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  1. Leo Paciga says:

    Jeff, if you and I had discussed the Bills WRs back in ’11 and projected out dynasty value to this time line, I’m sure Marcus Easly would have been a major part of that discussion. Sad that he’s not even an after thought now.

    As for this group of Buffalo wide outs, I’ll stay away and let someone else take on the frustration & disappointment.

  2. Scott O says:

    The trade is solid for both teams and Williams as the Bills get a starting caliber WR, the Bucs get rid of baggage, and Williams gets a change of scenery.

  3. Slick says:

    maybe it is time for DLF to post an article about worst 5 (and best 5) places for WRs aka where their production goes to die…

    just a thought

    of course it is all about value and there is still value to be had in places like buffalo, oakland, jax, etc…

    just goes to show, you cant really do much without a QB. if/when they get that going, then WRs and TE can have legit value.

    back to buffalo – the most intriguing part of this is what their plans are for stevie.
    he is owed too much money to cut and a trade seems unlikely. but crazier things have happened!

    • Most poor teams don’t stay poor forever so places like Buffalo, Oakland and New York Jets currently will see a resurgence at some point. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Williams.

      I don’t think the Bills will cut Stevie loose.

      • sixshooter says:

        “Most” teams don’t stay poor for long but I don’t see the end of the rainbow for Oakland…..they must just be content with staying mediocre instead of coming to terms with the fact that they need to rebuild with younger players. Who was the last good fantasy WR from Oakland anyway? Tim Brown? Jerry Rice? That team is a mess which is always a good thing for their Division rivalries!!!

  4. Sensei John Kreese says:

    As a Bills fan, I see this move as nothing but good for us. I was actually hoping to land Kenny Britt, but this is an even better development. As far as Evans, I believe he will be gone at 9, most likely to the Bucs. Ideally, I think that it would be pretty cool to trade down and pick up Marquise Lee somewhere in the middle of the first round. This way, he could be reunited with his former college teammate, Robert Woods. It wasn’t long ago that Marquise was looked at as a top 10 overall pick.

    • sixshooter says:

      I don’t believe the Bills will look to WR in round 1 after signing Williams but do agree that it was a good thing for Buffalo. As an owner of Woods, I actually hope they stay put at the position now!

  5. Adam says:

    It may be unfair to keep lumping the current Buffalo regime in with previous years. Marone runs an up-tempo offense that can work with the right players. It just takes time when he inherited a weak roster.

    As for the place where WRs go to die….That’s fun to say, but plainly inaccurate; you even pointed out the recent success of Johnson in the same article. And of course Buffalo has produced great WRs historically. From the outside, recent moves make it look like they’re headed back to fantasy, too.

    • I really hope that is the case but unfair or not, until production emerges, I can’t remove the label. There are some things that Marone can’t overcome about the Buffalo situation but I like to think they have a new philosophy that will pay dividends for the Buffalo faithful.

      Unfortunately I think it my statement about receivers there is still largely accurate. Johnson had only one really good WR1 type of year where he caught, as i recall 80 balls and scored 10 TDs, but his production has fallen off since then. He produced some for PPR leagues but he’s best as a WR3 in most cases.

      I do up for a surge in their performance though. There’s something I like about the organization.

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