2023 Off-Season Mock Drafts: Consensus First Round NFL Draft Picks

John DiBari

Welcome to the start of a new series here at DLF. With the dynasty regular season behind us, it's never too early to start looking ahead to next year. One of the most critical tools when preparing for any upcoming season is using mock drafts to get you ready for your impending start-up and rookie drafts. Throughout the off-season, I'll be looking at NFL mock drafts, DLF's rookie and start-up mocks, and ADP, and I'll conduct some of my own mocks using DLF's mock draft simulator. I plan to cover all things mock draft over the next few months. Thanks for joining me on this journey, and I hope you come out of this more prepared than your leaguemates when your drafts roll around.

With all that out of the way, in this first edition, I'm going to look at a couple of popular NFL mock drafts and get an idea of what players look to be consensus first-round picks, then discuss the potential landing spots and their impact for dynasty in 2023 and beyond. I selected three mocks I found that didn't involve trades. It's hard enough to guess who is getting drafted to what team; I'm not interested in adding additional layers of make-believe into the mix as people try to guess which trades happen too. I used USAToday's mock draft from January 10th, SBNation's mock draft from January 10th, and FoxSports' mock from January 9th.

Disclaimer: I am not a devy guy, not even a little bit. I'm learning about all of these rookies alongside you. I don't really know anything about anyone in the draft yet, so no opinion is my own. I'm reading and watching YouTube videos learning about the players as I go along. Fortunately for you and I, DLF has plenty of devy content to help us.

Get Familiar with the Names

One of the first steps when prepping for dynasty drafts, especially if you're not a big college football fan, is finding rankings. Luckily for you, DLF already has mock drafts and dynasty rookie rankings for you to peruse. Things will undoubtedly shake up quite a bit between now and April's NFL draft. But knowing the names and early ADP of the incoming rookies gives you a huge leg up on your leaguemates. We're already seeing some player movement following the bowl games, and Rob Willette broke down the biggest winners from bowl season. Almost every bit of news during this time of year can impact your draft four months from now, so keep your eyes and ears open.


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2023 Off-Season Mock Drafts: Consensus First Round NFL Draft Picks