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Why DLF?

Depending on which number you trust, between 30 and 45 million people play fantasy football every year.

If you use the Internet as your primary source of fantasy football information, you also know there are seemingly just as many fantasy football related sites as well.  In all seriousness, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of sites dedicated to the dissemination of fantasy football information, articles, strategies, utilities and formats along with their attached community forums.  Every site in some form or another is seeking to accomplish the same goal, to become a trusted source of information and community interaction. Accomplishing that, however, is no easy task.

We here at DLF have a commitment and a vision we are passionate about.  So passionate in fact, that we want to take every opportunity to share that vision.  We hope that you already see it in every article, every post and in every community member that participates in our forums.  But that isn’t good enough for us.  It’s important to us that we directly share our vision with you now and again and answer that single question each visitor to any site must ask themselves:

Is this a community that adds value to my life and do I want to keep coming back?

We, of course, hope the answer is “yes.”  However, we also understand there are plenty of sites vying for your attention.  Allow us to share why DLF exists and why we are doing what we are doing.

First and foremost, the DLF team is seeking to assemble the greatest community of active, die-hard, fantasy football fans on the planet.  Our community is everything to us, and we don’t care about your level of experience.  What we do care about is our belief that an engaged and active community member is a member who will be more informed, more knowledgeable and more successful.  The simple act of engaging in ongoing topics and discussions WILL make you a more informed and successful coach.  That same action also adds tremendous value back to the community from which others will derive knowledge and value.  If you’re reading this, you’re passionate about this game and YOU are the coach that we want to be in OUR community.

While DLF will put our experience and knowledge up against anyone in the redraft format, we are absolutely dedicated to the dynasty and keeper formats.  Redraft leagues are fun, there’s no doubt about that.  And the keeper format is a great step towards the ultimate challenge of a true dynasty league, and our dynasty focus can definitely help in those keeper leagues.  However, die-hard fantasy coaches know there exists no greater challenge and enjoyment than our beloved dynasty leagues.  Quite honestly, a passionate fantasy football coach WILL find his/her way to the dynasty format sooner or later.  Once that happens, very few will return solely to redraft.

No other site can claim the level of passion and ongoing commitment to the dynasty format as DLF can.  Many sites have aforum topic, a collection of articles or perhaps an individual dedicated to dynasty, but we live and breathe the dynasty format every day, of every week, of every year.  We know that the coaches in our community think the same way and want a sitethat is aligned with that level of passion.

At DLF, there truly is no off-season.  While the regular season lasts less than four months, the dynasty season never ends.  When other sites are winding down after producing a few months of content, DLF is just ramping up ours to help you prepare for the draft, free agency, camps and next season.  We like to think we’re your bridge between the NFL regular seasons.  That here you have a home to talk football and improve your team, 365 days a year.

DLF is committed to finding the best fantasy writers in the game.  Our writers are as passionate and strategic as we are and write to help you achieve a greater degree of success in your leagues.  While anyone can produce a fantasy article, it takes a special type of writer to author a piece that is well-researched, well-written, insightful and impactful.  DLF has very high standards and expectations for the content that we allow on the site.  If the passion of the format or the game isn’t obvious in the writer, then they probably wouldn’t be a good fit for DLF.  Under no circumstances will DLF allow sub-par content to exist as filler.  There’s no “pink slime” here at DLF. We’d simply rather have nothing posted instead of useless content that wastes your valuable time.

When the three owners started DLF back in 2006, we did so for a single reason.  We  believed the dynasty format of fantasy football needed to be better represented on the Internet.  We were the first site dedicated exclusively to the dynasty format.  Nobody has done this longer and nobody is more dedicated to championing this.  Our commitment is to the continued creation of a community that is just as passionate as we are.

We want YOU to believe in that same commitment and vision, and be a part of this community.  This isn’t about signing up for our premium service.  We have no expectations in that area.  Subscribe or don’t, as you see fit.  What we really care most about is helping you to achieve success in your leagues!   Becoming an active and engaged member within the DLF forums is a sure step in that direction.

Sign up on our forum now, you will not regret it!  Call us home and add back to the community by sharing your knowledge and engaging in discussions.  DLF wouldn’t exist if not for all of you and it is for all of you that we’re all here doing what we’re doing.

If you are already an active member of the DLF community, we encourage you to share your testimonial below.  Let others know about the difference the DLF community has made in your game.  If you have questions or suggestions for us, please take the time to share them below as well.

In closing, please know that all of us here at DLF are extremely grateful to every one of you that call us home.   Without each and every one of you, DLF would not be what it is today.

Passion, commitment and the best damn fantasy community on the planet!  Here’s to a great 2012 – bring on the draft!

Jeff Haverlack
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BB Wayne
10 years ago

30 to 40 million fantasy football players?!?

Sounds like a huge opportunity to convert them to to the Dynasty League format

Keep up the great work.

10 years ago

Dynasty is a hobby and a passion that I want to share. And it’s terrific that DLF has given me that outlet – first as an engaged member of the forums and now as a staff writer. As Jeff said above there are plenty of other fantasy outlets but I choose to write for DLF for one reason: community. The mere experience of participating in a discourse with other passionate players has made me a better player (and a better analyst). What draws me back to DLF every day is knowing that my on-line friends are posting their thoughts, questions, opinions. That’s much more important to me than a witty article on a mega-site that is 80% entertainment and 20% fantasy knowledge.

