Week Thirteen Lineup Advice

Jeff Haverlack


The playoffs are already here for many leagues, so making the right decisions now is more important than ever.

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As promised, part of your Premium Subscription comes with access to this column each and every week. If you’d like a second opinion on your lineup for the week, simply comment down below on this post with your question. We’ll answer every single lineup question that’s submitted in a timely fashion as an exclusive service for our Premium Content members.

Before submitting a question, please take note of the following items which will help us help you:

1) Keep things as brief as possible. As you will notice, we get a LOT of questions. The more you can narrow it down for us, the less we have to research.

2) Scoring System – Let us know if your league is PPR, non-PPR or if there are any unusual scoring rules that would affect our advice.

3) We always like to see what YOU are thinking on your question(s) first. On those “toss-up” or “coin-flip” plays, as we call them, knowing which way you are leaning helps us.

4) Go easy on us! We strongly encourage each coach to make their own decision(s) but we’re here to help as much as possible. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and research, but our crystal balls aren’t perfect.

5) Lastly, if you wait until game day to ask your question, we may not get to you. Be sure to register your question as early as possible.


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