Ladies of the Game: Liz Loza and Jennifer Smith

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I was able to sneak a bit of time from Liz Loza of Yahoo Fantasy, and Jennifer Smith of The Fantasy Authority for another look at two “Ladies of the Game.”

Jennifer shares that she is new to the dynasty format and seems to enjoy it.  She is intrigued by the differences the format provides and admits she finds it challenging.  There are many in the profession that only play dynasty and have given up on all other types of leagues.  Will Jennifer become one of those as her interest grows?

Liz has a great story about how she first became interested in fantasy football.   She has been interested in our “little hobby” for quite some time.  I wont give away any of the details.  You can hear it from here first hand.  Let’s begin with Liz’s story.

Liz Loza

Twitter:  @LizLoza_FF

Writer: Yahoo Fantasy and Football Diehards

Podcast: X’s and Y’s: A his and Hers Guide to Fantasy Football

When did you notice you were interested in playing fantasy football and how did you begin?

My grandfather raised me an ardent Chicago sports fan. When he unexpectedly passed away during football season, I began watching every game as a way to grieve. Over time I started to learn all of the players names/skill sets and became, not just a Bears fan, but a football fan.

A few years later I started dating a guy who was in this thing called a fantasy football league. He was cute and all, but what I liked most about him was that he had the NFL ticket. We’d spend all day Sunday at his apartment watching the games and eating junk food. It was heaven.

During this period, he realized the depths of my pigskin savvy and began asking me for fantasy advice. Long story short, I co-managed his roster all the way to a Super Bowl victory. The next year there was an opening in his league. I accepted the spot, and soon thereafter, his hand in marriage.

After winning back-to-back championships over the next three seasons, I started a blog of my own called I wanted to reach out to fellow fantasy diehards, share my passion for the game, and learn from others in the space. The site took off and the response was overwhelming. I was thrilled and excited to expand. So, I began writing for various outlets, started a podcast (X’s and Y’s: A His and Hers Guide to Fantasy Football), and opened a Twitter account. The rest is, as they say, herstory.

What type of leagues do you currently play in?

I dig a variety – Redraft, dynasty, bestball and daily. It’s all fun to me.

What is your common team name?

I like to shake it up, so I have several. My favorites this season are: Goffballs, Take me Hoyer, and Soldier for Ditka.

What is the one league you play in with the most unique name?

Does the Fishbowl count? #SFB480

Tell us about your most challenging league.

New for me this year is an NFFC Primetime team. My buddy, James Roday, got me into it. We’re managing a squad together. The competition level in that league is as intense as it is inspiring.

Longest league you have played in and for how many years?

My first home league, the one that started this whole beautiful experience, which I referenced earlier. It’s called Evertrue. While I was the first woman to join, I’m pleased to share that another #bossbabe joined me at least five years ago (Team name: “Baltimore Heroine”). And the best part is, she’s good (this season she has a 7-3 record and is currently in third place)!

This league was started in 2005. I’ve been an official member since 2006. It’s a 12-team standard scoring redraft league. Some may call it old school, but I like to say we’re vintage.

Do you write for any websites? 

I work full-time for Yahoo Fantasy. I also contribute to Football Diehards during draft season.

Details Please!  Liz shares highlights of her 2016 Season

Name of League: Total Noobs (reigning champ)

Type of league: 12-team redraft, tenth season running

Current Record: 9-1

Playoff Bound? I better be- currently in first place!

QB1: Matthew Stafford

RB1: David Johnson

WR1: Jordy Nelson

TE1: Gary Barnidge

Name of League: Stopa Law Firm ($10K prize)

Type of league: Seasonal. Auction draft ($200 budget).

Current Record: 6-4

Playoff Bound? Yes (currently in second place)

QB1: Drew Brees ($30)

RB1: Melvin Gordon ($19)

WR1: Jordy Nelson ($25), Larry Fitzgerald ($10)

TE1: Julius Thomas (acquired via trade)

Name of League: TFFG Official Dynasty League

Type of league: Dynasty. 14-team.

Current Record: 5-5

Playoff Bound? On the bubble

QB1: In theory, Russell Wilson. But I also have Dak Prescott. Had I started slotting the rookie in sooner, my playoff berth would be more definitive.

RB1: Lamar Miller

WR1: T.Y. Hilton (but I’m STACKED at the position. Need to do some shopping.)

TE1: Tyler Eifert

Thank you Liz for sharing your fantasy experience with DLF. 

Jennifer Smith

Twitter: @FF_female920

Senior Writer:

When did you notice you were interested in playing fantasy football and how did you begin?

I’ve always loved football, but didn’t keep up with many teams outside of the Steelers. About six years ago, my good friend asked if I was interested in taking an open spot in his fantasy football league. I played in just one league that year and, the rest, my friends, is history.

What type of leagues do you currently play in?

I play daily and redraft.  I and am dabbling in dynasty this year as well (two teams).

What is your common team name?

Mostly boring ones like FF_Female920 (twitter handle) and “Smith’s Studs”.  Have one fun one this season — “Green with Envy” (love me some AJ Green).

What is the one league you play in with the most unique name?

The Blitzed Brigade” is a pretty fun name for one of my new leagues.

Tell us about your most challenging league.

My most challenging leagues have been the dynasty leagues, as I’m learning and am not used to the rules, thin waiver wire, and trading that goes on often. My most challenging redraft league is our “TheFantasyAuthority Standard Listener” league. My initial roster is a who’s who of injuries and underperformers. I’m not kidding. I’m 3-7 because I drafted: DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Jeremy Hill, Eric Decker, Arian Foster, Thomas Rawls, and Kevin White. Safe to say, I’m not making the playoffs in that one.

Longest league you have played in and for how many years?

I’ve been playing in the initial one I mentioned since I first started, so about six years.

Do you write for any websites?

I am a senior writer for and also appear on the podcast during the fantasy football season.

Details Please!  Jen shares highlights of her 2016 season

Type of league:  Redraft

Current Record:  6-4 (second place)

Total Points: 1169.58

Playoff Bound? Hoping so, but need more wins.

QB1: Matt Ryan

RB1: Melvin Gordon

WR1: Julio Jones/Mike Evans

TE1: I’m a streamer usually–right now Lance Kendricks

Name of League: Superfans

Type of league: Redraft

Current Record: 7-3 (3rd)

Total Points: 1087.04

Playoff Bound? Hope so. Currently in a pretty solid spot.

QB1: Big Ben (Philip Rivers helped me a bunch early in season)

RB1: Spencer Ware

WR1: Mike Evans

TE1: Cameron Brate

Name of League: Blitzed Brigade

Type of league: Redraft

Current Record: 5-5

Total Points: 1335.96

Playoff Bound: Have to win every week to maybe make it

QB1: Marcus Mariota

RB1: Marvin Gordon

WR1: Jordy Nelson

TE1: Kyle Rudolph

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your fantasy experience with DLF. 

I have enjoyed working on this series with all the ladies who have a vested interest in fantasy football.  I will offer final feedback on how their seasons ended after the 2016 season.  I wish them luck in their playoffs.  Hopefully, each season brings a stronger female interest than the previous year and we begin to see more and more female leagues.