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Monday Morning Aftermath

Week one is nearly in the books and fantasy owners are either celebrating or sobbing as week one left us with many surprises.

Let’s get right to it!

Sunday’s MVP

Arian Foster was an absolute beast against the Colts, carrying the ball 33 times for a whopping 231 yards and three touchdowns. We expected him to be the bellcow for the Texans, but that was ridiculous.

While you can’t expect 231 yards every week, Foster looks like a borderline No. 1 running back right now when you combine this breakout game with his promising finish last year.

Sunday’s LVP

There were a few to choose from, but owners who drafted Andre Johnson in round one expected more than three catches for 33 yards.

Lineup Fun

You probably won if your lineup looked like this…

QB Peyton Manning = 433 yards, three touchdown passes
RB Arian Foster = 231 yards, three rushing touchdowns
RB Matt Forte = 50 rushing yards, 151 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Chris Johnson = 142 rushing yards, two touchdowns
WR Hakeem Nicks = 4 catches, 75 yards, three touchdowns
WR Chad Ochocinco = 12 catches, 159 yards, one touchdown
WR Miles Austin = 10 catches, 146 yards, one touchdown
TE Dallas Clark = 11 catches, 80 yards, one touchdown

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this…

QB Kevin Kolb = 5/10, 24 yards
RB CJ Spiller = 7 carries for 6 yards, 4 catches for 8 yards
RB Michael Turner = 19 carries for 42 yards, one catch for 7 yards
RB Jonathan Stewart = 5 carries for 12 yards
WR DeSean Jackson = 4 catches for 30 yards
WR Michael Crabtree = 2 catches for 12 yards
WR Andre Johnson = 3 catches for 33 yards
TE Owen Daniels = 1 catch, 9 yards

Gut Check

I’d be worried if…

Michael Crabtree continues to look disinterested. He has all the talent in the world, but he’s losing the love of his locker room pretty quickly after a subpar effort followed his lackadaisical preseason.

Randy Moss continues to focus the spotlight on himself.

I own Matt Stafford as my No. 2 quarterback. His shoulder injury looks like it’s going to keep him out for as long as six weeks.

I’m relying on any Bills player for points. That offense is absolutely putrid and Trent Edwards‘ strong preseason didn’t translate.

I expected Matt Moore to develop quickly into my backup quarterback. Moore was awful on Sunday going 14 of 33 for 182 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions before getting hurt.

I own Kevin Kolb. Yes, it’s just one bad half of one game, but Michael Vick sparked that offense.

I was expecting Roy Williams to keep his starting job in Dallas for very long. Dez Bryant actually led the team in targets on Sunday, with one more than Miles Austin.

A Look Back at our Twenty Waiver Suggestions for Week One

Five we hit on:

1. Jermaine Gresham, TE, CIN: 6 catches, 25 yards, one touchdown
2. Jordan Shipley, WR, CIN: 5 catches, 82 yards
3. Mike Thomas, WR, JAX: 6 catches, 89 yards
4. Brandon Jackson, RB, GB:
18 carries, 63 yards
5. Peyton Hillis, RB, CLE: 9 carries, 41 yards, one touchdown

Five we missed on:

1. Leon Washington, RB, SEA: Six carries, 12 yards
2. Kareem Huggins, RB, TB: No carries (though he was the backup)
3. Jacoby Jones, WR, HOU: Two catches, 29 yards
4. Tashard Choice, RB, DAL: Five carries, 18 yards, and one bad fumble
5. James Davis, RB, CLE: No carries

A Look Back at our Twenty Sneaky Plays for Week One

Five we hit on:

1. Tim Hightower, RB, ARI: 94 total yards, one touchdown
2. Santana Moss, WR, WAS: Six catches, 77 yards
3. Mike Williams, WR, TB: Five catches, 30 yards, and one incredible TD
4. Carson Palmer, QB, CIN: 345 yards, two touchdowns, one interception
5. Josh Freeman, QB, TB: 182 yards, two TDs, one INT, 34 rush yards

Five we missed on:

1. Jerome Harrison, RB, CLE: Nine carries, 52 yards
2. Sammie Stroughter, WR, TB: Two catches, 32 yards
3. Jacoby Jones, WR, HOU: Two catches, 29 yards
4. Louis Murphy, WR, OAK: Four catches, 28 yards
5. Marion Barber, RB, DAL: Eight carries, 39 yards

An Early Look Ahead to Hot Names on the Week Two Waiver Wire

1. Michael Vick, QB, PHI (owned in 3.6% of leagues)

After Kevin Kolb was knocked out of the game, Vick led the Eagles back with 175 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and 103 rushing yards. He’ll be a hot pickup with uncertainty surrounding Kolb’s status.

2. Shaun Hill, QB, DET (owned in 0.1% of leagues)

Hill’s numbers weren’t impressive in relief of Matt Stafford, but he’s shown the ability to play in this league. It looks like he could be playing quarterback for the Lions for the next month or so.

