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We welcome the opportunity to share high quality dynasty, fantasy and NFL podcasts from around the web with the DLF audience. No other dynasty or fantasy football site is as committed to sharing great podcasts from around the industry as DLF. If you know of a podcast that is not already on the DLF Podcast Central page and think it should be included, I’d love to hear from you. There are no guarantees I will add it – I will listen to at least an episode or two first to ensure it’s a good fit for the directory. Also, it may take a while before it gets added – please be patient.

To suggest a podcast be added to the DLF Podcast Central page, please complete the following form.

Please be sure to add your show to the Radio Public network before submitting your request. Not only will your show enjoy wider distribution through Radio Public but I need this show to be available there in order to use their standardized, embedded podcast feed player. I’m way more likely to add your show if it is already on this network.

You can search for your show Radio Public. If it’s not already there, please request your show be added to Radio Public here.

Please also include the url to your show’s preferred home page, the name of the show, and the description of the show you’d like me to use on the site. I reserve the right to edit and tweak that description, but promise not to change it too much.


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