FanDuel Four: Week Eight



Last week was such a crazy week for daily fantasy. If you wanted to be in the money, you needed to have a lineup with very few, or even any errors. Hopefully the FanDuel Four article helped you achieve that and enabled you to take home some cash as well. This week looks to be a little less crazy but the way this season has gone thus far, who knows? Welcome back to the FanDuel Four featuring DLF’s daily experts Chris Heil, Nick Whalen, TheFFGhost and George Kritikos. Let’s start out of the gate hot with this week’s guesses for the highest scorers:


Ghost: “Kicking us off, Chris believes Mr. Self-Anointed Superman himself, Cam Newton will lead all quarterback in scoring this week. Nick, I’ll give you first crack at it this week, is Chris right or wrong on this one?”

Nick: “Sorry, but I don’t see this one at all. Give me Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer and Matt Ryan over Cam.”

Ghost: “To Cam’s credit, he has been able to find a grove for the Panthers and has put them in position to win their games. That being said, I don’t see it either Nick. Add to that, his apparent inability to spread the ball around and opting to keep it for himself really rubs me the wrong way.”

George: “Cam has a pretty good matchup (Colts are 11th in quarterback fantasy points allowed per game) but this week has some better options. Eli Manning against the Saints (second most), Rivers versus Baltimore (third) or Ryan against Tampa Bay (worst) all have potential to be the top scoring quarterback this week.”

Ghost: “Alright, moving on, I may have to start giving Nick the same kind of hard time that I give George weekly. He has Devonta Freeman as his top scorer at running back this week. Is Freeman officially the Gronk of running backs Chris? Should you expect him to be the top scorer weekly?”

Chris: “Yeah basically, he is now match up proof. Until his price becomes too high he is going to be in my line ups.”

Ghost: “While I do agree he has basically become match up proof as Chris said, another fresh face, Todd Gurley seems much more likely to be able to take home the top scoring crown this week for me. That being said, Freeman absolutely will get his points.”

[inlinead]George: “Like Ghost, I think Freeman should have a good week but I am betting heavily on Todd Gurley playing an anemic 49ers run defense. Gurley has had over 150 yards in each of his three starts and San Francisco averages 153 yards given up to running backs each week.”

Ghost: “Last week I went with the hot hand in DeAndre Hopkins and that didn’t really fare as I expected it to. This week, I’ll go with a former hot hand who I think could streak again, Julio Jones. George, am I just grasping at straws?”

George: “Maybe, I am not sure he is full healthy but this matchup is nice. He could be the top player at the position, I am just not going to pay up to find out.”

Nick: “Come on now, Julio is never the wrong answer to any question.”

Chris: “Like Ghost said, He has cooled off a little. He is still one of the top players in the league. He should blow up this week and you will smile even though you paid the price.”

Ghost: “I won’t lie, I’m a little leery on the pick myself but we’ll see. OK, so George has Greg Olsen for two weeks in a row as the top tight end. Thoughts on that, Chris?”

Chris: “His targets are there because no one has stepped up besides Ted Ginn. Olsen is almost as safe as they come.”

Ghost: “I don’t hate the pick but I just don’t think he’ll be the top tight end this week either. Put me down for Travis Kelce again also. I could easily see Jason Witten or Tyler Eifert having a big day also.”

Nick: “What about Gronk? Where’s Gronk? Oh, he’s played already? Can I still pick Gronk? No? Fine, Olsen is solid too.”


Ghost: “Last week saw us basically hit on half of our value plays. The others, well, not so much. This week Chris promises to get us going off on the right foot with Eli Manning. How about it Nick? Is the lesser Manning, which is also highly debatable at this point, up to the task of leading the league this week?”

Nick: “Yeah, I like this call with Eli playing in a dome versus a terrible defense.”

Ghost: “As a pure value play, Eli is definitely in the conversation as being up there. I have no problem as all with this call.”

George: “I mentioned Eli in my top overall scoring quarterbacks so I love this choice. Bad pass defense, potential shootout, in a dome. Yea, things look good for little Manning.”

Ghost: “Nick’s pick for a value play at running back is none other than last year’s resurgent play of the year, Justin Forsett. Chris, can Forsett get some of his mojo back this week and lead our readers to the FanDuel promised land?”

Chris: “He has showed some better numbers but I’m not sure I can pull the trigger on him having a monster game. I like the play of Chris Johnson more. No, it’s not 2009!”

