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  1. Wesley Wood says:

    Have you guys thought about combining with Dynasty Football Warehouse? They are the only other legit dynasty site that I know of.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Boy, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

      No, that’s not something we’d ever consider. We cater to two very different audiences and there really wouldn’t be any value in it for us. At this point, we feel 100% confident in the team we have and the value we’ve provided since we started in 2006. We’ve worked very hard to create a family atmosphere within our team and the community here and would never do anything that could possibly sacrifice it.

      Put it this way, we’re confident enough in our site and our collective ability to not only keep a comment about another dynasty related site in the thread, but also to invite everyone to check out that site and any other one out there. It’s important to get all the information you can out there, then decide what you want to bookmark.


      • Sensei John Kreese says:

        There is no better fantasy football site than DLF. It’s not really even debatable in my opinion.

        The writing here is exceptional. The depth of knowledge is unparalleled. Writers like Ken Kelly, Tim Stafford, Ryan McDowell, FFghost, (and even you Ken H) bring information that you get no where else, often from perspectives and angles that an inferior writer, (Brad Evans) would be too stupid to conceive.

        Really the only other site that I frequent is DraftCalc.com. Smitty really puts himself out there, makes bold predictions and sticks by them.

        • Ken Kelly says:

          Thanks for comment Sensei – that means a lot coming from you. I agree about DraftCalc as well, Smitty is a friend of DLF’s and does a nice job.

  2. Zach Levitt says:

    In my second year of my first dynasty league, last year I came in last place in my league. This past offseason, I subscribed to DLF and have turned around my team and am playing for the title this weekend.

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      Awesome Zach! Love to hear it! Thanks for supporting us and good luck this weekend!

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      A shout out to the DLF community as well on this. I visit a LOT of forums and there is not one, regardless of format, that comes close to the quality and knowledge that you all possess.

  3. Dave Lamson says:

    Dynasty is the way I started playing fantasy football. It is wonderful because it’s a year round obsession. I’ve been in a 16 team league now for 12 years and now run one myself and play 2 other leagues all with different formats. It’s the only way to play.

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      I may be a little biased here Dave … but I tend to agree. After playing dynasty, there’s no way you can even consider going back unless you are just in a gambling mindset at the time and want something easy.

  4. Christopher says:

    Its a tough comparison as DFW is a newer site with less members to work with. You’ll find more articles posted at DLF, but DFW still has some good quality to it, and certainly not some of the drama queens we’ve seen frequent the DLF boards from time to time.

    • All boards have their DQs as they grow in size. It’s an unfortunate fact of online life.

      I won’t disparage ay other site that is trying to get up and going. It’s a VERY tough proposition. Even tougher to keep it going. And unfortunately, with the lay of the online land you need a lot of members and interaction to sustain the sheer amount of work necessary to keep the lights on. And as a fantasy player and coach my self, the sites I want to patronize or visit are going to be those that have the biggest community and the greatest value proposition.

      There’s room for a lot of players in the market. But I can personally guarantee that there’s not site more dedicated to the value proposition, impact and professionalism than DLF … and I involve the community as well. We’re nothing without the best coaches and players on the planet. We’re extremely selective about our writers and content and that’s why we’re confident in saying that we haven’t found another dynasty site that serves our market like we do. DFW serves a different audience as Ken Kelly said above.

      And we’ve only just begun. We won’t rest until every serious dynasty coach/player on the planet calls DLF home and is active in our community.

      • Mark Rockwell says:

        Nicely said Jeff! I think I speak for anyone and everyone considered part of the staff when I say that we’re all dedicated to making DLF the best, most professional and informative, value based dynasty site on the web!

  5. Jon Lambrecht says:

    I tip my cap to DLF and the staff of writers. Great content, creative, informative, and well written articles. I’m addicted to the site and frequent it too often. Just ask my wife… lol.

    Love the premium articles and content as well as the forums. Sometimes the forums get a bit spicy but in my opinion that adds to the level of intregue of our pastime. I realize opinions on many topics vary greatly at times and also see how that adds to the fun of it all. There is something to learn from even those that you may not see eye to eye with. Sometimes we must agree to dissagree.

    Been involved with fantasy football for around 20 years but My understanding of the dynasty format has improved greatly over the past year and a half or so that I’ve been reading. Just wish I’d know then what I know now. I thank you for that as I’ve yet to see a site that comes close. Great work – keep it up!

    • Thanks Jon very much for the comments.

      Maybe your wife and our wives can get together and have a good cry. In all seriousness, I think our wives should get together and create a “Dynasty Fantasy Widows” forum.


      • Doug Veatch says:

        You wouldn’t hear my wife complaining about that support group, lol.

        • Jon Lambrecht says:

          You know what’s funny? I have had probably more than my fair share of success in fantasy. DLF has certainly helped the cause since I’ve been around. Over the past 5-6 years – Sometimes winning league championships and having extended success in the playoffs even though I haven’t always had “the” best team. Luck does come into play a bit in the playoffs btw. I never have kept track (as it isn’t the reason I like to play) but I’m pretty positive I’m ahead on the money side of things. She never ever says anything when I give her checks made out to me from my winnings… hmmm? Strange / kind of a double edged sword. lol.

  6. Jim says:

    DLF is a great site which I come to daily (even the offseason) for the great writing and the forums. I’ve been in a dynasty league since 1996 and it’s the best format period. Once you go dynasty, everything else will pale in comparison.

  7. Dynasty ownership is nothing to fool around with. These owners are hungry, attentive, ear-to-the-ground type people. They nurture and assemble some of the greatest teams one could ever imagine..on paper that is. Some leagues are open year round and sometimes trades are made in March, April and May (very non-football months for casual gamers) using multiple draft picks to seal a deal. This is great for those who can keep up but for others it means dynasty league doom and gloom. Most casual players don’t feel the need to follow any sort of NFL or NCAA headlines until August. This is a huge no-no for Dynasty leagues. You need to learn to swim if you’re gonna hang with the big boys. Don’t think just because you won your ESPN Redraft league with 6 buddies from work for the last 3 years that you’re ready for the upgrade to dynasty either. There are hell of a lot more fantasy football addicts out there than your office can even shake a stick at, and there good too. Fantasy football is a multi-million dollar industry and is growing every year. It gives you a chance to prove your mettle against friends, strangers, co-workers and even family members. But If you think fantasy games are won on Sunday…YOU’RE CRAZY!!! There are some formats where guys like Andre Johnson, Patrick Willis and Chris Johnson aren’t even the best option to start at their position. You wouldn’t have known that had you never been pushed out of the fantasy womb and into a dynasty league. Yes, you will collect you’re W or L on either Sunday or Monday nights but most games are done by the time you set, or for some lowly gamers, NOT set your lineup.

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