Calling Our Shots: Week Seven



Fantasy football can at times be a very funny place to seek help when you need it most. One week, a so called “expert” will tell you to start “Player A” because “Player A” is a “can’t miss” starter who will blow up that week. A week later, that expert will deny giving that advice to their readers or followers but will be more than happy to tell you to start “Player B” this week. It would be almost comical in some instances if it wasn’t so tragic for the people who take the advice of these charlatans.

As a staff member of DLF, I can tell you that everyone affiliated with this site both loathes and detests this behavior. Every staff member on the DLF team constantly tries to learn and better ourselves so we may be of better help to you. Part of that process is being accountable for our successes, as well as our failures. We’re doing that each and every week as we’re offering personalized lineup advice as part of our premium content. We’re answering every question posted in a timely manner and helping out as best we can – those answers are public knowledge and we’ll stand by them every week.

We’ve also decided to roll out this series entitled, “Calling Our Shots.” The premise of this series is to get some predictions for the upcoming week. Some writer’s predictions are bold, some are solid, while others, well, we wouldn’t place too much money on them in Las Vegas!

When we’re right, we’ll share our successes. When we’re wrong, it should present a great way for our loyal readers to give us a good (and hopefully friendly) ribbing. The point is we don’t hide from the advice we give or the predictions we make.

We also want to give you the same chance.

Our community is an essential part of the success of DLF. This weekly series also asks YOU, the readers, to post your own shots in the comments below. We all have that coach in our league who says, “Yeah, I could have told you not to start that guy” and perhaps that’s even you who thinks that! Well, here’s your chance to make those bold predictions when they count – before the games are played. We invite everyone to blow up the comments section again today and make any player predictions you want for the week – this will give you a perfect opportunity to officially say, “I told you so,” or offer a brutally embarrassing piece of ammunition for your opponent to use against you next week. Either way, this is a great way for the community and the writers to have some good old fashioned fun each and every week!

Every person who is featured in subsequent weeks will be put into a drawing after week 17 for a free yearly membership or their renewal to our premium content and a free DLF T-shirt!

Every week we talk about how unpredictable the NFL has been the prior week. While we did see some weird performances, such as Shonn Greene rushing for 161 yards (I mean seriously, who in the world saw that coming), we also saw a return to some normalcy. In a league that is often described as a passing league, we saw no fewer than 11 quarterbacks throw for over 300 yards, and this was with Drew Brees, a constant 300 yard performer, on a bye. Week six also saw ten 100 yard receiving performances, two of which had multiple touchdowns to boot in Jordy Nelson and A.J. Green. All in all, it was a nice return to normalcy and one which was sorely needed.

Unfortunately for the DLF staff, however, there was no return to normalcy in terms of our number of correct shots called. Week six saw another miserable week of only 12 correct shots called. Eric Olinger once again claimed the crown of DLF’s most accurate shot caller with a total of four correct shots called. The game in which the most correct shots were called was the Monday Night game between San Diego and Denver in which three of the 11 correct shots were called. Here are the correct shots for Week Six:

Eric Olinger – Carson Palmer throws for 300+ yards

Chris Rohrer – Browns get their first win of the season at home.

Jarrett Behar – Megatron 100+ rec yards

Eric Olinger – Mike Vick snaps out of his funk and picks up 300+ total yards.

TheFFGhost – Seattle holds the entire New England team under 120 rushing yards but Brady throws for over 300 yards.

Eric Hardter – Wes Welker again leads the Pats in receiving, leading to another weekly postponement of Brandon Lloyd’s “inevitable” breakout.

Eric Hardter – Put up or shut up time for Mario Williams, who responds with two sacks.

Eric Olinger – Kyle Rudolph finds the endzone this week.

TheFFGhost – Houston doesn’t have an answer for Cobb as he pulls in at least five receptions.

TheFFGhost – Rivers and Manning combine for over 550 yards combined.

Eric Olinger – Antonio Gates abuses the Broncos weak LB corp for his first multiple TD game of the year.

Andy Miley – Peyton and Rivers throw for over 300 yards and two scores each

The DLF team just barely missed on another five shots. These are the shots we almost hit on:

TheFFGhost – Leshoure goes for over 75+ total yards and gets a touchdown.

