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The 2012 National Football League season is in full swing. You have to pay close attention to everything in order to stay on top of your dynasty league. For most of us, we do well to steal some time away from our families and jobs to watch the games on Sunday. It becomes difficult to monitor the daily happenings around the league and even more demanding to process how that news affects your dynasty team.

That’s why we’re here!

Each week there are many news items that are important and helpful in the day-to-day managing of your fantasy team, yet have little affect on the dynasty value of players. Because of this, I will not be mentioning those here.

Here is a quick look at the events of the past week and how they impact the players on your team:

Ryan Williams, RB ARI

Cardinals starting running back Ryan Williams suffered a shoulder injury in his week five game against the Rams and will require surgery to repair the AC joint, ending his season. With former starting running back Beanie Wells already on injured reserve, but set to return later in the season, Arizona will rely on the inexperienced reserves William Powell and LaRod Stephens-Howling. Even though the team is winning, the running game has not had any success this season. These players have been hot waiver wire pickups this week, but seem to be a long shot to contribute to fantasy teams.

Danny Amendola, WR STL

The St. Louis Rams leading wide receiver suffered a shoulder injury that forced him from the week five game against the Arizona Cardinals. The injury was later diagnosed as a dislocated clavicle, which will keep him out of action for up to seven weeks. It’s a huge blow to the Rams and fantasy owners as Amendola had established himself as a weekly starter, especially in PPR leagues. The good news is that the Rams chose not to place Amendola on the injured reserve list, meaning he will likely be back in time for the fantasy playoffs. Rookie wide receiver Chris Givens is expected to start in his place. If Givens is somehow still on your league’s waiver wire, grab him now.

Jahvid Best, RB DET

Lions running back Jahvid Best has taken a concussion test and will find out results soon. The Lions are hopeful Best can return by week seven to face the Chicago Bears. This is a situation to monitor as Best is one of the most electric players in the league and offers huge upside in PPR leagues. The danger is that the next big hit to his head could end his career for good.

Leonard Hankerson, WR WAS

The Redskins demoted wide receiver Leonard Hankerson and started veteran Josh Morgan in his place in week five. Hankerson was on the field for only nine snaps  and made only one catch. His value takes a slight hit, but this will be a week-by-week situation under head coach Mike Shanahan. Now might even be a good time to make an offer for the athletic young wideout.

Cedric Benson, RB GB

In their week five matchup against the Colts, Packers starting running back Cedric Benson suffered a Lisfranc foot injury that will cost him the next eight weeks. Benson had been surprising as a solid back for the Packers and fantasy owners. Now, with the rest of his season in doubt, Benson loses almost all value, especially considering how long he went before the Packers gave him a shot. Benson is worth hanging onto based on the chance he comes back in time for the fantasy playoffs, but don’t expect much. Alex Green and James Starks are expected to share the running back role in Benson’s place.

Bernard Scott, RB CIN

Bernard Scott, the Bengals backup running back, suffered a torn ACL in the team’s week five game against the Dolphins. Scott had been playing very well in a reserve role, but is now lost for the season. Scott was barely worth a roster spot in dynasty leagues prior to the injury, so now he is a safe drop. The Bengals will have to find a new backup as they are very thin at the position.

Rashard Mendenhall, RB PIT

Running back Rashard Mendenhall returned to the starting role with the Steelers and performed well, gaining over 100 total yards and a touchdown. Mendenhall might be the player who gained the most dynasty value in the past week as he looked even more agile and quick than prior to his injury. Of course, he promptly left Thursday night’s game with an apparent achilles injury. Ugh.

Alshon Jeffery, WR CHI

Bears rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffery broke a bone in right hand during the Bears week five game. Jeffery is expected to miss up to six weeks. He had not been a reliable fantasy option, but had flashed some impressive skills and is now a great buy low target if owners are impatient.

Vick Ballard, RB IND

With the injury to starting running back Donald Brown, rookie running back Vick Ballard will get the first chance to start. Here at DLF, we have suggested buying Ballard when you had the chance and now he will get the chance to earn a larger role going forward. Brown is only expected to miss two or three weeks, but if Ballard is successful, it will be hard to return to Brown as the starter.

Check back next week for another update on the week’s impact events! Follow Ryan McDowell on Twitter @RyanMc23.

