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Instant Analysis: Braylon Edwards signs with Seattle

Braylon Edwards has finally found a home in the Emerald City as he has reportedly signed a one year deal with the Seattle Seahawks this morning. While his signing is certainly not as impactful as it would have been a few years ago, it does create a ripple effect around the league. Let’s take a closer look at the players whose values could be affected based on the signing:

Braylon Edwards WR SEA

Edwards is assured of nothing in Seattle and will have to earn a roster spot with a strong training camp. That being said, he certainly has the talent to do just that. In his eight year career, Edwards has posted 341 catches for 5,323 yards and 39 touchdowns. Unfortunately, his magical 2007 season accounted for the bulk of those totals as he recorded 80 catches for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns with Derek Anderson and the Browns in that season alone.

His career since 2007 has been plagued by drops, lapses in concentration and inconsistencies. After bouncing around to the Jets and 49ers, Edwards will get another shot on a team that could use another wideout after cutting ties with Mike Williams earlier in the month.

Don’t expect much.

At this point in his career, he is what he is – an inconsistent and often times unreliable deep threat. While he finds himself in a decent situation with the Seahawks, it’s hard to get too excited and think he’s going to be cracking dynasty lineups any time soon without a major change in his focus, confidence and concentration ability.

Seattle Receivers

It’s never great when another receiver is added to the stable. While Sidney Rice is penciled in as a starter if healthy (and that’s a huge “if”), the Edwards signing isn’t great for the likes of Golden Tate, Ben Obomanu or the upstart youngster Ricardo Lockette. Edwards has the talent to be in the thick of the battle to win a starting job and his signing is going to make it tougher on the rest of the group. That being said, none of these players should be moved down your dynasty rankings too much.

Seattle Quarterbacks

Having another talented receiver is never a bad thing, but these guys need to focus on beating each other more than anything else. While Matt Flynn is still expected to win the job, Tarvaris Jackson is still in the mix, as is young rookie Russell Wilson, whom the coaches seem to be falling in love with.

Dolphins Receivers

Good news for Chad Ochocinco, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and the rest of the crew in Miami as Edwards has landed in Seattle instead of signing with the Dolphins. The Dolphins receiving corps is arguably a lot worse off than Seattle’s and it’s not a great sign for Edwards that he didn’t get a contract there. Whoever is playing quarterback in Miami is going to have a long season, that’s for sure.


At first glance, the Edwards signing isn’t exactly huge news. However, it could result in some value changes over the Summer if he can regain some of his old form. Keep it here at DLF and we’ll surely keep you posted.

Ken Kelly
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10 years ago

Cmon… this has to spell catastrophic news to G.Tate, R.Lockette and the like. Not in the sense that Braylon is going to steal their playing time, but this is basically a slap in the face of any potential value they bring to the table.

Its obvious that SEA isnt content with their starting receiving corps, now with oldies Edwards and Bryant entering the scene. I mean, when a team brings in two previous starters for a position in the matter of days, common sense says they are not confident in the guys they already got there. Sure, you could say one is just picking up the voided BMW mantle, but I think letting williams go was already a forgone conclusion months ago.

To me, this means that the SEA coaches absolutely dont want one of Tate, Lockette, Obomanu, Butler or whoever else was there before to have anything close to a regular starting role, especially not a combination starting if Rice gets hurt again.

Baldwin was already the slot guy and he should remain just that, but if I have Tate and was expecting him to be a nice sleeper flier this year (finally), I am disappointed by this news. This basically says SEA is not behind him.

Reply to  SJ
10 years ago

It could say that they don’t think Rice is dependable and need another body to replace him when he goes down.

Reply to  Lotto4Life
10 years ago

He has been near irrelavant for 3 years. He is no automatic threat to any WR in any camp.

Hes just a name main stream recognizes.

Im CERTAIN the one player in that offense who isnt worried is Sidney Rice.

10 years ago

I read this as Pete Carroll looking for competition in camp. I’m curious to see how the contract was structured as that would tell us a lot more.

10 years ago

They brought him in with Antonio Bryant to work out last week. They signed Bryant a few days ago… much sooner than they signed Edwards. Bryant’s a darkhorse to watch here.

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

He had a decent season w/ the Jets back in 09. 900 yards n 7 tds. If any of the Seattle qbs develope into anything more that mediocre he could be a nice wr3 of flex play

Eric Kriwer
10 years ago

I wonder what the effect on Baldwin will be??

Josh Gans
10 years ago

If his beard is as legendary as it was before, like James Harden’s…well..Revis and Haden and Arenas and such better look out!

Brady Lawson
10 years ago

Was really hoping he’d end up in Carolina. They could use another WR and Edwards flourished under Chudzinski in Cleveland. Plus, Edwards has never had a good QB. I really think he was talented enough to be a top WR in the league.

10 years ago

He may become serviceable again. WR3 or spot starts for your team? He did have a bad QB situation and injuries in the last few years. Running, defense first teams in the Jets and 49ers. He’s big, fast, and only 29….. don’t totally write him off. But WR production is so dependent on the total TD’s a QB throws for, so Seattle may be de’ ja vue all over again……. unless Flynn is the real deal.

Bryant signing first only means that Braylon took longer to make up his mind, trying to squeeze some extra cash, or playing the Dolphins against the Seahawks in the CHEAPEST “bidding war” of all free agency.

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