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Dynasty Trade Value Chart: August

We break down the latest values from our Dynasty Trade Analyzer.

Drake London

You probably know that a couple of years ago, DLF created our very own Dynasty Trade Analyzer. While there are many trade tools and calculators on the market available to dynasty managers, ours is the only one to integrate expert dynasty rankings, regularly updated community dynasty ADP and, perhaps most importantly, actual dynasty trades taking place in real dynasty leagues. We combine each of these data points to create a specific value for every dynasty-relevant player, which is updated daily.

What you might not know is that those values are available to each DLF subscriber. Hopefully you are using the Trade Analyzer to aid you in deciding about each and every dynasty deal you consider, but it can be easy to overlook an option at the top of that Trade Analyzer page.

While you’re pondering if now is the right time to buy Drake London take a look at the highlight in the image above. Inside, you’ll find “Values.” All of the values. Every numerical value for every player and draft choice you care about in a dynasty league, available in both 1QB and superflex league formats, updated every single day. I’ve had many dynasty managers and DLF subscribers tell me they did not know this was available, so I wanted to be sure we’re all on the same page before we continue.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s get to it. While our values change daily, those are almost always small shifts, based on ADP or rankings updates or a massive trade that went through in one of our tracked dynasty leagues. Of course, the real change is noticeable over a larger period of time. It is certainly interesting to track this value change over a period of weeks, months or even years. That’s what I’ll be doing for you in this new series. On to the values.

QB Trade Values

Rank Player Team Trade Value
QB1 Patrick Mahomes KC 607
QB2 Josh Allen BUF 536
QB3 Jalen Hurts PHI 535
QB4 Joe Burrow CIN 425
QB5 Justin Herbert LAC 378
QB6 Lamar Jackson BAL 358
QB7 Justin Fields CHI 298
QB8 Trevor Lawrence JAX 291
QB9 Deshaun Watson CLE 192
QB10 Anthony Richardson IND 186
QB11 Dak Prescott DAL 138
QB12 Kyler Murray ARI 131

  • The top tier of three quarterbacks have solidified themselves throughout the offseason. The major shift has been Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts gaining on and almost overtaking Josh Allen as the dynasty QB2. Both players have seen slight value dips since last month, according to our trade analyzer values, while QB1 Patrick Mahomes gained value, widening his gap as the top dynasty signal-caller in the game.
  • A training camp injury scare hasn’t impacted Joe Burrow’s value at all. The values show he is somewhat in a tier of his own with more than a 40-point gap between him and QB5 Justin Herbert. Burrow is still expected to be ready to start the regular season.
  • You might disagree with Lamar Jackson as a top-six quarterback but there is a narrow margin between the Ravens starter and Chargers' Justin Herbert. For now, consider the two interchangeable when it comes to dynasty value. Both players have seen their value boosted this offseason thanks to the addition of new offensive coordinators.

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Dynasty Trade Value Chart: August
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Chad Gorick
1 month ago

In my Superflex 10 team, I have Samaje. My 2023 rookie draft is done. The Javonte owner wants my Samaje, he has what will be an early 2024 2nd, 2 2024 thirds, a 2025 2nd.
Would the early 2024 2nd be fair or would I need to add my 2024 4th to my Samaje? Thanks!

Appreciative Reader
Reply to  Chad Gorick
28 days ago

Javonte is a hold for me at that price. Wouldn’t sell for less than a 1st. I’m blown away by his recovery of a devastating knee injury and still expect him to have a relatively down year. That said, I still view him as a potential dynasty RB1 going into ’24, so when that time comes around he’ll likely be worth much more than a 2nd, early or not. Being superflex does make it a much closer call, though.

Chad Gorick
Reply to  Appreciative Reader
28 days ago

Thanks for responding. I probably didn’t explain this well, but I was looking for a trade value for Samaje not Javonte. I was looking to trade my Samaje to him since he has Javonte. I wound up trading Samaje for a 2024 3rd and 2024 5th, feeling good about it. Thank again!

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