Ryan McDowell
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9 years ago

I’m needing some advice on a trade that was sent to me when you get some time. I was offered Romo, Bryant, and Lynch for TRich. My other Rb’s are Ridley and and that’s about it. I also have at WR Jennings, Bowe, Josh Gordon, Britt, and Demayrius Thomas. The owner that proposed the trade has Charles and so far Lynch at RB along with Luck and Romo at QB. He also has AJ Green, Calvin Johnson, Sidney Rice, and so far Bryant at WR. My other QB’s are Flacco and Locker. This is a PPR and he is currently sitting at 5-0 and I’m 1 GB at 4-1. Thanks for any advice. I thought about asking him to replace Romo with Luck but not sure.

sean mcguigan
9 years ago

Sorry but need to go on a little diatribe here as I am extremely tired of lack of knowledge and clearly lack of watching of actual games regarding D brown and the Colts

if Ballard was so good he would have won the starting job out of camp….he did not and barely got any carries what so ever over the first 5 games….brown was battling and had a pretty decent game against GB….he had tough matchups basically ever week and was running behind arguably the worst O line in the league(Dallas may be worse but its close)….he wasn’t setting the world on fire but he was doing ok…..sucks that he was just finally going to get better matchups and he gets hurt…..when he is back healthy in 3 weeks he will go back to lead back Ballard is a 3 toad slouth, he probably will put up ok numbers though when brown is out but it will be only because of matchups and the fact that Luck has emerged and teams have to defend pass first now….it will have zero to do with any real talent….the Brown bashing on this site and fantasy football in general is ridiculous….watch the games when he has any room to run at all he does fine…..Crazy

ok now I feel better watch the games please

jeff hemlick
9 years ago

Your horse is really tall.

Brown is not a feature back. I do like him, but he has proven that he can not stay on the field. He would be much better served as a change of pace back than a lead back.

Ballard may or may not be a feature back. It is apparent that the staff in Indianapolis think enough of him to get him involved early in his career. Is the 2 YPC a concern…sure. Do I think he will become a fantasy force…probably not, but the jury has not even been selected yet. One thing I do know is that he can help my fantasy teams for 3 weeks. I do believe you will see more TD’s from him over the next three weeks than you have seen from Brown all year. What does it matter if he gets 100 yards rushing and no TD or if he gets 40 yards rushing and a TD.

I also somehow keep missing these nationally televised Indianapolis games. It would be seem that they would be hard to miss too since they are usually the game of the week. Oh well..I will try harder to watch them

sean mcguigan
Reply to  Ryan McDowell
9 years ago

I have the package which is why i got to see a lot of the games….is brown great….no but would have been a decent low end RB2 by season’s end if he stayed healthy? I say yes he was about to get some very very nice matchups. I agree he gets banged up a lot so do a lot of RB’s. my point was more about the O line…. they are pathetic look at D Murray this year he had very simliar stats to brown but no one seems to think he is terrible…..the o line and matchups are everything only truly elite backs can overcome them. as i said i agree ballard probably will put up decent stats next few weeks…..Brown would have as well as it’s more about the matchup then the talent. Brown will never be anything special in the league but he is better than most give credit for is my point and no one see’s the games to see what is really going on. PS I saw him a ton in college at UCONN and kid was impressive.

we will see when he comes back how this shakes out but i would be very surprised if he doesn’t come back and take the lead back roll right back over….call him what you like but he has a ton more talent than any other back on Colts roster.

Reply to  Ryan McDowell
9 years ago

Yeah, Brown has only one good attribute, his speed. His agility is below average, his power is below average, his vision is lacking, and his acceleration (more important than top end speed, IMO) is average. The guy was a workout warrior at the combine, not a great prospect that everybody loved.

For fantasy he has been *adequate*. For dynasty he is entirely replaceable. Ballard was drafted by this coaching regime, he will get his chance. He is more agile and significantly more powerful, but no more than average overall. I think he may be a better overall RB than Brown, but that isn’t much of a yardstick.

sean mcguigan
9 years ago

Jeff sorry you do an amazing job and I love this site overall I just needed to vent on brown bashing a little……and no I didn’t enjoy haven’t to start him every week(and didn’t)

9 years ago

With the Ced Benson mention, it got me wondering: I havent seen much following about Alex Green’s dynasty potential really anywhere. Some were high on him early last year. Is he flying under the radar or is he just a “meh” vanilla type potential?

Reply to  GangstaMachine
9 years ago

All I know is that by the time I found out that Benson was injured, Green was already snatched up in my dynasty league by someone with a ton of extra bidding cash lying around. (they got him for $32 out of $75 per season) That tells me that someone must think he’s going to blow up.

Ken Dogson
Reply to  GangstaMachine
9 years ago

Packer fan here.

Green is the far better pick up than Starks. Starks is 26, runs high, is thin in the lower body, and oft injured. Green is bigger and faster, and he has very, very good hands. In a PPR league I expect him to score 15+ if he can keep that starting job. He does need to develop some patience in the ZBS stretches, as he pushes the edge too much leaving himself without a cutback lane, but that should come with more time.

Eric MacKenzie
Reply to  Ken Dogson
9 years ago

I’ve heard that Green also runs high and had a bit of a fumbling issue in college. I have Green and like his potential, but the fumbling issue and him still not looking 100% recovered worry me a bit.

Reply to  Eric MacKenzie
9 years ago

Yes, he had 8 fumbles (not all lost) in 271 carries over the period of two years in college. Not good. But he’s big and fast for his size.

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