made at an amount or on an event which qualifies for something in return, often times bonus bets or bonus amounts. Be sure to check the terms and limitations for any qualifying bet offers referenced. A bet that does not meet the expectations or limitations of the language will not be recognized by the sportsbook.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is exactly as it sounds, a minimum deposit required in order to obtain a certain bonus, benefit or other promotion. Be sure to check all terms and conditions before depositing to ensure you understand them.


Many offers, promos, bonuses, etc. possess expiration dates and thresholds in order to qualify for a particular benefit. Some benefits provided possess expiration dates. In these cases, certain qualifying activities or credit must be used prior to the expiration date or they will be lost.

League Options in Ohio Sports Betting Apps


The National Football league is the most popular sport in the United States and continues to gain in popularity. With games now played in international markets, the NFL is quickly gaining a following outside of U.S. borders as well, leading many to speculate that international teams will be added in the near future.


The National Basketball Association continues its ascent as yet another popular past time. Basketball is popular in many international markets as well with many teams competing favorably with the United States.


The Major League Baseball Association is one of the top-four sports in the United States and, like basketball, has a great following internationally as well with many international players finding their way into the MLB. With 162 games played during the regular season, there are extended opportunities for sports betting enthusiasts NHL The National Hockey League, while not as popular as the previously three mentioned sports, continues to enjoy a fervent following both domestically and internationally.

Other Sports Available

Following are just some of the additional popular sports available for sports betting enthusiasts.

  • Soccer
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Many others

Tips for Using the Best Ohio Sportsbook Promos

Research the Best Promos

Every sportsbook operator has their own style and strategy for providing offers to new and existing customers. The primary goal of the promo is to incent new users to sign-up, deposit and engage with the sportsbook and/or app.

But not all offers are created equal and not all sports bettors seek the same promos. Understanding all promo offers and selecting ones which match your individual desires makes for a more compelling entertainment experience! Don’t underestimate the power of taking advantage of multiple sportsbook offers in order to capitalize on a new state launch or offer in your area.

Ohio sports betting promos are currently very aggressive as sports betting operators seek to lure hungry bettors in the very competitive market. Whether live betting, futures betting or even betting on daily fantasy sports, research the best sports betting apps with the best promos to take advantage of deals which may not always be available.

Understanding the Different Sportsbook Promo Types

As a review, let’s revisit the differences of some of types of common promotion since many are similar. We’ve already covered many of these terms but let’s quickly touch upon some of them again:

  • Bonus money: Cash available for withdrawal. In most cases, bonus money is kept to very small amounts as sportsbooks don’t like to lose money or give away bonus money.
  • Bonus bets: A promotion offered to allow you the opportunity to make a bonus bet which doesn’t cost you anything but can still pay off and add to your bank roll.
  • No-risk bonus: A very popular promotion which is not always as great as it sounds. If you bet and win with the bonus bet, you often need to deposit a similar amount and win the bonus bet as well. Should you lose the bet, you are paid back in additional bonus bets, which need to be won to convert to real money. Lose and your no-risk bonuses disappear.
  • Deposit match: Exactly as it sounds though the money you are matched end up as bonus bet amounts. You must win the bets to convert them to real money.

How to Sign Up for Online Sports Betting and Place a Sports Bet in Ohio?

Betters may be wondering where and how to sign up for legal betting. Legal online sports betting or retail sports betting in Ohio first requires residency within its borders. Bettors may download a chosen mobile app, visit a web-based online sports book or visit any legal Ohio sports betting retail locations.

In-person registration is not necessary to be able to bet on sports. While there are no federal laws against using offshore sports betting apps users should use caution in selecting a provider. For online and mobile betting, personal registration and profile creation will be needed which will include sensitive personal data.

Online and retail sports betting is a regulated industry and requires specific identification. The sports betting industry as a whole will likely continue to be highly regulated into the future as sports gaming evolves. Once verified and registered, the user deposits funds to the created account. Some on-site retail sites may utilize sports betting kiosks.

It’s possible some providers may allow account creation prior to the sports betting launch in Ohio though that is uncertain at this time. Once your account is created and funded, you are ready to make your first bet at the sportsbooks launch!

Why Sign Up For Multiple Ohio Sportsbooks

  • Sportsbook Rules – Each sportsbook will have its own unique rules and user guidelines. Read all information and guidelines to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each sportsbook and be prepared to move on if one item does not meet your expectations or desires.
  • Best Lines – The operator of each sportsbook, be it retail or online, will have its own odds-makers, and lines may differ from book to book. Utilizing multiple sportsbooks or apps may return better odds which, in turn, can positively impact your bankroll.
  • Bet Offerings – Different sportsbooks may offer different betting options or formats. Prior to depositing money, get the lay of the land to ensure you understand the differences between the different available sports books. It may impact your experience in a big way.
  • Experience – Whether online or in a retail setting, the feel or experience of the location is paramount to your enjoyment. You should seek a user experience, online or physical, that meets your expectations and desires for your sports betting activities. Given the number of options available, there’s no reason to stick with an app, site, or location that doesn’t provide maximum entertainment and enjoyment.

