4 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Stevie Johnson traded to San Francisco”

  1. SJ says:

    Any mention of Crabtree’s status with the Niners beyond this year?

    I believe he’s in his contract season, while Stevie is signed for two additional years. Obv that means nothing in terms of longevity as rosters seem to turnover on a annual basis, but one must admit this gives SF protection and the choice to move Johnson into the starting lineup if Crab and the Niners can come to terms.

    If FA has taught us anything, its that a contract year player will likely chase the money over actual positive surroundings. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in Crabs odds of re-signing with SF until it happens. Nothing is a given, and this move certainly gives SF some leverage as Stevie does have productive starting experience, and relatively in his prime.

  2. Jacob Feldman says:

    I think this kills any value Johnson had left. Only three teams in the NFL have thrown for under 3000 passing yards as a team more than once in the last three years. The Jets (2013, 2012), Minnesota (2012, 2011), and you guessed it – San Fran (2011 and 2013).

    If your team is only passing for 3000 yards and you are at best the 3rd target, more likely the fourth, that isn’t much. Even if they throw for an extra 500 yards next season, Crabtree will get at least a third of the passing yards if you trust historical data. That leaves 2300 yards for the rest of the team, which includes Davis, Boldin, RBs, and everyone else with Stevie. Yuck…

  3. Colt Smokey says:

    Not saying Johnson will be a world beater, but Boldin is getting WAY too much credit. He had a nice year when there were no other options. Bold in will suffer the most.

  4. Slick says:

    not necessarily. do not underrate the QB/WR connection boldin has with kaepernick. i could see a mess with targets and colin zero’ing in on 2-3 guys…and that would likely be crab, boldin and davis. i dont see that changing much. this trade is for depth and possibly next year, when they can cut one of the WRs. remember Crab is in a contract year this year and boldin and stevie are insurance

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