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Fifteen Untradeable Players in Dynasty Leagues

When you hear the words “untradeable” and “dynasty leagues,” you likely think of young players like AJ Green, Andrew Luck, Doug Martin or Trent Richardson. You may even think of the veteran pillars like Arian Foster, Aaron Rodgers or Calvin Johnson. All those players are extremely valuable in dynasty leagues and would be tough to acquire in any trade at this point.

There’s always another group of players who are also very much untradeable  – this is the group who have either underperformed to expecations, have major character baggage or seem to be as unbreakable as an egg teetering on a spoon you’re carrying with your mouth. Fact is, you’re likely stuck with them and trying to get anything close to worthy for them at your trading deadline is going to be like squeezing blood from a turnip. Realistically, you shouldn’t even try because nobody really wants to give up much to get this group on their roster, either.

Michael Vick, QB PHI

Just two years ago, Vick was being considered in the first round of dynasty start-up drafts. After all, he looked dynamic, controlled and poised for the first time in his career after taking over for Kevin Kolb in Philadelphia. Now, he’s looked at as a turnover machine with major injury risk to boot. Remember that epic Monday night performance where he looked like the best player on the planet? Just two years later, he has yet another injury and is being replaced by a rookie quarterback in Nick Foles.

Vick’s days are numbered in Philadelphia and there won’t be too many dynasty owners looking to acquire him. Do you really think he’s going to put up monster numbers next year in a place like Buffalo?

Steven Jackson, RB STL

After posting seven straight 1,000 yard seasons, Jackson is on pace for just over 850 yards and three scores. After being an absolute workhorse for the Rams, he’s been relegated to a time share with Daryl Richardson. He likely won’t be back in St. Louis next year, but there aren’t too many teams who would want him to be a featured back, either. We’ve seen the best we’re ever going to see with him and everyone in your league knows it.

Michael Turner, RB ATL

Turner was playing pretty well early in the season, but this week’s fifteen yard performance throws a bunch of cold water back on his value. Atlanta simply wore him down during his time there and he’s a shell of his former self. Jacquizz Rodgers is going to be seeing more and more work as the season moves on and Turner offers little in the passing game. There just isn’t much heat left in the burner.

Antonio Gates, TE SD

Gates has posted a couple of good games back-to-back, so you may be able to get some value for him, but he doesn’t look the same this season. He’s proclaiming himself to be healthy and the Chargers offense has left a lot to be desired. However, Gates is starting to show his age. He could be a good piece for a contender, but getting anything but peanuts is going to be next to impossible.

Darren McFadden, RB OAK

When he plays, he’s typically dominant. The problem is those games seem to be few and far between. The Raiders offense also doesn’t seem suited to his talents, either. When you combine those two problems, there’s little choice but to stay the course with the oft-injured McFadden. After all, it’s not worth moving him for a rookie pick or an aging veteran just to see him get healthy and start to put up RB1 numbers again.

Mark Ingram, RB NO

Ingram has also looked better in recent weeks, but it’s obvious the Saints are never going to feature him as their lead back. At best, you have a goal line and early down option to help give Darren Sproles a break from his passing down work. When you add in the existence of Pierre Thomas and a resurgent Chris Ivory, even that best case scenario looks next to impossible. While he’s not quite the best that Knowshon Moreno has been, owners who took him first in their rookie drafts have to be kicking themselves.

Jahvid Best, RB DET

Yes, he may have played his last down in the NFL, but what if he hasn’t? Nobody in their right mind is going to give up any significant piece for Best and there’s a chance he could return next season. The best course of action would be to see if he comes back and posts a couple of good games, then move him as fast as you can before he takes another hit.

Greg Jennings, WR GB

With Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and James Jones in the fold, there’s little chance the Packers are going to give Jennings the money he wants this off-season. Jennings is a great player, but lining up with Aaron Rodgers instead of, say, Ryan Tannehill has its advantages. It’s unlikely the other owners in your league don’t see the writing on the wall here.

LeGarrette Blount, RB TB

He’s a restricted free agent at the end of the year and it’s unlikely he’ll be back in Tampa Bay after losing his job to Doug Martin. The real problem has been his production – he’s looked average at best since that breakout rookie season. For a guy his size to struggle so much in short yardage situations is just a bad sign for his future in Tampa or anywhere else.

Peyton Hillis, RB KC

It’s safe to say he’ll never be on the cover of Madden again.

