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Dynasty Twitter Observations: Josh Jacobs Sits, Skyy Moore Takes Off

We discuss some of the hot topics on Twitter this week.

Josh Jacobs

There was more proof that the 2023 season is closer this week as players began their holdouts and Hard Knocks selected a team to follow. The Twittersphere was also heating up with several topics that stuck out this week. See below for how they should affect your dynasty plans.

Rock of Jacobs

Josh Jacobs has been about as reliable as it comes for dynasty managers. He eclipsed at least 1,200 total yards in each of his first three seasons and averaged nine touchdowns per season in that span. For many, there were signs of decline that resulted in his dynasty value starting to dip. Of course, he bounced back in a big way in 2022, leading the league in rushing (by over 100 yards) and was named a First-Team All-Pro. His career ADP is a fun, roller coaster ride.

Jacobs’ timing couldn’t have been more perfect when it comes to his contract as he recorded his career year at the same time he was due for an extension. But if you’ve been on Twitter anytime in the last week, you’ve surely come across the RB contract discourse taking place. The team (any team) would rather not commit big money to a running back while the running back (rightly) believes they deserve a raise. Just how much of a raise leads to the impasse. In Jacobs’ case, the Raiders franchise tagged him for the upcoming season but, as with any NFL contract, it isn’t exactly binding, meaning Jacobs could simply not show up. It leaves the Raiders, and Jacobs’ dynasty managers, in limbo.

Dynasty Impact: While the odds of a Le’Veon Bell-type holdout that lasts all season are slim, it can’t be ruled out. Jacobs will do what he has to do to secure a contract. For his dynasty managers, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to seek out the Zamir White manager in your league and make an offer. Using the DLF Trade Finder, White is still being considered a throw-in on larger deals. And looking at the DLF Trade Analyzer, White is currently being valued as a fourth-round rookie pick. Not only would I do that if I’m a Jacobs manager, I would do it if I wasn’t as I’d rather have White, a backup who could be elevated to starter soon, than a fourth-round rookie pick that might not even make the team.

Back to Jacobs: unfortunately, we’re in a wait-and-see mode. If you have him, you can explore trading him now but the market won’t be there for a player who may not see the field. And even if he did, he’ll be entering his fifth season and the chances are small that he’ll be able to keep his dynasty value.

Skyy is the Limit

Few players have had more hype recently than Skyy Moore. Besides the fact that he’s already paired with the great quarterback of this generation (maybe all-time) and his second-round draft capital, the tweet above illustrates the massive opportunity awaiting him. It would be a welcome sight for those that drafted Moore in the first round of rookie drafts last year expecting an immediate impact. Instead, Moore caught just 22 passes for 250 yards and no touchdowns. He famously scored his first touchdown in the Super Bowl but could be interpreted as salt in the wound for his dynasty managers. Those hard feelings are gone now as Moore’s ADP is steadily climbing.

Dynasty Impact: While Moore is trending upwards, his current dynasty value is still reasonable. According to our DLF Trade Analyzer, he is about the same price as a second-round rookie pick. The trades in the DLF Trade Finder confirm that.

The tweet above shows the slot role wide open after JuJu Smith-Schuster’s departure. Couple that with Mecole Hardman heading to the Jets and there are 135 targets unaccounted for on the Chiefs offense. If you can get Moore for a second-round rookie pick, whether it’s for this year’s draft or next, you should pull the trigger. Moore will be in a better situation than any player available then and has a year of experience under his belt.

Tap the brakes

Jordan Addison has not gotten off to the best start for his NFL career. He was taken in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft despite disappointing (relatively) at the Scouting Combine; then he continued to miss all on-field activities with an undisclosed injury; now this traffic incident that, thankfully, wasn’t worse. These developments would be okay by themselves but they’re starting to pile up and giving rookie drafters reason to assign a red flag to Addison. He still has first-round draft capital and isn’t being thrown to the wolves on a Minnesota offense that has Justin Jefferson to take the pressure off. But it would be nice to see Addison on the field and not make news off of it.

Dynasty Impact: The seriousness of these headlines – on and off the field – for dynasty managers is really in the eye of the beholder. For some, none of them are so bad that it would change his current rookie draft stock. Using the DLF Rookie App, Addison is typically the fourth or fifth player taken.

For others, other rookie receivers are just as good without the headlines whether it’s Quentin Johnston or Zay Flowers, both of whom are going in or around where Addison has been drafted. Case in point, the DLF Trade Finder on Addison is all over the place. From being traded for a future first to being traded for two late-round rookie picks, no offer is unreasonable if you’re looking to move him.

Dynasty Twitter Observations: Josh Jacobs Sits, Skyy Moore Takes Off
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