Chris Rohrer – Stafford gets back on track with over 300 passing yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Andy Miley – Doug Martin gets back on track with 120 combined yards and a touchdown

Chris Rohrer – Welker has yet another 100+ yards through the air, but Brandon Lloyd gets the non-TE receiving touchdown.

TheFFGhost – Arizona comes out angry, at least three sacks by the Arizona defense, Buffalo’s defense matches the total though.

Our Week Six Shot Caller from the reader comments is BeastMode who had some pretty interesting shots called, some of which actually hit. BeastMode called a unique shot about Greg Zuerlein missing his first field goal from a ridiculously long distance (52 yards). Here are the correct shots BeastMode called:

Connor Barth scores more fantasy points than Brady Quinn.

Jeremy Maclin scores 1TD.

The leg, Greg Zuerlein, misses his first FG in Miami as Fisher called for another ridiculous long Fg with when ” Mr Bust” struggles to move the ball, again.

Wes Welker leads all receivers from both teams in yardage.

Cruz scores 1TD.

Arian Foster has less than 20 carries as Houston falls behind early (Houston D is overrated and will be exposed this sunday).

Antonio Gates blocks more than more in this game but score 1TD.

What’s fairly amazing about BeastMode’s called shots are that while he hit on several of his picks, he also just barely missed on a many more of them. The ones he just barely missed on were usually so close they too could almost be classified as wins. All in all it was a very strong showing from BeastMode and he takes home the Week Six title as well as enters himself into the year-end drawing for a free year of DLF Premium as well as a free DLF t-shirt. Good luck BeastMode!

Lots of people like to call the number seven lucky, let’s see if Week Seven turns around the luck of the DLF staff with these called shots:

Tennessee @ Buffalo

TheFFGhost – Chris Johnson goes over 75 total yards.

Eric Olinger – Kendall Wright goes over 100 yards receiving.

Andy Miley – Spiller and F-Jax will have 90 combined yards and a TD each.

Eric Hardter – Kenny Britt will top 100 receiving yards.

Chris Rohrer – Stevie Johnson notches his first 100 yard game of the season.

Ken Kelly – Chris Johnson blames his offensive line for something.

Washington @ NY Giants

Eric Dickens – Nicks & Cruz will both top 100 receiving yards each.

TheFFGhost – Three receivers in this game will go over 100 yards receiving.

Eric Olinger – Ahmad Bradshaw keeps the hot streak going by going over 125 yards rushing.

Andy Miley – RG3 and Eli will account for 700 yards and 5 TDs combined.

Eric Hardter – RG3 will total four TD’s.

Chris Rohrer – Griffin III held to under 300 total yards.

Ken Kelly – Alfred Morris goes for over 100 rushing yards against the vaunted D-line of the G-Men.

Jaron Foster – Eli with 300 yards/3+TDs.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Eric Dickens – Doug Martin will score 2 TD’s.

TheFFGhost – Brees will throw for over 350 yards.

Eric Olinger – Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams both go over 100 yards receiving.

Andy Miley – Doug Martin will have 100+ yards and a touch, while Colston will follow up his monster game before the bye with 100+ yards and a touch.

Eric Hardter – Both teams will account for 900 yards of total offense in a shootout.

Jaron Foster – Lance Moore returns with 75+ yards and a score.

Ken Kelly – Mike Williams has another double digit fantasy day, conjuring up more hopes he can return to his early career form

Dallas @ Carolina

TheFFGhost – Dallas has at least two passing touchdowns and adds another on the ground.

Eric Olinger – Cam Newton throws less than 275 yards with at least one INT.

Andy Miley – Dez will make it three weeks in a row with a productive day 7+ catches, 90+ receiving yards.

Eric Hardter – Tony Romo goes for 300+ yards and 2+ passing TD’s.

Chris Rohrer – Felix Jones runs for 60 yards, 0 TDs, and a pulled hamstring.

Ken Kelly – Williams and Stewart combine for less than 75 rushing yards, prompting at least 1% of dynasty owners to just quit.

Baltimore @ Houston

TheFFGhost – Foster out-rushes Rice as Baltimore’s defense looks dramatically different.

Eric Olinger – Arian Foster makes the new look Baltimore D look less than average. 125+ yards rushing at least 1 TD.

Andy Miley – Andre Johnson gets his second 100+ yard game.

