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The DLF Filmetrx podcast provides NFL player analysis in a unique and balanced format. George Kritikos leverages his professional experience analyzing statistics and developing advanced metrics. He applies this to his love of football to identify advantageous trends and forecast player potential from an analytics perspective. Nick Whalen brings his experience as a college football coach and passion for analyzing player film to his search for promising prospects. Together George and Nick provide balanced perspectives and deep insights in an informative and thought provoking fantasy football podcast.


The DLF Filmetrx Podcast Team

Host – George Kritikos
Host – Nick Whalen

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Recent DLF Podcasts

DLF Dynasty Podcast 242 – Pylon On
The DLF Team – February 23, 2017

Dan and George are joined by Shane Alexander of Inside the Pylon to discuss scouting methodology, the 2017…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 241 – Prospects
The DLF Team – February 16, 2017

Nick Whalen and Matt Price are joined by new DLF writers Jeremy Funk, Curtis Patrick, and Travis May…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 28 – Rookie ADP (Top 4)
The DLF Team – February 14, 2017

Nick and George analyze the top 4 players of the 2017 rookie class.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 240 – Dynasty Insanity
Ken Moody – February 10, 2017

Matt is joined by Ryan Finley and John Bosch of the Fantasy Insanity podcast to discuss the Super…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 239 – Commission Possible
Ken Moody – February 1, 2017

Dan Meylor is joined by Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell to discuss being a dynasty league commissioner.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 238 – Bull Session
The DLF Team – January 26, 2017

Nick Whalen is joined by Ty Miller and DynastyFrank from the Bull Rush Podcast to discuss lessons learned…

Commission: Impossible Podcast 3 – Thinking of new leagues
Ryan McDowell – January 21, 2017

Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23) and Scott Fish (@ScottFish24) discuss settings, scoring, and many things involving starting a new league….

DLF Dynasty Podcast 237 – Startup Strategery
The DLF Team – January 20, 2017

Dan and Matt are joined by fellow DLF writer Austan Kas (@sports_KASter) to discuss startup strategies and how…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 236 – Playoffs & Resolutions
The DLF Team – January 12, 2017

Nick and Matt Price are joined by guest John-Paul Hurley from the Dynasty Trade Calculator to discuss dynasty…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 235 – Dynasty Formatting
The DLF Team – January 10, 2017

George and Matt welcome Nathan Powell (@NPowellFF) to discuss some of their favorite dynasty formats, trade strategies and…

Commission: Impossible Podcast 2 – Start of the Real Season
Scott Fish – January 6, 2017

Ryan and Scott discuss the start of the off-season, handling money, how commissioners really feel when you quit…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 27 – Early Picks, Late Returns
The DLF Team – January 3, 2017

George and Nick examine Laquon Treadwell, Blake Bortles, and Doug Martin

DLF Dynasty Podcast 234 – The Year in (P)Review
The DLF Team – December 30, 2016

The whole podcast team gets together to look back at the season that was and what may lie…

Commission: Impossible Podcast – Begin with the End
Scott Fish – December 15, 2016

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell kick off an exciting new podcast series exploring the art and science of…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 232 – S2S Takeover
The DLF Team – December 14, 2016

George and Nick are joined by Saturday 2 Sunday Podcast crew Matt Caraccio and Paul Perdichizzi to discuss…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 26 – Rookie Revelations
The DLF Team – December 9, 2016

George and Nick examine Tyreek Hill, Hunter Henry, and Michael Thomas.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 231 – Startups & Strategy
The DLF Team – December 5, 2016

George, Dan and Nick recap a five round startup draft and talk strategy in the early parts of…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 230 – Dynasty Grab Bag
The DLF Team – December 1, 2016

George Dan and Nick discuss the 2016 rookie class, the 2017 and 2018 draft classes and potential veteran…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 229 – Peak Dynasty Advice
The DLF Team – November 23, 2016

George and Dan are joined by Dr. Scott Peak to discuss injuries and dynasty buys and sells.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 228 – Old Rookie Fever
The DLF Team – November 17, 2016

George and Nick dive into a redraft of the 2016 rookies class and are later joined by Josh…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 227 – Trade Like the Dickens
The DLF Team – November 12, 2016

George and Dan dive into the world of dynasty trading with DLF partner Eric Dickens.

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 25 – Nothing Into Something
The DLF Team – November 7, 2016

George and Nick discuss Cameron Meredith, Quincy Enunwa, and Spencer Ware.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 226 – Power to the People
Ken Moody – November 2, 2016

George and Dan answer questions from our awesome listeners.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 225 – Swear Jars and Math
The DLF Team – October 26, 2016

George and Nick dissect the upcoming NFL free agency class, and are joined by Nick Giffen of Rotoviz…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 224 – Dynasty Stud Muffins
Ken Moody – October 19, 2016

George and Dan are joined by Brandon Marianne Lee of Her Fantasy Football and Pro Football Focus.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 222 – A True FFDeJENerate
The DLF Team – October 8, 2016

Dan and Jeff are joined by’s Jen Ryan to talk about being bad at dynasty, the Cowboys,…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 221 – Talkin Trades
The DLF Team – October 1, 2016

Jeff and Nick are joined by Eric Burtzlaff of DLF and the DynastyTradecast podcast.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 220 – 2QB Love with Sal Stefanile
Ken Moody – September 23, 2016

Jeff and Dan are joined by’s own Sal Stefanile.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 219 – The Proctor Is In
The DLF Team – September 15, 2016

George and Dan discuss various injuries and some dynasty ups and downs and are then joined by 2QB…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 22 – The Preseason Hype Trains
The DLF Team – September 11, 2016

George and Nick dissect Dak Prescott, Terrelle Pryor, and Christine Michael.

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