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The Dynasty Aftermath: Week Six

Welcome to DLF’s Dynasty Aftermath. This Tuesday staple has long been one of our signature pieces as we have a little fun after a tough week at the Dynasty League Football office. You’ll find this article will review the week’s happenings in a variety of ways and help set you up for the coming weeks as we spin around the league in the way we know best.

After six weeks, the contenders are starting to set themselves apart from the pretenders in both reality and fantasy.

Let’s take our weekly spin around the league!

Week Six Fantasy MVP

Welcome back Aaron Rodgers!  Are you kidding me?  338 yards passing and six touchdowns?  ‘Nuff said.

Week Six Fantasy LVP

Six rushing attempts for six yards and a single reception for 11 yards isn’t going to get it done Mr. Mendenhall.  It’s not that we were expecting a second nice performance on his way back from injury, but after being teased with a notable week five stat line vs. the Eagles in his first start of the season, we were hoping for something more.  The Steelers have a relatively easy schedule over the remainder of the season, but it’s hard to forecast just how productive he’ll be.  It’s not as though Pittsburgh has many other options outside of the underwhelming Isaac Redman and mediocre Jonathan Dwyer so he’s likely to command a lion’s share of the carries.  I don’t see more than RB3 production going forward.

Lineup Fun

The virtually unbeatable lineup of the week…

QB Aaron Rodgers GB = 368 passing yards, six touchdowns
RB Shonn Greene NYJ = 161 rushing yards, three touchdowns
RB Ray Rice BAL = 106 total yards, two touchdowns
RB C.J. Spiller BUF = 110 total yards, one touchdown
WR Jordy Nelson GB = 9 receptions, 121 yards, three touchdowns
WR Dez Bryant DAL = 13 receptions, 95 yards, two touchdowns
WR A.J. Green CIN = 7 receptions, 135 yards, two touchdowns
TE  Kyle Rudolph MIN = 6 receptions, 56 yards, one touchdown

The dominant underdog lineup of the week…

QB Russell Wilson SEA = 293 passing yards, three touchdowns
RB Shonn Greene NYJ 
= 161 rushing yards, three touchdowns
RB Felix Jones DAL = 105 total yards, one reception, one touchdown
RB Cedric Peerman CIN = 83 total yards, 8 receptions, one touchdown
WR Denarius Moore OAK 
= 5 receptions, 104 yards, one touchdown
WR Mike Williams TB
= 4 receptions, 113 yards, one touchdown
WR Josh Gordon CLE
 = 3 receptions, 99 yards, one touchdown
TE Tom Crabtree GB = 2 receptions, 62 yards, one touchdown

The unexpectedly horrible lineup of the week…

QB Alex Smith SF = 200 passing yards, 3 interceptions, no touchdowns
RB Stevan Ridley NE = 34 rushing yards, one reception, no touchdowns
RB Jamal Charles KC = 47 total yards, two receptions, no touchdowns
RB Marshawn Lynch SEA = 52 total yards, one reception, no  touchdowns
WR Dwayne Bowe KC = 3 receptions, 21 yards, no touchdowns
WR Miles Austin DAL = 2 receptions, 31 yards, no touchdowns
WR Antonio Brown PIT = 3 receptions, 20 yards, no touchdowns
TE Vernon Davis SF = 3 receptions, 37 yards, no touchdowns

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I’m counting on Ray Lewis to anchor your defense ever again.  It’s been a great run Ray, I’m going to miss you!  A player of your caliber shouldn’t go out like that.  There’s every chance he returns but he has nothing left to prove.

Philip Rivers is my QB1 and I expect to win the championship.  The loss of Vincent Jackson has been huge for the Bolts and Antonio Gates is no longer dynamic enough to put the team on his shoulders.  Robert Meachem is pedestrian and Maclolm Floyd is best across from an elite receiving threat.  They’re now a team of secondary weapons.  I’ve grown to respect Rivers as he’s aged, but he needs a lot more help.

DeMarco Murray is my RB1.  Murray was my bust pick of 2012 because for all of his talent, he’s a “paper tiger”.  So far, it seems that call has been dead-on and Murray owners have been left holding the bag.  He was also my “sell high” candidate for the same reason.  This tiger can’t change his stripes.

I have ANY idea what Chris Johnson will do over the remainder of the season.  Heck, he may not even be a Titan when the trade curtain is lowered.  He turned in a nice week six performance with 114 total yards against a better-than-average Pittsburgh defense and the Bills are up next.  All indications are that CJ2k should return to form.  But experience tells us he’ll rush for less than 60.  In this case, perhaps it’s better to be pessimistic and surprised rather than optimistic and disappointed.  He’ll be in my lineup … God help me.

I now believe Shonn Greene is a capable RB1, RB2 or even RB3 running back.  Okay, perhaps that’s a bit harsh.  Greene can start regularly as a RB3 in a non-PPR league but I just can’t see him as more than that.  Seriously though, nice job against the Colts Shonn.  I didn’t know he possessed the burst he showed last Sunday.

I sold low on Peyton Manning.  It really appears that Manning finally has the chemistry with his receivers.  I expected that process would take four to five weeks and in week six, his talent (and the chemistry) was on full display vs. the Chargers.  Something tells me he’s going to be fun to watch from this point forward.

I’m still holding out hope for Greg Little.  He’s terrible and I honestly don’t believe he’s going to get better.  And this coming from someone who believes in a receiver’s ability to develop with age and experience, especially when they start young.  He’s not displaying his speed nor any ability to run a progressive route tree, he can’t catch and I’m not seeing any raw fundamental ability that shows me promise for the future.  He still has to be rostered but he’s beginning to get the Michael Jenkins label in my book.

I’m a Chiefs fan.  Ugh.  Is there any greater given in next year’s draft than K.C. taking a quarterback with a high pick?

