Advertiser Spotlight: Sportable

Jeff Haverlack

sportable_640x250Editor Note:  At DLF, our advertisers are an important element of what we do.  We offer premium direct placement opportunities for fantasy-related advertisers looking to reach a targeted fantasy demographic toward expanding their brand and exposure. With specific programs, we offer an advertiser to highlight, in their own words, what it is their company provides and why our visitors should be interested. While DLF is not affiliated with these advertisers in product or service offering, we hope you’ll check out what they have to offer. In this edition of our Advertiser Spotlight, we take a look at Sportable!

In today’s evolving fantasy football landscape, people need actionable and unique information to help them make informed decisions. Everyone has access to the same waiver wire and DFS advice based on factors that are obvious to see, but much like the real game of football, fantasy football is all about individual matchups and circumstances. While these nuggets can be dug up in long-form advice columns, aims to get to the heart of story in bite-sized mobile-friendly ‘cards’.

Sportable’s unique card-form content operates in a concise way that allows for only enough space to deliver actionable content and advice. Think of it like a long-form version of a Tweet — allowing enough space to not only point to evidence, but also to explain it. This format allows the user to consume 10 unique pieces of content in the time it would take him/her to soak in a single player outlook from most traditional long-form fantasy pieces. This allows readers to immerse themselves in Sportable’s actionable ideas in minutes, even while on the go, from the touch of a finger on their smart device.

The short-form style also allows Sportable to tackle fantasy football from every different angle. Game takeaways, previews, advice on how to deal with injuries, player blurbs/quotes, roundtable discussions, and more. Every piece of major NFL news gets covered like you would see on most sites, but Sportable takes it one step further by also covering everything that branched off from that piece of news. Every piece of NFL news has at least some fantasy football spin to it, and Sportable will find it and cover it.

In the end, it is Sportable’s contributing base that sets them apart. Their collection of writers consists of industry all-pro veterans, sophomore breakout candidates, and promising rookies from several key fantasy football websites such as Dynasty League Football, numberFire, Pro Football Focus, XN Sports, 4for4, ProjectRoto, RotoViz, and Footballguys, just to name a few. This committed group has varying specialties ranging from game tape study, to NFL DFS, to offensive and defensive line matchups, to player and team statistics, and more. Each contributor works off of each other and their differing areas of expertise mesh seamlessly.

Sportable’s mission, however, is not to provide a one-way flow of information. They take pride in their informed consumer base and provide the opportunity for their readers to get involved. Most content is molded as opinion cards where the reader can get involved by voting and/or commenting on the content. Sportable wants to foster an engaging community fantasy football enthusiasts want to be a part of.

So head on over to and take a look for yourself. Keep in mind the short-form content and consider trying it out first on your mobile device—you’ll save even more time simply swiping up through each card while racking up each piece of content.

Sportable – Fantasy Football at a Glance



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