Eric Hardter – Joe Flacco is forced to attempt 50+ passes as the Ravens’ D can’t keep Houston out of the end zone.

Chris Rohrer – Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin both post over 100 yards receiving.

Cleveland @ Indianapolis

TheFFGhost – Wayne goes for over 125+ receiving yards.

Eric Olinger – Whoever starts at RB for the Browns, Richardson or Hardesty, goes off on Indy’s soft defense for over 125 yards rushing.

Andy Miley – The rookie QBs combine for 650 yards and 5 TDs.

Eric Hardter – Reggie Wayne toasts Joe Haden for 120+ yards.

Ken Kelly – Josh Gordon truly establishes himself as Cleveland’s best receiver by simply not dropping passes.

Green Bay @ St. Louis

TheFFGhost – Finley continues to stink up the joint with less than 50 receiving yards.

Eric Olinger – Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Randall Cobb all score TD’s of some sort.

Andy Miley – Cobb has another 100+ yard game.

Eric Hardter – Aaron Rodgers stays red-hot with 5+ more passing TD’s.

Arizona @ Minnesota

Eric Dickens – Patrick Peterson puts a return TD on the board

TheFFGhost – Two players will have multi-sack games, one of them will be Allen.

Eric Olinger – Jared Allen registers at least 2.5 sacks versus the turn style that is the AZ O-line.

Andy Miley – Jared Allen has his 1st multi-sack game of 2012.

Eric Hardter – Adrian Peterson shreds the Cardinals D for over 100 yards, and finally finds the end zone once again.

Chris Rohrer – The Cardinals lose three straight and the hype is officially over.  Percy Harvin goes for another 100 total yards.

NY Jets @ New England

Eric Dickens – New England runs for 200+ yards collectively

TheFFGhost – Brady will throw for over 100 more yards than Sanchez.

Eric Olinger – Mark Sanchez will be picked off at least twice in this game.

Andy Miley – Ridley is forgiven as he runs for 125+ yards and scores twice.

Eric Hardter – Wes Welker posts his third consecutive game of 100+ yards and double-digit receptions.

Chris Rohrer – Now that Shonn Greene has re-tricked the Jets front office into thinking he’s workhorse material, he is held to under 75 total yards.

Ken Kelly  -Stevan Ridley doubles the rushing yardage Shonn Greene puts up.

Jacksonville @ Oakland

Eric Dickens – MJD goes over 100 yards against the Raiders D as the lone bright spot for the Jaguars.

TheFFGhost – At least one Jaguar will go for over 100 yards receiving, I have absolutely no idea who though. How else can I say that Oakland’s secondary is horrible but so are the Jaguars wide receiving corps?

Eric Olinger – Denarius Moore has his second consecutive 100 yard game.

Andy Miley – Start McFadden and MJD as they both go for over 125+ and a TD.

Eric Hardter – Carson Palmer goes for 320+ yards and 2+ TD’s.

Chris Rohrer – Denarius Moore has over 125 receiving yards and a score.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

TheFFGhost – Heath Miller will pull down another 5+ receptions.

Eric Olinger – Mike Wallace gets deep on Cincy for another long TD. Goes over 100 yards.

Eric Hardter – Heath Miller gets another receiving TD.

Chris Rohrer – Antonio Brown redeems himself after a subpar week six and has his first 100 yard effort of the season.

Ken Kelly – Jonathan Dwyer rushes for at least 75 yards

Detroit @ Chicago

TheFFGhost – No running back hits 100 rushing yards, Megatron hits 100 receiving yards, Marshall doesn’t.

Eric Olinger – This feels like an under performing type of game. 2+  INTs each for Stafford and Cutler.

Andy Miley – Hello BMarsh and welcome to a 8+ catch game!

Eric Hardter – Megatron finally reaches the end zone again, scoring at least twice.

Ken Kelly – Jay Cutler scores more fantasy points than Matt Stafford

We’d like to once again give a high five to BeastMode for winning Week Six and a reminder to everyone, we also grade called shots on creativity so if you are unsure how a game may play out then take an interesting guess about something that may occur in the game such as BeastMode did this week. While we absolutely judge for accuracy, creativity might just push your submission over the top.

Best of luck to all of our readers!

 Don’t forget, if we select your entry we’ll enter you into a drawing for a full year of DLF premium content and a free DLF t-shirt!