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  1. SJ says:

    Awesome list.. really like the idea of this.

    (minor edit: “Top Ten TE’s of 2012”. Says WR’s currently)

  2. mike_blahnik says:

    I’ll fire the first shot across the bow…

    TE Dropping Out:
    Miller, Myers, Daniels, Gresham
    TE Rising:
    Bennett, Housler, Pettigrew, D. Allen

    WR Dropping Out:
    Welker, White
    WR Rising:
    Ju. Jones, Amendola

    RB Dropping Out:
    Gore, Morris
    RB Rising:
    McCoy, Forte

    QB Dropping Out:
    QB Rising:

    Tough exercise limiting it to Top 10…if I did this again in a week I may come up with a completely different set of names in every group.

    • BigD says:

      like all your comparisons here, BUT……luck dropping out? hey kaepernick will rise, but no one will rise faster over the next 3 years then andrew luck period……he’s the ultimate dynasty star in my opinion

      • Oscar says:

        I think there should be more concern about Luck and how changing offenses will impact his statistical production. Tough to say he won’t be top 10 for the next decade, but he seems riskier in 2013-14 than people are admitting.

    • Jacob Feldman says:

      I think Gore and maybe even White are likely to drop to the 11-20 range this year as well, but I didn’t want to pick the 10th ranked player. Morris dropping out might get some people going a bit. Are you expecting him to not be the lead guy for the whole season?

    • Jake says:

      Where’s Rudolph….My league doesn’t do PPR so if we’re going off that I can see the lower rating, but I don’t see any reason why he won’t be a top 10 TE next year; or least put in the topic of conversation.

  3. sixshooter says:

    Great job Jacob! I agree with most all of your predictions.

    I would have had the same answer for QB on both sides only because of RGIII injury concerns and the potential slow start. Eli should have been in the top ten last year after his fast start but hit a streak of slow games. My next choice to crack the top ten would have been Dalton.

    At RB, my first and last thought was Richardson with McCoy replacing. I would also expect Forte to replace Gore with guys like Morris, Charles and Spiller moving up the top ten list.

    Welker, White, Wayne and Johnson are obvious choices to fall out of top ten WR with Julio Jones an obvious replacement. VJax, Cruz and Fitz would be my other replacements in the top ten! I am also not so sure that Cobb remains in the top ten WR’s. If that is the case, then maybe Colston.

    At TE, I would say Miller, Olsen, Gresham and Daniels drop out with Martellus Bennett, Kyle Rudolph, Jermichael Finley and Vernon Davis replacing them.

    • Jacob Feldman says:

      Thanks Sixshooter! Glad to hear I wasn’t way out on a limb with my choices! Thanks for the comment!

  4. DJB says:

    So you mentioned that it is very rare for a rookie to make the top 10, albeit you did say that at the RB position it is the easiest to crack the top 10, but you have Trent Richardson dropping out even after he played all year injured, he had an inept OC and teams stacked 8 in the box against him? Now he has Norv who is well known for riding his bell-cow backs as well as an improved offence and likely growth from guys like Weeden, Cameron and Gordan?

    Unless Trent suffers a season ending injury, I don’t see how he at the very least isn’t in the top 10, or maybe even improves and moves into the top 5.

    • Jacob Feldman says:

      Norv prefers the bell cow approach when he has someone that can handle it. After all, Ryan Mathews never topped 225 carries.

      I’m lower than most on Richardson because after what I saw last season I see a good but not great RB. He isn’t the second coming of Peterson and might not even be the second coming of someone like Frank Gore. I think he might be someone that needs to split time to stay healthy which will limit his upside a bit.

      It has only been on year though, so who knows what will happen with him. I could be way off. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Brett says:

    I know this is the wrong forum and i apologize, love this forum by the way, I don’t see Roddy dropping out though, he’s Mr consistent yr in yr out. But my question to you Fantasy minds, Which of Mendenhall and Mathews would you let go of if you had a RB needy team needing a RB….I don’t want to give away the one that gets back to form.

    And in a 16 team league,IDP, (12 keepers) Who between K.Hunter and R.Broyles do you keep for last keeper spot. Here’s my team, (1QB,2RB,2WR,2FX,1TE,)
    12.???????? K.Hunter or R.Broyles

    Thanks for any thoughts…I could be getting D.Thomas in exchange for Mendehall or Mathews from the RB needy team.

    • SeanO says:

      I don’t love either one, but I would rather have Mendenhall reuniting w/ his old OC Arians. I would also rather have Broyles than Hunter especially in a PPR. Not sure how Hunter will bounce back from his injury, while Broyles has had good reviews recovering from his.

    • BigD says:

      are u talking demaryus thomas? i’d trade both mendy and mathews for him. do it man right now before the other guy comes to his senses. if he does actually “come to” then offer him any rb you have on your team straight up for thomas. and i mean any of them including miller or wilson. thomas is a top 5 wr and had over 200pnts in our league last year. he has a chance to be the best with manning throwing to him without a doubt.