I own Jermichael Finley and believe this is just a bad stretch that he’s in.  I’m a Finley owner in multiple leagues and have heard enough about his field stretching talent and being an impossible match-up vs. linebackers.  You know what they call a tight end that can’t catch?  An in-line blocker.  And a tight end that can’t catch and isn’t a great in-line blocker is  …. a waste of money.  Seriously, a seal with a lame flipper has a better chance of catching the ball  … and is far more entertaining at that.

I own Greg Jennings.  The air from his value balloon is escaping faster than Kevin Kolb from the pocket.  Would you believe that Tom Crabtree has more receiving yards (111) than Jennings (78)?  That same lame seal from above has 84 yards receiving.

I passed on the chance to take Robert Griffin III in my rookie draft.  Yes, it’s still too early to call Griffin a fantasy stud.  But through week six, that’s exactly what he’s been.   Furthermore, while others were reaching for Justin Blackmon, David Wilson or, arguably, even Doug Martin, you realized that there is little replacement for a stud-caliber quarterback with twelve plus years ahead of him.  Sure, he’s a running quarterback in a league that punishes running quarterbacks, but RGIII is a different cat altogether.  He’s going to be special.


Jeff Haverlack
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9 years ago

Interesting stance on Murray. I’d almost argue the exact opposite. Tough schedule early has held him down some, but he just showed in half 1 on Sunday what he can do. Not sure how long he is going to be out, but I’d argue really strongly he is a buy low and not a sell high. Who is a back you would rather have than Murray outside of the obvious 4? He may have some question marks surrounding him, but I just don’t see many better options.

Josh Gans
Reply to  reddaddy32
9 years ago

Obvious 3 (McCoy, Foster, Rice)
Assuming obvious #4 (Trent)

Others I’d want ahead of DeMarco:


Others to consider:

Note..I dont know how many *I* would necessarily want of those, but I believe all of those hold an equal if not higher value if nothing else (except perhaps the bottom 3).

Chris R.
Reply to  Josh Gans
9 years ago

I don’t think that’s a huge knock on Murray putting him behind guys you just listed, and that’s just BARELY making him miss RB1 territory. Guys like Charles and Mathews are studs, same with DMC and Peterson. Proven studs too. Ranking a RB behind them is no slight.

I think it’s way too early to be throwing him away as trash. If that’s the case consider me a buyer in every league I’m in.

Reply to  Josh Gans
9 years ago

I’d rather have murray than sproles and mjd, but u made ur point.

Reply to  MarkFF
9 years ago

i’d take MJD above everyone on that list after the top 3.

9 years ago


In a keeper league, if you had Brady & RGIII, would you trade Brady for Stafford and a 2013 #1 pick?

Reply to  Ernie
9 years ago

I’d do it

Reply to  Ernie
9 years ago

What’s the benefit? You have your QB of the future in RG3 and are downgrading your current QB situation to take on a lottery ticket in the form of a first round pick. Barring some specific rule in your league making draft picks extra valuable or limiting years of experience you can retain, I’d need more than proposed to trade away Brady.

Ken Dogson
9 years ago

Unbeatable lineup really needed just four players:

Aaron Rodgers, Shonn Greene, AJ Green, and Jordy Nelson – 14 TDs and around 1000 total yards.


Cyrus Miller
9 years ago

“Seriously, a seal with a lame flipper has a better chance of catching the ball … and is far more entertaining at that.”

Really enjoyed that line.

9 years ago

You’re saying Peyton Manning “finally has chemistry”? The guy has been great all year long. He’s the third scoring QB in my league only trailing Brees and Rodgers. He’s had 300 yards and at least 2 TDs for the last month.

Ken Dogson
9 years ago

Does Kevin Smith have any Dynasty value?

I own him in a 12 team/28 man roster league. PPR, TM.

He was inactive last week and hasn’t touched the ball in a long time, with Leshoure the main RB and Bell the back up/3rd down back. I was assuming he’d be released if Best came back, but Best looks done, and the Lions probably need Smith as depth.

He’s on a one year deal with the Lions. I believe his yards per carry was above 4.0 and he had some catches out of the backfield.

Does he catch on somewhere next year? Or am I holding onto a bid roster nada?

I can add Chris Givens or Leonard Hankerson right now if I drop him. I must start two RBs and have the option via flex of starting up to 5. I also own Leshoure, J. Bell, Reggie Bush, Fred Jackson, William Powell, and Alfred Morris.

Reply to  Ken Dogson
9 years ago

KSmith would be hard to drop after seeing how productive he was in the first two weeks, but I think he is one of those annoying roster cloggers right now. I would prefer to have Chris Givens right now, especially if you need WR help.

Wesley Wood
9 years ago

I took over a dynasty league this year and while I have done my best to turn the team around, I cannot seem to acquire a 2nd RB worth starting every week. PPR league btw.
My RB’s are Forte, The Law Firm, Lamar Miller, Ronnie Brown, and Lamichael James.
This is a super deep league with 35 bench spots, so anyone with slight value has been gobbled up. Here is my team.
QB- Cam Newton, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB- Matt Forte. Law Firm, Lamar Miller, Ronnie Brown, Lamichael James
WR- Wes Welker, Malcolm Floyd, Vincent Jackson, Nate Washington, Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Stokley, Greg Little
TE- Kyle Rudolph, Jason Witten, Martellus Bennett, Heath Miller
K- Alex Henery, Shayne Graham

I also have two 1st rounders, three 3 rounders, and a 4th rounder for next years draft.

What should I do to obtain a 2nd rb to replace The Law Firm?

Wesley Wood
Reply to  Wesley Wood
9 years ago

Oh btw I didn’t name every single player I have due to the rest of them being worth little value.

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