Lineup Advice: Week 15

Jeff Haverlack

bortlesTo our knowledge, DLF is the only fantasy site that answers your specific lineup questions all seventeen weeks of the NFL regular season and into the post season as well.  It’s just another point of dedication that we offer our valued premium subscribers.

If you’d like a second opinion on your lineup for the week, simply comment to this post with your question. We’ll answer every single lineup question submitted in a timely fashion as an exclusive service only for our Premium subscribers.

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Before submitting a question, please take note of the following items which will help us help you:

1) Our goal is to aid in your decision making, not manage your roster.  Please don’t post each position from EVERY one of your teams.  The fewer the questions, the more thorough our research can be.

2) Scoring System – Let us know if your league is PPR, non-PPR or if there are any unusual scoring rules that would affect our advice.

3) We always like to see what YOU are thinking on your question(s) first. On those “toss-up” or “coin-flip” plays, as we call them, knowing which way you are leaning helps us.

4) Go easy on us! We strongly encourage each coach to make their own decision(s) but we’re here to help as much as possible. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and research, but our crystal balls aren’t perfect.

5) Lastly, if you wait until game day to ask your question, we may not get to you. Be sure to register your question as early as possible.

6) If you respond to one of our comments, it’s usually best to do so as a brand new comment so it’s sure to be seen! Responses can get lost or missed in the large string.

Good luck this season!

Let’s get to it!


jeff haverlack