Final Thoughts on the Ohio Betting Promos and your Sportsbook Account

Big dollars are flowing due to the approved and granted Ohio sports betting licenses. Whether from Caesars Ohio, BetMGM Ohio, FanDuel Ohio, DraftKings Ohio, or any of the providers, new sports bettors now have the ability to sift through a host of options and offers toward finding a sportsbook and app which best fits their needs.

Not all sportsbooks and offers are the same and it is one each bettor to understand the terms, risks and limitations attached to the sportsbook and their related service(s). Not all Ohio online sportsbook bonuses are created equal and each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Once again, it is on the individual to do the work and don’t expect each sportsbook to plainly point out the drawbacks.

While not a game of misinformation, it is a game of controlled vagueness. It’s your betting account and you are responsible for knowing the terms of use. While confident we are seeing some of the best Ohio sportsbook promo codes available, as pointed out in this article, it’s a fluid landscape and there will be many new offers to follow following the launch. Legal Ohio sports betting is finally upon us. Enjoy the games and please be responsible with your activities.

FAQs on Ohio Sportsbook Promo Codes

What are the best sports betting promo code in Ohio?

No single promo code can be considered the best. There’s a wide array of different promo codes available as sports betting is now live in Ohio in hopes of attracting new and varied sports bettors. Survey multiple sites and their promo codes to see which is the best fit for you. And there’s no limit to how many you can take advantage of but please game responsibly.

Will there be Ohio Betting promos at every site?

While there’s no guarantee every site will offer a promo code, given the competitive landscape, it’s fully expected new bettors will have promos available to incentivize deposits and play-through. Sports betting in Ohio is only just beginning and sportsbooks will remain aggressive in trying to register new users.

When is the best time to use a Ohio Sportsbook Promo Code?

There’s no bad time to take advantage of Ohio sportsbook promo codes available. Be aware of the time limits and play limits of all promo credits and dollars as some may expire. New promos should be expected, even if you already took advantage of early offers.

How often are Ohio Sportsbook Promo Codes updated?

There are no rules or limits as to how often promo codes are updated or refreshed. Now that sports betting is legal in Ohio, bettors should continually watch their favorite sites, apps, and retail locations for special promotions.

Do I have to be a new customer to use a betting site promotion in Ohio?

In some cases, the most aggressive promos are offered to new registered users but some of the top Ohio sportsbook operators will provide ongoing and regular promotions to existing customers as well.

Can I bet on any Sport with a Promo in Ohio?

Pay special attention to any limitations during sign-up for a specific promotion. Limitations can apply and will be varied based on each offer.

Is a Welcome Bonus and a bonus bet bonus the same thing?

Not in most circumstances. A welcome bonus is usually reserved for new registrants in the form of a deposit match or some other aggressive reward used to incent the user to sign up. A bonus bet bonus is often also provided but not specifically reserved for new users, although sometimes still provided in conjunction with a new sign up. $ 100 in bet credit or $ 200 in bet credit is not uncommon to incent new users to sign up or for existing users to make a new deposit.

Can you use promos on Ohio sports betting apps?

Some of the best sports betting promotions are used to incentivize new registrants to use a sportsbook’s betting app. Whether a user is considering the Caesars sportsbook app, BetMGM app, DraftKings or any of the others, the goal is to offer the promo to promote new sign-ups. So, yes, the expectation is that you will use a promo for use within one of the sports betting apps.

How can I tell if a Ohio sportsbook app is the real deal?

Users are right to be extremely cautious about any sports book apps to be downloaded. It is highly recommended that users stick to primary and well-known sportsbook providers to ensure the safety and confidentiality of sensitive information and deposited dollars. Those sportsbook operators provided in this article represent many of the top names when considering options.

How to download an Ohio Sports Betting App?

The primary sportsbook providers all offer apps available on Applie iOS and Google Android platforms. A user simply need only search for the desired app in the related store and download to being the process of installation and eventual registration.

How to sign up for an Ohio Sportsbook App?

First and foremost you must be at least 21 years of age and a resident of Ohio. The primary sportsbook providers all offer apps available on Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. A user simply need only search for the desired app in the related store and download to being the process of installation. Following that, you need only have a registered and accepted account to begin wagering.

Are Ohio sports betting sites safe?

Yes! The apps and venues provided for sports betting are trusted and used by millions of sports betting enthusiasts.

Can I use offshore Betting Apps in Ohio?

No federal laws currently prohibit the use of an offshore sportsbook in Ohio. That said, users should be extremely careful in selecting any offshore sportsbook due to potential security and/or regulatory issues present. Sportsbooks utilize your personal information and there’s no guarantee an offshore sportsbook will be as secure as a domestic one.

What are the sports bet bonuses in Ohio?

Sports bet bonuses differ between retail sites and apps. Be sure to check each in order to secure the best deal and promotions available.

How will an online Ohio sportsbook know my location?

Online sportsbooks use geolocation to determine your place of access to ensure you are within the borders of Ohio. If you are outside the borders of Ohio, you will not be able to place a bet unless the state you are currently in allows for legalized sports betting.

OH only. 21+. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

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