Since joining as a staff writer, the partners have added more co-workers for me. And they are good – really good. When I sit down to write an article (be it the weekly mailbag or a strategy piece) I know the bar is high. It’s set that way by the other writers who do so by example. It’s not just my reputation that’s on the line; it’s the whole DLF crew. That is a trust I take seriously.

10 years ago

This is the only fantasy football site I come to and it is by far the best.

Reply to  Jim
10 years ago

one question, how would you know?

Kerry Smith
10 years ago

I go to a number of sites but look forward to the forum here. I’m going to bypass the obvious benefit of vast knowledge shared here. My biggest point is that the site is shared by mature adults who act like mature adults. I cannot overemphasize how much this plays into the time I am here. It’s a wonderful site.

Jordan Stallard
10 years ago

For dynasty, I’m active and get all my info from DLF and Dynasty Rogues. I’m more than happy to throw my paid subscription money at both of you guys. I’m stoked that you guys fired up the premium content, I’ll keep renewing.

For redraft as well as weekly “who do I start” cheatsheets, I love fantasy index. Little pricey, but those PDFs are great. My offer member league mates have been splitting a fantasy index subscription since 2005. I don’t go on their website for content, nor do I post in their message board, but the PDF sheets that they email give us enough value.

$100 per year given to 3 sites is a super small investment that covers all my needs.

Keep it up!

10 years ago

I’m on this site every day, several times per day. The content is great, the forums are fantastic, and it is easily the best site online for dynasty content. Keep up the great work!

Reply to  Scott
10 years ago

14.99 is actually a small amount to pay, for so much high-quality, helpful content. I built my own website, and it costs a LOT to construct and maintain. I value the content on this site highly, and I’m happy to contribute my annual fee for it. I’d rather pay a small fee, and keep this site going, then not have it around. I hope others will do the same.

10 years ago

I accidentally found this site like 2 months ago it has been the best find. Great articles with tons of information, insightful perspectives from each individual writer.

10 years ago

When we started playing dynasty in 1988 there was really nothing at all to refer to. A couple of years into the league, it was all about Fantasy Football Index and Pro Football Weekly, neither of which was keeper/dynasty oriented. As the internet took hold, there were various sites that had their toe in the water when it came to dynasty, but coverage was scant to say the least. FantasyGuru was pretty good and there were enough other sites to piece it all together, but when it comes to dynasty fantasy football, DLF is so dominant and fantastic, I wrestle with whether to tell my fellow OPFL owners about it or to keep it a very important secret.

You guys are to be commended for this spectacular site, and for all your good work. I am a very discriminating customer who has followed this stuff way too closely for 25 years now, and this is easily the greatest dynasty website of all time. Nothing else even comes close. I am very happy to have stumbled across you, and I wish you the best of luck going forward.

10 years ago

You guys are great. I have been involved with a dynasty format for 15 yrs. no one else does it this good. As an athletic trainer and physical therapist, the only critique I would have is that I would like to see more injury analysis type of information.

Keith Fortier
10 years ago

I found this site 3 months ago and I’ve learned more about managing a successful dynasty roster since then than I have in the 4 years prior. You get so caught up in your own little world where redraft values and your leaguemates hugely biased opinions on player values are your only reference.

The quality analysis here at DLF is unmatched, anywhere. I’m amazed at the frequency of content that’s released as well. It’s my morning newspaper! I dont know how they do it honestly. So when the opportunity came to donate to keep this site going i was thrilled. The fact we get premium access and an additional level of benefit from donating is just a bonus (and no small bonus i might add!).

As for the forums. I’ve received invaluable advice on strategy, player values and managing my team. I find there seems to be a collective mindset that forms in any forum, and as easy as it is for ff’ers to succomb to those tendancies, for the most part you will get a great variety of unique opinionated responses to help you gain a better perspective. It’s easy for forum communities to get out of hand and filled with negativity, but either it’s moderated extremely well or the people attracted to DLF are of a higher ilk, it’s a pleasure to come in and share my thoughts and engage with the other members. Im guessing it’s both.

Only 2 problems. 1. I wish i would have found you sooner (before i traded Cam last year would have been nice!) and 2. I’m kind of addicted. But, i guess there’s worse things to be addicted to!

I could go on…but suffice to say i’m happy to call DLF my home for all things Dynasty. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment and success! Thank you for your committment to excellence and hard work. Thank you.

Keith Fortier
10 years ago

One other thing. I feel terrible that I dont recommend you to my leaguemates. It’s not like a good restaurant, or new band you cant wait to share with everyone you know. Having you in my back pocket i feel gives me a significant advantage over my leaguemates that i’m not willing to relinquish! For this i apologize as you couldn’t possibly be more worthy. I do, however, RT you as much as possibly on Twitter and refer you to other dyno owners not in my league. Which reminds me, thank you for being so helpful on Twitter Eric! Lata!

10 years ago

I’ve been on here a couple of years now and my wife misses me. There is no forums anywhere that give the variety of insight that these forums give. I’m signing up for the premium upgrade tonight. As far as letting league mates know about it, I only tell the ones that have the commitment that I do, and usually send them a email titled “a present!”. After they look around I usually get a thank you email. Keep all the love you guys put into this site coming.

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