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Instant Analysis: Ricky Williams agrees with Ravens

Ray Rice owners collectively applauded when the Ravens moved the touchdown vulching Willis McGahee to the Denver Broncos, assuming that the move would lead to increased scoring opportunities for Rice.  Exit McGahee, enter Ricky Williams.  Agreeing to terms with the goal-line and short yardage specialist Ricky Williams, it would appear that Rice owners will need to wait one more year for those increased opportunities.  What does this mean for Rice and the rest of the Ravens’ backs?

Ricky Williams, RB BAL

For Williams, the move has to come as a relief.  Change was afoot in Miami as it was obvious that the Dolphins would not be entering the regular season with either of their aging backs of years past, Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams.  Williams cemented his status after offering up his rather candid opinion of the coaching staff.  The 34 year old Williams, himself, has truly stood the test of time proving that it is possible to remain effective beyond a running back’s 30th birthday.   Now taking his talents from Miami to the Baltimore, it’s likely that he’ll immediately step into the void left by the departed McGahee. For one last year, Williams can remain on your fantasy radar in all formats, especially touchdown heavy leagues.

As far as value for the enigmatic Williams, we’d be hard pressed to see this move as an upgrade for possible fantasy production.  Rice is clearly the back of choice in most all situations but Williams is sure to garner touches within the red zone.

Ray Rice, RB BAL

The signing of Williams does deal a small blow to the value of Rice, but it’s not as if Williams stands to command any greater level of touches than did McGahee.  As such, Rice is no less valuable than he has been in year’s past and his only valuation hit comes in the form of a possible increase in his 2011 touchdown total.  In fact, we’d much prefer Rice’s situation now than when paired with McGahee.  Rice still has youth on his side as well as an offense that looks to be taking steps forward in 2011.

Jalen Parmele, RB BAL

Parmele perpetually seems to grace annual sleeper lists.  Once again, his value takes a preseason nosedive leaving owners to wrestle with the decision of potentially releasing him to rejoin his waiver wire brethren.  In our opinion, 2011 is no longer the year that Parmele will make good on his sleeper status and he should be replaced by a player with more opportunity ahead of him.

Anthony Allen, RB BAL

Anthony Allen has been a popular rookie sleeper in 2011 drafts but now will likely be relegated to no better than a practice squad role, barring injury to those above him on the depth chart.  Allen still has future value but isn’t likely to be on the radar of many coaches unless you play in a very deep dynasty league.

Jahvid Best, RB DET

Best owners can breathe a short sigh of relief as one of the best power backs on the market is off the market.  You can bet that the Lions will remain on the phone until they land a power back of any significance, but each noteworthy signing other than the Lions increases Best’s value slightly.



Jeff Haverlack
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