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Waiver Wire Advice: Week Three

We’ll be covering some of the hot names on the majority of dynasty league waiver wires each week for our premium content members.  These players will likely be owned in a great minority of dynasty leagues.  We won’t waste your time with bigger names who are likely owned in your league like Randall Cobb or Alfred Morris, or the likely one week wonders like Dante Rosario because you guys are just too good for that.  We’re simply going to cover some players who could be targets this week if you have an open roster spot and are willing to throw a dart and hope to get lucky.

Just remember one very important thing – you’re in a dynasty league, not a re-draft league. Don’t get too enamored by the one hit wonders and drop your young projects in a quest to find lightning in a bottle. Savvy dynasty league owners will tell you the best players on the wire each and every year end up being the ones dropped by impatient owners, not the ones who suddenly break out. We won’t repeat names here, so check out week two’s picks if you missed them.

This week is yet another really dry week on the wire in most leagues. We’ve yet to see anyone really come out and surprise us, so your best bet may be to just save your auction dollars or waiver priority until that happens.

With that being said, here are this week’s picks in order of priority:

1. Andre Brown, RB NYG

When Ahmad Bradshaw went down for New York this week, it was Brown, not David Wilson who took over as the featured back. It’s obvious Wilson is squarely in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse after his ball security issues re-emerged. With a short week for the Giants, it’s tough to say if Bradshaw will be able to play by Thursday. Wilson has a bright future and is clearly the better player to own in a dynasty league between the two, but Brown’s 13 carries, 71 yards and a score should have your attention. If you’re stuck for the week or have Bradshaw on your roster already, you could do worse with a high waiver priority.

2. Julian Edelman, WR NE

Nobody really knows what’s going on with Wes Welker and we may not really find that out until Aaron Hernandez comes back from his injury. What we do know is that Edelman started over Welker this week and that can’t be ignored. It’s quite possible that Welker is starting to be phased out of the offense or being shown he’s not irreplaceable as he continues to hope for a new contract. We’ve seen some serious numbers from this position in the past, so Edelman belongs on rosters until this whole thing shakes out.

3. Brandon Myers, TE OAK

If you thought Brandon Myers would be third in the league in receiving yards among tight ends after two weeks, raise your hand. If you’re a liar, lower that hand. Now that everyone has both of their hands down, use them to take a flyer on Myers if you’re in need of a bye week tight end.

4. Chad Henne, QB JAX

Blaine Gabbert is hurting and Henne just needs a little crack to re-emerge in the league. Gabbert was atrocious again this weekend, so his time could be coming sooner, rather than later anyway.

5. Jacoby Jones, WR BAL

Look, we’ve been hesitant to recommend Jones because of near historic bouts of inconsistency. However, it really does seem the Ravens are committed to making him a viable weapon in their offense. With Joe Flacco playing at a new plateau, it’s time to put Jones back on the radar.

6. Damaris Johnson, WR PHI

Johnson is a major project and likely won’t get too much time this year, but it’s apparent he’s trusted by the coaching staff. After all, it was Johnson who helped pick up the slack after Jeremy Maclin was hurt this week. He’s a deep sleeper, but he does have a tremendous amount of ability. He’s a long-term stash, but remember, a dynasty league is a marathon and not a sprint.

7. Ryan Grant, RB FA

The Lions are going to work out Grant this week and he could provide a veteran presence for them. If he doesn’t sign, his tires do seem like they’re being kicked a little more often recently. If you want to be ahead of the curve and have an open roster spot, it could be worth a shot.

Good luck this week! Follow me on twitter – @DLF_KenK

Ken Kelly
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jeff hemlick
10 years ago

I grabbed Damaris Johnson last week in all of my leagues. Maclin and Djax are just too injury prone. I think this kid will keep getting more and more looks. The question mark in it is Vick though.

Bruce Blalock
10 years ago

IF Winslow passes his physical, he’d be a player to grab as well.

10 years ago

If it just me or has the waiver wire really not produced anyone that made you go “I GOTTA HAVE THAT GUY” this year? There just doesn’t seem to be those surprise players coming out of nowhere as in the past. Maybe I’m just jaded, but I am loathe to burn a #2 waiver priority (out of 16) unless it’s for a real prize. Maybe so many of us have become so good at this that we are adding most of these guys before it comes down to a battle of waiver wire priority. Thanks for the heads up on these players.

Enrique Ortega
Reply to  stolenmeat
10 years ago

Im with you. I look at the waiver wire and just shrug with disappointment. I cant see myself diving into the wire with enthusiasm for anything the first two weeks has produced aside from maybe Pita or Bennett if Hernandez was on your team.

Reply to  stolenmeat
10 years ago

daryl richardson and jon dwyer look like they could be producing big numbers at the end of the season. i thought stephen hill could do work. if you are unsure about someone, watch their highlight reels on youtube. it’s a great indicator for how much of the hype regards their natural talent and how much regards workload / depth chart / etc.

John Petrick
10 years ago

I know Daryl Richardson was on last weeks? That said, if he were on this weeks as well…Richardson or Brown as the priority?

