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Join Kevin O’Brien (@The_FF_Engineer) on the The Fantasy Football Engineering Podcast as he interviews personalities from across the fantasy football industry who shape strategy and define the game of fantasy football. Every episode is a unique journey, revealing insights and ideas not often explored on other fantasy football podcasts. Borrowing brilliance and applying practical knowledge in order to invent, innovate, and improve your fantasy football rosters for now and beyond, and across a variety of league formats. Kevin and his guests will help you engineer your fantasy football teams to new levels of success.


Host of the Fantasy Football Engineering Podcast

Kevin O’Brien – @The_FF_Engineer

Erin McDowell


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Recent Fantasy Football Engineering Podcasts

Fantasy Football Engineering 23 – Karl Safchick
Kevin OBrien – September 14, 2017

Kevin interviews Karl Safchick of the Dynasty One Podcast

Fantasy Football Engineering 22 – Jacob Rickrode
Kevin OBrien – September 7, 2017

Jacob Rickrode discusses rookie draft picks and dynasty philosophy.

Fantasy Football Engineering 21 – TJ Hernandez
Kevin OBrien – August 24, 2017

Kevin is joined by TJ Hernandez of 4for4.com

Fantasy Football Engineering 19 – Peter Jennings
Kevin OBrien – August 16, 2017

Peter Jennings joins the pod to discuss the common ground between DFS and Dynasty.

Fantasy Football Engineering 18 – Ryan McDowell
Kevin OBrien – August 1, 2017

Ryan McDowell joins the show to discuss podcasting, his Productive Struggle series and some overvalued and undervalued players.

Fantasy Football Engineering 17 – Matt Harmon
Kevin OBrien – July 27, 2017

NFL.com writer Matt Harmon joins the show to discuss his approach to wide receiver analysis.

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