Dynasty Trade Value Chart: January

Ryan McDowell

You probably know that a couple of years ago, DLF created our very own Dynasty Trade Analyzer. While there are many trade tools and calculators on the market available to dynasty managers, ours is the only one to integrate expert dynasty rankings, regularly updated community dynasty ADP and, perhaps most importantly, actual dynasty trades taking place in real dynasty leagues. We combine each of these data points to create a specific value for every dynasty-relevant player, which is updated daily.

What you might not know is that those values are available to each DLF subscriber. Hopefully you are using the Trade Analyzer to aid you in deciding about each and every dynasty deal you consider, but it can be easy to overlook an option at the top of that Trade Analyzer page.

While you’re pondering if now is the right time to buy Kyle Pitts take a look at the red box in the image above. Inside, you’ll find “Values.” All of the values. Every numerical value for every player and draft choice you care about in a dynasty league, available in both 1QB and superflex league formats, updated every single day. I’ve had many dynasty managers and DLF subscribers tell me they did not know this was available, so I wanted to be sure we’re all on the same page before we continue.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s get to it. While our values change daily, those are almost always small shifts, based on ADP or rankings updates or a massive trade that went through in one of our tracked dynasty leagues. Of course, the real change is noticeable over a larger period of time. It is certainly interesting to track this value change over a period of weeks, months, or even years. That’s what I’ll be doing for you in this monthly series. On to the values.


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Dynasty Trade Value Chart: January