The DLF Dynasty Podcast

Tim Stafford


Jarrett Behar and Tim Stafford are joined by the author of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and columnist for Football, Matt Waldman. Together, they bring you up to date on the most important dynasty fantasy football information and give you the answers you need to dominate your dynasty and keeper fantasy football leagues. The show features all the following:

  • Injury Updates
  • Takeaways from the first week of the preseason
  • How to evaluate the preseason action
  • A whirlwind of player news
  • And much, much more

If you like what you hear, have any questions for the hosts, or just want to chime in with your opinions on the topics they discuss, feel free to post below or reach out to our regular hosts Jarrett Behar on Twitter @EyeOfTheGator or Tim Stafford at @dynastytim. Make sure you follow @MattWaldman as well.

You can download the show from here on BlogTalkRadio, or from iTunes once it becomes available.