Introducing the HAL Report



Hopefully a good number of you have found the FADS worksheet extremely helpful. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from many of you and for that I thank you so much! While I was thinking about creating a version 2.0 for FADS, it stuck in my mind that as great as drafting an amazing squad feels, every player on that squad is doing one thing, aging. Aging is one of the biggest concerns for a dynasty owner, right up there with player production.

I wanted to provide DLF’s subscribers a way to track (and plan for) the aging of their squad in an elegant, data-packed and easy to understand way. Sure, we could all go player by player and gather this information, but honestly who has time? Throw in the fact that a huge percentage of you, just like me, have more than one league (in some cases a great many more than one league) and you’ve got a lot of information to try to track. That information needs to be readily available and it needs to have context, but how?

DLF and I are proud to present our newest tool, the HAL Report.

HAL stands for Health and Longevity, which, as you can guess, is what this report gathers, interprets and displays about your team. The HAL Report will provide you all the following information:

  • Your oldest, youngest and average age of your players
  • The average years of NFL experience on your team
  • Players with the most and least NFL experience
  • The median age and NFL experience of your squad versus the NFL as a whole
  • Break down the age of your squad down by position as well as by NFL experience
  • Detail the composition of your squad by positional percentage
  • Display the oldest player per position on your squad

Suffice to say, this report is exactly what every dynasty fantasy owner needs in order to keep their team as competitive as possible. Any successful dynasty team mixes youth with experience, it’s a tough balance to strike but the HAL Report makes this task a whole lot easier.

What’s more is you can run the HAL Report on any team in your league, not just your own! Maybe you’ve got a great balance going but perhaps another team in your league needs help and could be a potential trading partner or maybe your team is aging and you need a trading partner who could be seeking some experience. There are a lot of other scenarios in which the HAL Report can pair you up with trading partners, the limit is your imagination.

I’m very proud of the HAL Report and I feel it makes an excellent complement to the FADS Worksheet. As always I welcome any opinions (good or bad), suggestions or feature requests. Thus far, I’ve already received some awesome reviews from those who have tested it and I hope to add as many of you as possible to those who use, love and rave about it.