Roy Helu, RB WAS

There are still those out there who believe Helu will again be starting for the Redskins in the near future. The problem with that theory is that he lost his job to Alfred Morris before getting hurt. We’ve covered this a ton lately, but Morris is not going to lose that job to Helu or anyone else unless he starts being careless with the football or starts being unproductive – neither of those seems imminent.

DeAngelo Williams, RB CAR

He’ll likely be released by the Panthers in the off-season, but it’s going to be tough for him to find a job as a true featured back again. The Dolphins could have interest if they cut ties with Reggie Bush, but he’d still have to contend with Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas for carries in that situation. There are a number of other teams who could have interest (Denver with John Fox, for example), but his days as a bell cow are likely over.

Cam Newton, QB CAR

You could get some value for Newton, sure. However, every owner would be in a position to buy low on him at the moment. We’ve seen what he can do and it’s pretty phenomenal. The whole idea with trades is to “sell high” and “buy low” if you’re an owner – the buying owner would certainly be the one winning in a deal with Newton right now. At worst, they would be buying at market value since this is likely Newton’s floor. If you don’t like his attitude or demeanor, wait until the off-season or the beginning of next year to move him.

Mark Sanchez, QB NYJ

You can go ahead and throw Tim Tebow on this list as well. This ultra-dynamic quarterback tandem has combined to get the Jets to 3-6 and look terrible in the process. Sure, there are no great receivers on this team, but Sanchez simply makes too many mistakes. Gone are the days of him being a solid young quarterback prospect – don’t expect owners in your league to see him as that, either.

Philip Rivers, QB SD

When Norv Turner is defending your play and saying you’re not the problem, you have, well, a problem. Rivers hasn’t looked the same in nearly two years now and it’s safe to start wondering if we’ve seen the best he’s ever going to produce. He’s a marginal QB1 now after being close to an elite option just a couple of seasons ago.

Players like these are most likely stuck on your roster. You may have to just swallow your pride, cross your fingers and hope for the best with this crew since nobody else likely has them on their trading radar.

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Ken Kelly
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9 years ago

my TE`s are Finley, Rudolph and Chandler my team is a fringe contender with a shot at winning it all. Would acquiring Gates for Kendall Hunter improve my squad. Hunter is a stash on my roster but not sure he ever gets the workhorse role…your thoughts.

Josh Gans
Reply to  ziggy19
9 years ago

3 thoughts

1. Every roster needs 4 tight ends. You dont have 4. MUST GET ANOTHER. /sarcasm
2. I dont think Gates is dramatically outperforming any of your TEs.
3. I’d want to hold onto Hunter if you can..maybe one year Gore finally breaks down and Hunter’s value dramatically goes up.

9 years ago

As a Brandon Lloyd owner I have to say his value is pretty low right now as well…J Stew is another player I`m lucky to be invested in.

Eric MacKenzie
9 years ago

The thing that I don’t understand with Rivers is skill wise he doesn’t look bad. He just makes terrible decisions with regularity. It’s almost like he needs glasses or took too many shots to th head.

I’d also point out that Helu had achilles issues in the pre-season and turf toe kicked in week one, so it’s not really fair to say that Morris beat him when he was healthy. He was on the roster, yes, but not healthy. That said, it is fair to wonder about the guy’s ability to stay healthy.

Keith Fortier
9 years ago

Andre Johnson.. Untradeable. I have an offer of KJ Wright I’m considering..

Ray Voeller
Reply to  Keith Fortier
9 years ago

Just curious would you of considered this offer for AJ…
Offered Justin Blackmon & J. Stew for Andre Johnson & Daniel Thomas. Keep in mind team I offered this to is in dead last. Record 3-7 , lostest points scored. Was declined his reasoning Blackmon has no qb , Daniel Thomas has rb1 upside , Andre Johnson will help him next year and ya J. Stew has potential just not my guy. At least he gave me reasons : )

Cyrus Miller
Reply to  Ray Voeller
9 years ago

As an Andre owner, I would take that in a second.

I traded for Andre last year… gave up a “Change of pace back” and a “late first.” For the RB, they asked for Vereen but I talked them into Demarco Murray. For the first, my team went from top 3 the previous 3 years to picking #3. (This year, I am the #1 seed as of now)

So I basically traded Demarco Murray and Andrew Luck (I had the #2 pick and took Martin) for Andre. It sucks.