Reply to  John Petrick
10 years ago

Just my vote but Richardson by far. Brown is a known entity, he’s not going to become a feature back. Richardson has a lot of potential. I picked him up in all leagues in the pre-season.

10 years ago

I picked up Andrew Hawkins this past week. I started him. outside of the catch and 50yd TD run he was giving me a goose egg. I don’t think Cincy has any other receiving options other than AJ and Gersham is terrible. So I will continue to start him as my 4th receiver.

jeff hemlick
Reply to  shap
10 years ago

QB and WR take more time to develop in the NFL. I am still holding Marvin Jones and will add Sanu if I have room and start to see people get impatient with him and begin to drop him. Second half of the season we will start to see the WR rooks start to get more play time.

10 years ago

With 20 roster spots(PPR) who would you guys drop out of Criner, Gabbert, Tebow, Felix Jones or Redman for guys like Browne and Edelman?

Reply to  Ken Kelly
10 years ago

Thanks, appreciate the input.

Have Rivers and Big Ben at QB as well, just curious if Gabbert could have a bit more upside with his week 1 showing. And well Tebow will pop up as soon as you drop him, right…

10 years ago

what do you guys think about Martellus Bennett for a flex WR/RB/TE?

10 years ago

any thoughts on shaun draughn? peyton hillis and jamaal charles ahead of him.

trey sands
10 years ago

edelman or donnie avery off wire?

jeff hemlick
Reply to  trey sands
10 years ago

Personally, I like Avery a little bit more

Eric MacKenzie
10 years ago

I won’t say I saw Myers as a top five guy, but I did see a TE coming up out of Oakland. Greg Knapp heavily uses the position and I think Myers ascension doesn’t bode well for the wideouts who were already busy competing with each other. I’m still hoping to see Ausberry overtake Myers, but that’s looking like more and more of a challenge as the weeks go by.

Matt Wertz
10 years ago

What hasn’t anyone mentioned Brian Hartline?

Matt Wertz
Reply to  Ken Kelly
10 years ago

Missed that, great read. Thanks, so he shouldn’t have been available in a 10 team league with 30 man rosters.

Thane Obijeski
10 years ago

I need a little help Ken.

I’m in a redraft league and have Hernandez as my TE and need to pick one up for the interim.
Simple soring rules for WR/TE – 1 pt every 20 yards, 6 pts for a receiving TD.

My best choices are:

Scott Chandler

What do you think?


The Vich

kyle carlson
10 years ago

I am looking at getting Andre Brown and dropping someone. I am thinking either blount or keller? What do you think I should do (drop any of these guys below for Brown)? Non PPR flexing league
Robert Griffin 0
Trent Richardson 0
Wes Welker 0
Kevin Ogletree 0
Victor Cruz 0
Marcedes Lewis 0
Stephen Gostkowski 0
Dallas Cowboys 0
Philip Rivers 0
Andrew Luck 0
Russell Wilson 0
LeGarrette Blount 0
LaMichael James 0
Early Doucet 0
Vincent Brown 0
Alshon Jeffery 0
Ryan Broyles 0
Rueben Randle 0
Mohamed Sanu 0
Dustin Keller

By the way, PPRs are lame.


Jordan Andrews
10 years ago

32 team league, looking to add Andre Brown in this week’s waivers.
The two guys I am considering dropping for him are Brian Hoyer and Jamie Harper. I’ve held onto Hoyer for a while now, hoping/waiting for him to get moved out of NE and into a starting job somewhere else. Obviously hasn’t happened yet, but if he eventually does find a role, he (as a starting QB) has major trade value in a league so deep. As for Harper, I’m tentative on dropping him because of Johnson’s major struggles right now. I’m not convinced the Titans have the balls to bench CJ0K even if he keeps struggling badly, but like Hoyer…if Harper can carve out a role getting steady touches in that offense, he would have nice trade value. Brown is admittedly a 2-3 week band-aid to try and boost my flex spot, but clearly isn’t lined up to do anything significant long term in New York. Any suggestions/thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!!

Glen Potter
10 years ago

I drafted Ruben Randle, TJ Graham and Keshawn Martin in this years rookie draft. I am thinking of dropping Martin and picking up Damaris Johnson for $1. As stated earlier Jackson and Mackin seem to be on the injury report every week. Plus HOU didnt have apassing TD and Martin has not cought a pass yet on 3 targets. I know it is early but I am looking to go with a player with more upside.

Rodney Dawson
10 years ago

Who would you drop out of this group? I own AP.

Daniel Thomas
Josh Gordon

10 years ago

I only get 5 free agent moves for the year. In a big TD bonus league would you consider dropping Braylon Edwards and/or Laurent Robinson to pick up D. Richardson or Hawkins on Cincy? I like Hawkins speed and Richardson looked good last week, but am interested in your input.

rob estrada
10 years ago

Have room for one more RB to add as depth/stash, the WW has the usual suspects. Who would you add from:
Hardisty, Jackson-Cle
Michael Smith TB
Ball Den
Ryan Grant FA

10 years ago

What about TE Anthony McCoy in Seattle? FleaFlicker is now projecting him to score more points than Zach Miller on a weekly basis. Is he someone to watch or stash as a TE4?

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