3. Greg Camarillo, WR, MIN (owned in 3.9% of leagues)

While his one catch for 29 yards doesn’t excite you, neither does the lethargic play of Bernard Berrian.

4. Mark Clayton, WR, STL (owned in 2.3% of leagues)

We suggested picking him up last week, so you may be a week late. The cat’s out of the bag after his 10 catch, 119 yard performance.

5. Evan Moore, TE, CLE (owned in 0.1% of leagues)

Most thought Ben Watson would make Moore an afterthought, but his three catches and 87 yards make him a worthy flyer.

6. Jimmy Clausen, QB, CAR (owned in 0.8% of leagues)

Matt Moore was simply awful before he got hurt, so Clausen may get his opportunity sooner rather than later.

7. Brandon Jackson, RB, GB (owned in 1.0% of leagues)

We told you last week, but just in case you missed it…

8. Deon Butler, WR, SEA (owned in 0.7% of leagues)

He had just one catch, but it was good for a 13-yard touchdown. It seems he makes plays whenever he’s on the field.

9.  Brandon Lloyd, WR, DEN (owned in 0.2% of leagues)

Lloyd is almost legendary for making this list, then disappearing shortly after. We’ll see what happens this time, but he’s making the most of his opportunity in Denver.

10. Davone Bess, WR, MIA (owned in 2.2% of leagues)

Most thought the addition of Brandon Marshall was going to kill his value. His six catches and 51 yards say that’s a bad assumption to make.

Keep in mind these weekly pickups are always going to be added to the ones we suggested from previous weeks. I added Brandon Jackson in there just because of the ironic twist that we actually cursed Ryan Grant. You’ll find last week’s suggestions here:


Good luck this week!

Ken Kelly
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12 years ago

Thoughts on Peyton Hillis as a waiver p/u?

12 years ago

No brainer pickup there.

This list will be compiled of players we haven’t suggested before (though I added Jackson in there because it was a total ironic twist that we cursed Ryan Grant). Hillis was on the list last week and is an easy pickup.


12 years ago

Are you worried about Mike Sims-Walker? I didn’t start him but to see no catches is pretty bad.

12 years ago

God bless you for that tim hightower start suggestion, it’s what pushed me over the edge in my debate in starting him or spiller as my flex.

12 years ago

Great call on Clayton. Do you guys update the rankings throughout the year?

12 years ago

We’re actually working on a different type of ranking system that will allow us to do that in a much more organized fashion. So, yes, look for that here soon!

12 years ago

This site is great thanks, been debating on whether to keep it to myself or share with the other owners in the league in which I am the commish.

12 years ago

The best idea is to do the following:

1.) Share it
2.) Buy a T Shirt
3.) Click on an ad from a sponsor

The more people we have coming to the site, the better we can become. Our primary goal for the site is to make it the very best free site for dynasty owners out there. I think we’re well on our way.

In the end, we’ll concentrate on making it the best for you…if you want to invite your league mates, we’ll work for them, too!

Either way, thanks for your support!

12 years ago

here is the problem with your model in general. The people I am most likely to share this with, are friends in my dynasty leagues. But because this site is so high quality, I don’t want any of them to know about it, and am keeping the knowledge of the site to myself! It’s a good problem to have, but I’m not as likely to link my friends an article from here, as I am some humor site…

12 years ago

That’s always been our biggest challenge, and we pretty much knew it from the outset.

It’s actually been a good problem to have as we’ve attracted what we feel are the “best of the best” as a result. Those coaches are the ones who make our forum the greatest out there due to their intelligence about the game.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a great group of charter members who guide and direct the conversations in a meaningful and respectful way, while sharing their insight and wealth of knowledge. That rubs off on all the new people.

To tell you the truth, I’d rather have 5,000 knowledgeable and respectful followers than 15,000 people who are high maintenance and confrontational.

…just buy a T-shirt.


12 years ago

You are dead on Robert, so for now I’ll click as many links as possible though

12 years ago

Is Mark Sanchez the WORST starting QB in the NFL?

12 years ago

Great Site! The information has been very valuable helping me get my fantasy team to where I would like it to be.

12 years ago

do they come in xtra tall?

Chris R.
12 years ago

I really appreciate you guys actually putting your hits AND misses down, it’s more appreciated then you think. There is nothing more annoying then fantasy sites always coming in after the fact and every big game you hear “well if you listened to us like we mentioned here you were rewarded this big performance” like they are just the messiah of fantasy when they had nearly as many misses but never bring those up conveniently.

I’m really worried about Crabtree and MSW for week 1, but i’m gonna take your advice and not panic on MSW, maybe even buy low on him in a few leagues. I also think Mike Thomas is legit but they just don’t pass enough to make everyone productive so it’ll be a situation to watch.

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