  6. David says:

    RGIII will be in the top 10 this year – he didn’t even play in 2 games and he was less than 100% in 2 others. He was hurt on 2 scrambles where his slid head first – he needs to learn to slide feet first and low (see A Rodgers). He was never injured on any read option play. – I guarantee everyone reading this, Wash will still run the read option. Wash returns all starters on offense – so offensive continuity is there. Garcon missed 10 games last year, having him for 16 games will improve RGIII passing numbers for sure. Assume RGIII runs for 400-500 yds rather than 700+ like last year. He will more than make up for that with TD passes and passing yards because he will only improve. I’ll say he finishes 27-32 TD passes and more than 3500 yards passing.

    • Jacob Feldman says:

      QB was pretty tough. It is very rare for a top 10 QB to not be at least top 15 the following year unless they get injured. If I had to bet money I would say RGIII is in the top 10 next year and probably by a comfortable margin. However, I do think he is the most likely of the top 10 to get injured and by extension not be back in it if I had to pick one to miss (which I did). Thanks for reading!

    • phantasy5 says:

      David, I tend to agree with your comments, as an owner of RGIII. Granted it will be hard for him to reach these numbers if he misses significant time, but that’s a given. I keep reading reports on him being ready to go, but you have to take that with a grain of salt, obviously! Having said all that, if you try to alter his game because they’re afraid of him getting hurt, I think that hurts who he is! They will still have designed runs for him out if the pistol but maybe less like you said. The Shanahan’s are very creative and will always play to the players strengths, and for that reason he stays in top ten.

  7. Corey says:

    I’m surprised to see no one mention Percy Harvin anywhere in the article or comments so far. Last year through week 8, he was the most dominant fantasy WR in football. If he hadn’t been injured, he was on pace to be at the very least a top-3 fantasy WR. And now he’s in a better situation with Wilson instead of Ponder. He easily has top-3 potential, and number 1 potential in leagues where kickoff and punt returns are scored, and I can’t imagine him finishing outside of the top ten at his position.

    • Jacob Feldman says:

      I debated putting Harvin on the list as a possible replacement. Two things stopped me though. One is that I’m not sure he can stay healthy for 16 games. He’s 1 for 4 on that so far in his career. He’ll be a top 10 WR when he’s healthy, but I’m not sure how many games he will be healthy for. The second thing that stopped me is how he might be worked into the Seattle offense. Eric Olinger said it very well in his over/under article on Harvin. The Seattle offense didn’t produce much in the air. I also think his usage in the return game will be a lot less.

      Bottom line on Harvin for me is I expect him to be top 10 when on the field, but he’ll miss a few games and finish just outside of it.

      • Krcil says:

        Harvin did only miss 3 games prior to this last year. His “injury prone” tag is an annoying one. Injuries are as easy to predict as TDs…

        I do agree with your argument that they didn’t produce a lot through the air, but he was WR1 in the league on a team that had a 2k rusher.

        Maybe we are just on the downward swing of the Harvin hype. I think I need to wait a few weeks for the downward swing of Miller and Vereen

  8. kcDemonSlayer says:

    I think Romo will drop out of the top 10. The last couple years it has taken a 40+ point game once or twice to land him in the bottom of the top 10. What would it take for Dez to reproduce the numbers that he had last year. He would have to quite simply be the best WR that ever existed for 17 weeks. I just don’t see that happening. Miles is done. Terrance Williams is the next AJ Jenkins, they drafted a 2nd TE and 2nd RB which they will try to get involved, which will take away from Witten/Dez/Murray.

  9. Britt says:

    Great work as always Jacob. Few comments – Another vote for Harvin cracking the top 10. I’m a little concerned that D.Thomas won’t be top 10 with the addition of Welker. I think Gresham is a prime candidate to drop out of the top 10 with the arrival of Eifert in Cin.

  10. phantasy5 says:

    Jacob, nice job! I agree with most of your selections and find this to be very interesting yet challenging! Here are some of my ins & outs. I say Peyton is just outside top 10 @ 11 and Romo is 12. I’d bump Luck in top 5 and Brady down to bottom 5. I add Dalton and Braford solely based on the weapons added to their teams. McCoy will be in the top 10 and the only one I see not being there is Gore. You could make a case for SJax but I don’t see Bush or CJ1K there. At WR I think Wayne and White are out and Julio and Harvin are in. Yes I’m making a case for my guy, Harvin, if he stays on the field! I can easily see Fitz on here as well but really can’t take anyone else off. (tough call) Finally at TE I’d say Miller and Gresham are out and V. Davis and Finley are in. I believe both of them will bounce back this season. I would make a case for Bennett as well because of his situation now.

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