Ghost: “I actually think he could in line for a very nice game. Additionally, all the players I have projected ahead of him have higher price tags so yeah, he’s definitely a top value pick for me as well!”

George: “Same here Ghost, I love Forsett this week and the price is very nice. San Diego is the second most generous fantasy defense to fantasy running backs and has allowed 177 total yards each week to the position (also second worst). He should feast.”

Ghost: “OK, so on the value angle I also struck out last week with Malcom Floyd who did basically nothing. I’m looking to redeem myself this week with Travis Benjamin. George, should our readers go with this pick or look elsewhere for a better value this week?”

George: “Benjamin is not a bad call but if John Brown is out on Sunday, Michael Floyd is looking like a great value. Travis will have to contend with Patrick Peterson and a defense who leads the league in interceptions. That could cut some drives short, especially if Johnny Manziel is behind center.”

Chris: “There is a chance Johnny Football could play this weekend. I think this play is a bit gutsy.”

Nick: “I agree with the guys, He hasn’t scored a TD since week 3. I’d rather roll with Stefon Diggs for $400 more.”

Ghost: “The kind of sweep you don’t like to see. The kind where everyone disagrees with you. OK, so George believes Delanie Walker is the pick if you’re looking for value at the tight end position. Nick, is Walker your top value pick for tight ends this week?”

Nick: “I would rather go cheaper with Richard Rodgers or Crockett Gilmore. I don’t mind Walker though as he will get his.”

Ghost: “Same here, I’d be more likely to go with Martellus Bennett this week myself though. I don’t hate Walker’s upside, I just think Bennett may have a little more. Plus, Zach Mettenberger didn’t do much to inspire confidence last week.”

Chris: “I really hold no value for Walker or any receivers in that offense. Bring back Mariota and we can talk again.”


Ghost: “OK, I want to jump right into this section because of Chris’ pick this week. I never thought I’d see someone stay that you should avoid Andrew Luck, but there it is. Nick, can you get behind what was unthinkable even a year ago, advising people to bench Luck?””

Nick: “I agree with him actually. Second highest priced quarterback + playing Carolina + he’s been struggling = avoid.”

Ghost: “Man, I just can’t bring myself to do it so you guys are braver than I am on this one. I’d rather avoid the previous Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning.”

George: “Ghost, I checked Nick’s math, it’s solid. I’m also avoiding him.”

Ghost: “OK, I’m on an island there as well. Moving on though, Nick thinks we should avoid one of the best running backs this season in Chris Ivory. Chris, after advising us to avoid Luck how do you feel about this equally shocking call?”

Chris: “I want to argue this. I love the match up, he had been banged up but he is a solid play.”

Ghost: “Ivory has been quite the surprise this season in my opinion. He’s made a lot of people a lot of money. I think he still has a few surprises up his sleeve too. I’m not going to avoid him in any of my lineups.”

George: “I am on the fence with Ivory. There are no concerns about the matchup, Oakland is a slightly favorable running back opponent. I can see the need to avoid given the lingering injuries, but Adrian Peterson is my biggest avoid at the position given his own ailments and that price tag.”

Ghost: “OK, so this week I’m suggesting Kendall Wright be avoided due to the offense being anemic in general, but even more so with Mettenberger at the helm. Nick, will you also be avoiding him this week?”

Nick: “No, Wright is the number one target in an offense that struggles to run the football. I see him as a target for a cheapie at his price.”

George: “I disagree Nick, The Tennessee offense is in shambles so I see the need to avoid. I would rather bet on Willie Snead in that price range.”

Chris: “Like I mentioned earlier with Delanie Walker I want no Titans on my teams.”

Ghost: “Oh, how the mighty have fallen, and continued to fall. Last year this time one would be called insane for suggesting to avoid Jimmy Graham. Yet here we are, George is doing just that. Chris, what are your thoughts on this turn of events for Graham’s value?”

Chris: “He is under used and price tag is showing you will over pay.”

Nick: “Yeah, He’s an avoid until he gets a QB that can support a WR or TE1 for a season. Hot take.”

Ghost: “I really hate to say it, but I also agree. Graham is so supremely talented that it is almost downright depressing to see him be so misused in Seattle. What’s worse is they don’t seem to care one bit about it either.”

I hope you all enjoyed another great week of the FanDuel Four discussion. Be sure to join the DLF Football Championship if you haven’t already by clicking here.