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Houston, We Have a Problem

Matt Leinart has signed a one-year deal to play (or hold a clipboard) for the Houston Texans this season.

It’s a tremendous fall from grace for the former 10th overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. The Arizona Cardinals viewed him as a problem in their locker room, so they let him go earlier this week.

In Houston, Leinart has no chance to challenge Matt Schaub for the starting job. His signing with the Texans makes it obvious there were simply not too many teams who were interested in his services. If there were, he would have most certainly signed with a team where he could challenge for playing time.

The loser in this deal is obviously Dan Orlovsky. He was awful this preseason and the Texans were rumored to be looking at trading for Sage Rosenfels prior to the Giants acquiring him.

Leinart’s a good consolation prize.

Orlovsky is going to be the third quarterback for the Texans this season, with virtually no chance of seeing the field.

From what we saw this preseason, that’s a good thing for Houston. He can be safely dropped in dynasty leagues.

For Leinart, you have to hope he takes this latest blow to his career and finally develops the maturity and leadership ability needed to lead a team.

It’s tough to see that happening, but you never know.

In dynasty leagues, Leinart is a fringe player at best. There are a number of other prospects I’d rather have at this point, including Max Hall (ironically), Dennis Dixon, Tim Tebow, or Jimmy Clausen just to name a few.

If you chose to drop him, the line to pick him up wouldn’t be long.

Ken Kelly
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