Tyler Shelton
9 years ago

I just got Newton for Peyton and a #2. Probably out of the playoffs. Overpayed?

Reply to  Tyler Shelton
9 years ago

I like the deal.

Glen Potter
9 years ago

Andre Johnson for my #1 pick (currently leading division with 3 weeks to go) have the 4th best record at this point and could make the playoffs.

Lineup most weeks
Luck,Ridley,Forte, Mathews, Austin, T Smith, Finley/Keller,
Palmer, Crabtree,Washington -Rooks Randle,Broyles,Brazill (keeping all these guys)

I think I should do this. Does anyone see anything wrong with this trade?

Stephen Lee
Reply to  Glen Potter
9 years ago

I would hold on to AJ for the stretch run – if it were me.

Cyrus Miller
Reply to  Stephen Lee
9 years ago

I think he is saying that he can give up his first and get Andre.

I would do it. I am down on Andre overall, but he is an upgrade over Smith half the time, and if nothing else, great depth.

Chris Rodriguez
9 years ago

In looking at this article I have 5 of these players in a 12 Team League and 20 Man Roster. I guess that points to the reason at this point my team is 3-7. Have competed very well for several reasons so frustrating this year. Made a lot of draft picks this year so waiting for those players to develop and see how they end the year. That is the only thing that is keeping me interested in the rest of this season that and where my first round pick will end up being next year. This is the reason I prefer the Dynasty League I am in over other league formats. I am 7-3 in my other league and still find myself paying more attention to this league.

Chris Rodriguez
Reply to  Chris Rodriguez
9 years ago

Correction: “have competed very for several seasons” not several reasons.

Ed Clifford
9 years ago

This list needs to increase by 1: Kenny Britt.

9 years ago

Other than Vick, my most untradeable player is Ben Tate. Can’t say I blame other owners for not being interested in owning broken handcuffs, though.

Tyler Shelton
9 years ago

Any thoughts on Luck’s value right now? I have a shallow RB crew and someone wants to offer me Fitzpatrick, Daniel Thomas and Lloyd for Luck. I can say already that this deal isn’t worth it as Loyd doesn’t have much updside longterm anymore to me, but what do you think about Fitz, Thomas, and Cobb for Luck?

Reply to  Tyler Shelton
9 years ago

If you have someone else at QB and need to win now, then I might do that trade. Outside of that situation, I would still rather have Luck. Fitzpatrick won’t be a starting QB for much longer.

Also, be careful calling Ryan Fitzpatrick “Fitz”. Most assume that is Larry Fitzgerald.

Cyrus Miller
Reply to  Jacob Feldman
9 years ago

Yeah… I looked at that really quick and thought Fitzgerald.

I wouldn’t do it unless you have a great QB already. For example, in one of my leagues I have Drew Brees, Andrew Luck and Freeman– I could easily trade Luck for something good and consider it a good trade.

However, Fitzpatrick won’t have a job next year, by all accounts. I don’t have faith in Thomas to be the starter anytime soon either– while they are talking him up and benching Bush at times, I don’t think Thomas will be a feature back.

So it comes down to Luck for Cobb– not a move I would feel compelled to make.

Tyler Shelton
Reply to  Cyrus Miller
9 years ago

Yeah, I would rather take Freeman in that trade personally. My other QBs are Sanchez, Newton, and this new Foles guy. I have decent WR depth but really need RB. Other than Thomas he really doesn’t have much to offer by way of RB. I’m wondering if I might try Luck for Freeman, Cobb, and someone like Andrew Hawkins or Greg Little? But yeah, I’m in no rush to get rid of Luck either.

Reginald Hawkins
9 years ago

I’m in a 16 team PPR/IDP dynasty league. 30 man roster – you keep 15 players each year.
I just traded: K.J. Wright, Mark Ingram, Danario Alexander for D’Qwell Jackson and a 1st round draft in 2013.
My RBs are: Jamaal Charles, Trent Richardson, Rashard Mendenhall, Robert Turbin,Justin Forsett,Tashard Choice and Jahvid Best
My WRs are: Denarius Moore, Torrey Smith, Steve Johnson, Alshon Jeffery, Mohamed Massaquoi,and Doug Baldwin
My LBS are: NaVorro Bowman,Bruce Carter, Luke Kuechly, Miles Burris,Brian Cushing and now D’Qwell Jackson
So it is possible to trade someone like Mark Ingram but it takes a helluva lot work to pull it off.
BTW, I also have Philip Rivers as a back up to Aaron Rodgers and he is a perfect QB2 – lol.

