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IDP Dynasty Duel: Linebackers Apr 20 2015 By and - 4 Comments

We begin a three day IDP debate series with a look at the linebackers.

Dynasty Scouts Player Spotlight: Amari Cooper Apr 20 2015 By - 2 Comments

We give you yet another view of Amari Cooper.

Luck Out Apr 20 2015 By - 4 Comments

Should Andrew Luck really be a first round pick in a dynasty draft?

DLF Unveils the 2015 ORANGE Report Apr 19 2015 By - 5 Comments

The ORANGE Report is all juiced up and ready to be devoured.

Wide Receiver Combine Analysis: Part Two Apr 19 2015 By - 3 Comments

Our patented wide receiver combine analysis continues.

The 2015 DLF Running Back Report Apr 19 2015 By - 24 Comments

We present 63 pages and 18,000 words worth of running back goodness!

Who is Charles Sims? Apr 18 2015 By - 5 Comments

We look deeper into the future of Charles Sims.

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Five Burning Questions Apr 20 2015 By - 26 Comments

We burn on some off-season moves.

Over/Under: Sophomore Wide Receivers Apr 19 2015 By - 8 Comments

How will this amazing rookie class from last year perform moving forward?

The 2015 Rookie Draft Board Apr 19 2015 By and - 17 Comments

The 2015 Rookie Draft Board has over 100 player profiles, videos, ratings, stats and analysis by the FFGhost in an awesome interactive platform.

Rookies in the Startup: Yes or No? Apr 18 2015 By and - 5 Comments

We share two different opinions on including rookies in a startup draft.

Weekly Twitter Observations Apr 17 2015 By - 7 Comments

Charles Johnson and John Brown are just two players capturing the pulse of the twitterverse.

The Dynasty Doctor: Andre Ellington and Stevan Ridley Apr 16 2015 By - 2 Comments

What should we expect post-injury from Andre Ellington and Stevan Ridley?

DLF Dynasty Podcast #145 Apr 15 2015 By and - No Comments »

Jarrett & Karl are joined by DLF senior writer TheFFGhost to discuss the Rookie Draft Board and the Orange Report.

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2015 Rookie Draft Board
The 2015 RDB contains over 100 player profiles. Analysis, stats, rating, videos, everything you need to prepare for your rookie draft.
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2015 Running Back Report
With over 60 pages of insight and analysis, the 2015 Running Back report is the comprehensive look at RB performance from a fantasy perspective.
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