Grant Britton
9 years ago

I just traded AJ Green for Newton and Nicks. I love Green but I think Nicks has Green upside if he stays healthy and my best starting QB was Eli.

Jon Lambrecht
Reply to  Grant Britton
9 years ago

Sold LOW on AJ Green there IMO.

James Young
Reply to  Grant Britton
9 years ago

Not a bad trade overall considering the points you get in return considering you start both and newton is an upgrade at qb for you….. but i am probably in the masses of people who would NEVER ever trade AJ Green. Hes just too good. I mean, theres really no way your gonna get a player better than him if you trade him. and even if your depth is hurting, like it looked like hear, i would have traded anybody else on my roster to fix that instead. AJ Green should be super glued to your roster.

James Young
9 years ago

Im eager to get your opinion on Ryan Matthews? He can be as dominant as he was last year, so theres that. but hes also a major injury headache (if not major risk), looks to have a transition in his teams front office personnel to deal with leaving his status as a “lone back” up in the air…. plus hes just damn well frustrating seeing him a) not get enough (any) touchdown, b) get taken off the field too often at goal line, on 3rd down or any down for that matter, and c) is just maddening with the injuries, so annoying.

Still hes one of 15 top backs week in week out, so you have to say he holds significant value. Plus hes entering his prime years… so cant trade him can you?

James Young
9 years ago

Im happy to say I own none of these players outside of Vick in a league (but do have Foles FWIW ;/ )… but thats probably more because im not in a ton of dynasty leagues anymore.

Im guessing overall this article displays whos lost the most value over the year. tough to argue against them. although there can be cases to be made for others i would say, notably:

R.Bush – will he or wont he be back in MIA? Will he get another great shot at being a lead back again? Will he even be a lead back if he returns? Yes hes dynamic and I’m a believer in his talent, but hes getting older and he has injury problems. Sad thing is u dont want to trade him now as his value is lowest of the season, but will it go up? Seems like hes very hard to get value for what he could be this year, or even next if things go right.

McGahee – he could be gone, replaced or relegated to a timeshare or backup outright. The offense is clicking and hes been great in PPR for what anyone could have hoped. But is this the highest value for him? Say he gets replaced or time-shared next year. Theres a very strong possibility for that. So basically his value is bound to go down very soon. Obv if your on a contender right now, you cant trade him cause u need him. And any owner wouldnt only buy him if they are a contender and would be able to move something worthwhile that theyre not using. That could prove difficult, and likely the best you could get in return is a rookie underachiever this year, or a low-1st next year, or some combination. Not exactly tantalizing.

Steve Smith (Car) – He is what he is, but when will he slow down is the question. Do u want to wait for next year? Will u get back much in return for what he would likely produce for you? I think this is about as straight forward of an example of when to trade a productive player on the downside of his career. If your gonna have A.Johnson on the list (like people are mentioning), Smith should also be included. To me, their almost the same player in that they have some much in common right now.

Fred Davis – What a horrible injury. You cant really trade him, so u just gotta hold on and bite the bullet and hope he gets better. Im not sure the WASH offense needs him as much as people think, and that injury is brutal to come back from. Either way, if you trade him, hes gonna be sold on the cheap.

K.Hunter – I’ll throw in a young one on here just because he thought of so highly in fantasy circles. But with Gore still competing and signed thru next year, what exactly can you hope for. You could have gotten a decent amount in the offseason (before the NFL draft and L.James), but I’m not so sure anymore. Obviously best case scenario would be holding on and seeing Gore go down at some point early next season and watching Hunter take over the lead role. Theres a strong possibility of that, theres also a strong possibility this offense is always gonna have someone else besides Hunter lead at tailback. Just to murky to determine now.

B.Wells – I mean, what is there to hope for at this point. Of all the guys I’ve listed, hes probably the bust suited for the list. He fits the mold of a solid value gone awry. Theres combinations of DMC and M.Ingram here, with less of the upside. Is there any upside? Its pretty much dashed now.

Daniel Peterson
9 years ago

Pretty proud that I unloaded Greg Olsen for Jahvid Best in a dynasty where I already have Kyle Rudolph and Coby Fleener.

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